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Are you a fan of online streaming rather than watching movies conventionally? If so, then this article is for you. For people like me who hate downloading movies and storing them on our laptops or mobile.

Today, in this post, I will share the best sites for watching movies online; you will see some paid and free movie websites online.

You don’t need to download movies and store them on your laptop/PC. Head over to the links and start watching your favorite movies online.

Here are some Free and Paid options for the movie lover inside you.

Best sites to watch movies online

  1. Netflix
  2. Hotstar
  3. Amazon Prime Video
  4. Hulu
  5. Apple iTunes
  6. YouTube
  8. Popcorn Times

Top Websites To Watch Movies Online

1. Netflix

Wasn’t this obvious? You knew I would mention this site in the list. There is no reason not to. Netflix is the largest movie-streaming website in the world. It hosts over 1000 movies and keeps refreshing its collection every month.

Netflix - watch movie online

But the only con about Netflix is that the content is separate for every country. A USA user would see separate movies on Netflix, while and Indian user would see something else.

Price: Starts from $10 per month

2. Hotstar

This Indian App and the website became immensely popular once it started broadcasting the Cricket World Cup and Champions Trophy matches. And not it’s making the news for premiering the latest episodes of Game of Thrones.

hotstar - watch free moives online

Hotstar has a decent collection of movies and TV shows. And it’s cheaper than Netflix.

Price: Starts from $4 per month.

3. Amazon Prime Video

This is probably the cheapest online streaming available. It costs $10 for a year. Yes, you heard that right. $10 is very affordable indeed. But there is a reason for that. Prime Video has an excellent database and few produced TV shows.

AmazonPrimeVideo_ online movie streaming

Plus, you get other benefits with Prime membership, like free shipping on Amazon Purchases.

Price: $10 Per year

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4. Hulu

This is the worst and most unappealing TV and movie streaming site, at least. This site has no good content except for 2 or 3 TV shows. One such TV show is The Handmaid’s Tale, which is so good that it is worth the Hulu Subscription.

hulu - watch movies online

Price: Starts at $8 per month.

5. Apple iTunes

Those on iOS or Mac are very familiar with iTunes. You can use it for all your music. But did you know it can also be used for Movies and TV Shows? Like Youtube, it doesn’t have a Membership system as well.

itunes - watch paid movie online

You find the movie you want to watch and Rent or purchase it. Rentals are useful if you do not plan on watching the movie more than once.

Price: Rental Starts at $1 per movie per day.

Watch Movies For Free Websites

6. YouTube

YouTube, which is now a Google company, contains lots of On Demand movies and TV Shows, which you can purchase anytime you want to.

There is no monthly membership like others. The Movies are often available for Free, too. Especially the older movies. It is undoubtedly one of the best websites movies for free movies.

YouTube - watch latest movies online

Price: Free and paid Movies start from $1 per movie.



This is a free site with a massive database of movies. Almost all movies and TV shows are present on this site. It is made for those who love watching movies for free without paying.

PutlockerTime - Watch Movies Online Free

It offers almost all the latest movies and provides one of the best quality free movie streaming. The trending category shows popular movies; you can directly watch these movies for free online.

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Price: Free

8. Popcorn Time

This is often called the Pirate Bay of Netflix. It has a Website, Android App, and iOS app as well. You can stream any movie or TV show from anywhere. Along with the latest movies, it also provides popular Hollywood TV shows, which can be watched free online.

popcorn time- free movies watching websites

Price: Free


Another hugely popular Online Streaming Site with a Huge Database. It has almost all movies and TV shows. The website is neat. But no Android App is available for this.

Movies123 - watch movies for free websites

Price: Free


Last but not the least is This website contains a regularly updated collection of movies. It might be banned in some countries, but you can always access it through a proxy.

Free Movies Websites Online -

Price: Free

It comes under the list of top free movie websites online.


We have provided you with 10 excellent free and paid options to watch. You can check out these sites and watch free movies online 2024 or get a paid membership and enjoy premium and exclusive content.

I use some of the above-mentioned sites, and I enjoy my time. I am sure you will, too.

So, see you in the comments 🙂

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