Push Notifications Review 2024: The First Advertising Network Push Notifications

As an affiliate marketer, you are always searching for new, innovative, and successful approaches to advance your campaigns. It’s fundamentally essential that you take a look at every step at the procedure to uncover potential chances.

Is it true that you are picking the correct offers to advance? Is it accurate to say that you are constructing them simply in light of payout or would you say you are seeing transformation rates and rivalry as well?

In advancing these offers, would you say you are taking a look at better approaches to drive activity toward the points of arrival?

With regards to changing over on an affiliate offer, you should initially get the consideration of the potential lead. Once you have their consideration, you require them to tap on through to the point of arrival. What’s more, once there, you require them to change over.

One of the quickest developing and best approaches to get the consideration of clients is with push notification, both on portable and work area. What’s more, is the principal promoting system with a restrictive spotlight on push notifications.

MegaPush Review - Push notifications

Pu-Push It Real Good | Push Notifications Review 

Push notifications offer various focal points over more customary promotion groups. While there is a sure desire for “advertisement visual deficiency” with presentation promoting and click-through rates by means of substance showcasing can be uncontrollably capricious, push warnings are quickly detectable and opportune.

They can’t be so barely noticeable, speaking to a fantastic open door for advertisers to contact groups of onlookers more than ever. has absolutely perceived this stunning chance and have given an incredible stage where affiliates can contact these gatherings of people effortlessly and in an extremely financially savvy way.

In only one day, the system serves up around a billion impressions and more than 9 million ticks with a powerful expense for each snap (eCPC) of simply 2.7 pennies.

Pushing Demographics

As specified, these push notifications take a shot at both work area and portable, so you’re ready to get to your group of onlookers regardless of where they are.

The instantaneousness of the push notifications takes into consideration extraordinary focusing on dependent on socioeconomics as well. The movement found on is summed up in these pie outlines.

The lion’s share of clients are male (80%) and you’ll see that almost half fall into the 35 to 54 year age range. With so many premiums as business and programming, this key statistic can be ready for affiliates showcasing openings.

These are people who are regularly at an age where they have some discretionary cash flow or they have premiums that line up with that (like cryptocurrency, binary option, and gambling).

Push notifications Demographics

So while you can surely discover achievement moving toward different specialties and verticals, remembering this sort of target statistic can give you a feeling of the sorts of offshoot offers that would almost certainly perform best on the system.

Notwithstanding gaming and contributing, you may likewise investigate dating and comparable zones.

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Advertiser Control Panel

The client dashboard for is clear in its methodology and lines up with quite a bit of what you’ve likely effectively experienced with other advertisement systems.

The principle page demonstrates your fundamental measurements initially, including the number of snaps and the measure of promotion spend you’ve had today and this month. This amalgamates every one of the information over the entirety of your battles.

Before this principle visual chart, you’ll discover data about yesterday’s main 10 campaigns and your best battles, by and large, offering the number of snaps, directed nation, and aggregate expense. Alongside this are arrangements of the main 10 dynamic nations for battles over the system, in addition to the best 10 free over the system.

MegaPush Review - Push notifications Advantages

Navigation is through the left side, which is the place you’ll get to more point by point measurements reports, your crusade list, the region to add more assets to your record, data about the referral program, organize news et cetera. Two little things are important here.

To start with, there is a reward framework set up dependent on the measure of your stores. These are sketched out in the FAQ. Putting $500 procures you one point, for example, while putting in $5000 gets you 20 points. Every MP is worth $15 in promotion spending plan, yet you should trade at least 10 MP at once.

Second, the referral program offers a liberal 7% commission of the aggregate installment by an accomplice that you allude to

Make a Campaign

Making another campaign inside comprises of only a solitary page. It’s here that you’ll enter essential data like the campaign name and target interface, and additionally transfer the picture, set your objective nation, enter your CPC offer etcetera.

The CPC sum you should offer will shift significantly dependent on the geo you are endeavoring to target. The nation with the most volume right now in India and it has a normal CPC of simply 0.3 pennies. On the other hand, the normal CPC in Russia is 8.9 pennies, its 1.3 pennies in Turkey, 6.1 pennies in Kazakhstan, and 0.2 pennies in Egypt.

Push notification

When you are finished designing your campaign (you can set breakpoints dependent on spending or snaps, if you’d like), you submit it for endorsement. The balancing procedure is extremely proficient and quick. says that it is finished “inside a short ways from the date of sending the crusade” amid standard working hours, which are 8 am to 11 pm (GMT+3) Monday to Friday and 8 am to 5 pm (GMT+3) on Saturday and Sunday.

Campaign Case Studies

Similarly, as with everything publicizing, your mileage may change and these contextual analyses may not really be illustrative of what you may anticipate from your very own battles. Such is the idea of associate promoting, all things considered.

In one humble model, the affiliate endeavored to push the movement to a digital money offer that paid $250 on the store. He ran a crusade focusing on Poland, spending only $33.25 at 1.4 pennies per click. This brought about one transformation for a net benefit of $216 or an ROI of 651%.

In a campaign on a bigger scale, the offer being advanced was for a betting site in Italy. The offer proselytes on information exchange, offering the new clients 7 Euro in free reward without a store. Subsequent to running the pop-up message advertisement crusade for around three weeks, spending an aggregate of $1,818.60 for around 70,000 ticks (96% exceptional), add up to commissions of $3,700.20 were created. That is a normal ROI of 107.5%.

An Effective Traffic Source

In view of these two distinct precedents, it’s sufficiently reasonable that push notices as methods for creating focused on movement for offshoot offers can be extremely powerful and amazingly gainful. MegaPu.she makes it simple, giving you consistent access to movement from all nations, including progressed focusing by stage and OS, full local following, and a liberal referral program to boot.

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FAQs | Review

🙋‍♂️How to start campaign ?

The campaign is started immediately after the moderation and starts to work according with its settings.

✅ What type of advertisements does provides?

MegaPush provides “push-notifications” ads, which is available for both mobile and desktop devices. Additional push-formats: Click to call – push-notification, which dials the phone number you mentioned. After receiving the notification, the user is invited to make a call on this number. Click to SMS – push-notification, by clicking on which the text and the phone number are generated in the subscriber’s phone. SMS will be sent to the mentioned number after confirmation of the subscriber.

💯 How does block list work ?

The block list works through the sourceid. This macro is transferred from the source in the format of numbers. If you need to block the corresponding number, you need to indicate the number in the appropriate field of the company, and it will subsequently be disabled.

🔥 What countries are available ?

The network provides traffic for all countries.

Conclusion: Review 2024

Push- notification give one of the most elevated navigate rates of any media and has numerous different advantages. As a promoter, you can send constant warnings to your clients that trigger quick reactions.

These notices can be modified for your intended interest group and application distributors can look over sending identifications, sounds, refreshes, and even custom cautions or alerts.

  • More than 60% of clients share their area
  • Half of all connections happen in under 60 minutes
  • 75% of clients trust area based alarms are valuable
  • Very low overlook rates by clients (under 10%)

Truth to be told the most noteworthy commitment from message pop-ups among various ventures is eCommerce with uncommon coupons or constrained time choices.

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