Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Review 2024: Best Portable Monitor System?

The second screen has come into its own as technology has advanced and the need for more information at our fingertips has grown.

However, although those of us who work from laptops and desktops all day may already be familiar with the secondary monitor, with the transfer of gaming to the cloud and the maturation of Xbox’s Project xCloud and Game Pass, the secondary display has taken on a new significance.

That is where Mobile Pixels comes in with their TRIO and TRIO Max second displays. Designed to fit neatly onto the back of any laptop and easily flip and fold out when necessary, the TRIO is one to seriously consider if you’re in the market for a secondary screen for business or gaming needs.

Let us check this product out in detail.

What is Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max?

The Mobile Pixels TRIO is a 13-inch, 1080p monitor that has an innovative design. Rather than a standard stand, it is meant to connect to the side of a laptop in a dual or triple-screen configuration, maximizing productivity while on the road.

Its IPS display provides reasonable viewing angles and exceptional text clarity due to the high pixel density, but only when mounted correctly. Unfortunately, mounting it on the left flips the display, resulting in decreased text clarity.

It has excellent reflection control, so glare should be minimal in most settings, but its peak brightness is just adequate, so it will not compensate for direct sunshine if you work outside.

This monitor is not recommended for gaming because of its poor reaction time and relatively significant input latency, and it is average for viewing films or creating media due to its narrow SDR color gamut.


Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Dimensions

It’s the regular TRIO that we’ve been playing with over the last several weeks; it attaches to the back of our computers through a smart magnet mechanism, allowing us to easily take the TRIO out when necessary.

This typical configuration works well with computers measuring 13″-14″, with the TRIO itself measuring 12.5″. If you want a bigger screen, the TRIO Max is best suited for displays up to 17.3″ – the Max then provides 14.1″ of awesomeness.

The TRIO’s screen is of more than excellent quality, as crisp as any secondary screen should be, operating at 60 frames per second and in a 16:9 aspect ratio.

We’ve found it to be sufficiently capable of acceptable color reproduction (albeit a bit more brightness would be ideal), joyfully starting up and operating the moment it was connected to our computers.

While there is a very large bezel between the unit’s corners and the screen, and eliminating it would have been better (if only to put more screen in), it is not something we should be overly critical of.


Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Design & Build

The Mobile Pixels Trio’s primary objective is to maximize your available workspace. A display extends from the frame that houses your laptop, thereby doubling the amount of desktop area available.

You can also use the presentation mode to turn the screen to the front of your laptop and display it to anybody sitting across from you, whether it’s a humorous YouTube video to your pals or a presentation to your work team.

Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Design - Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Review

Gamers will also find Mobile Pixels Trio beneficial since it enables the secondary screen to be used for auxiliary applications or chat windows. On the right-hand side of the display is a discreet control panel.

It enables you to alter brightness and contrast settings, as well as boost color warmth. This is unlikely to be a problem for the majority of users, however, the USB ports on my laptop are positioned on the side of the screen.

A dongle was constantly obstructing a portion of my Mobile Pixels Trio. As a result, I was also unable to alter the horizontal viewing angle beyond a certain point, and positioning the monitor on the left side would impede the charger.

Thus, it is worthwhile to verify the port arrangement on your laptop before making a purchase.


How to Use Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max?

The Mobile Pixels Trio has four distinct modes of operation, depending on your production requirements.

You may quickly switch from the default attachment mode to presentation mode by moving the monitor’s swivel 180 degrees toward the front of your laptop.

This is ideal for sharing material with friends and family, or for when you’re in a team meeting at work and want to share your laptop screen with the whole group.

During normal usage in the default attachment mode, the monitor’s weight is supported by the frame, which is not ideal, and if I reduced the angle too much in presentation mode, the monitor’s weight caused my laptop to shut down.

While I saw no adverse consequences throughout my usage of the Mobile Pixels Trio, this might result in progressive harm to the hinge of your laptop.

You may utilize the Mobile Pixels Trio in portrait mode by detaching it from your laptop. Adjust the display to the proper angle by placing the frame on a level surface. Portrait mode maximizes vertical space, which is ideal for reading articles or code.

Finally, if you purchase a bundle, you may use the included clip to connect two displays concurrently for maximum efficiency. As a result, the name Trio was chosen.

Naturally, two displays improve your product choices, but they also deliver an awesome gaming experience!

Bear in mind that the Mobile Pixels Trio is powered by your laptop, which results in increased battery use. Any extra displays demand more processing power, and after just a few hours of usage, my laptop began to heat up.

Its 1920 x 1080 display is sharp, and the control panel functions, such as those for decreasing eye strain during extended work, piqued my interest.

On the other side, it may contrast with your primary screen’s greater resolution, as it did with my 2560 x 1440 monitor. Certain application icons may seem pixelated or rough around the edges.

The gamer in me was anticipating the Mobile Pixels Trio’s connection to the Switch. Regrettably, my Nintendo Switch Lite does not support an external display connection. It is only compatible with the normal Switch, not with the Lite version.


Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Pricing

A single Mobile Pixels Trio 12.5″ display costs $ 359.99 (£ 332.99), while the somewhat bigger Mobile Pixels Trio Max 14″ display costs $ 399.99 (£ 365.99). 

For the full retail price, a 1080p Full HD display seems obsolete, even more so now that 4K is generally regarded as the new standard. I’m not expecting 4K on a 14″ screen, but anything over 1080p would have been welcomed.


Is Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Worth it?

When everything is said and done, the TRIO Max’s pricing is justified by the gadget that users will receive – a robust piece of technology with remarkable build quality, despite early impressions of its plastic surface and worries about cable strength.

The TRIO Max design’s philosophy is just as enticing in reality as it is on paper.

Is Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Worth it?

As a portable monitor, the TRIO Max delivers a bevy of novel approaches to a design that is much required for the future generation of users who will spend the majority of their time working on the move or laptops in office settings.

A more robust finish and similarly robust cabling would be natural improvements, but even as-is, it’s difficult to disagree with Mobile Pixels’ hardware’s value and ease.


FAQs on Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Review

Does trio work with Surface Pro?

Which OS systems will Trio support? Trio/Trio Pro will run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. Yes, we have extensively tested the Trio and Trio Pro with Microsoft’s Surface Pro, Surface Go, and Surface Book computers.

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Final Verdict: Mobilepixels TRIO & TRIO Max Review

The Mobile Pixels Trio declutters your virtual work environment and enables you to multitask by just moving your view from one screen to another, rather than flipping between several tabs.

This would be a tremendous tool for individuals working in teams, boosting communication via the use of numerous viewing angles and modes.

If you’re an avid gamer, the Mobile Pixels Trio will enhance your gaming experience by allowing you to move chat windows out of the way.

The build quality was not as excellent as I anticipated for the price, and I ran into some setup troubles (this will vary depending on your laptop), but overall, I profited more than expected from the additional screen.

The Mobile Pixels Trio Max retails for $399.99, but if you can afford it or catch one during a bargain, it’s an excellent alternative to consider!

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