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Staying in touch with people within a home, office or company for personal or business related issues are experiencing a growing ease due to the launch of advanced apps and software every now and then.

It all started back in the early 2000’s with Yahoo Messenger and over time progressed through AOL IM, Facebook, BBM, IMO, WhatsApp and more. Today we stand at a point where messengers running on data or wifi are being conquered by local messaging apps with the aim of providing more security and privacy to users.

One such messenger is the Softros LAN messenger. Let me tell you more about what it is? How to install it? How does LAN messenger work?  

Softros LAN Messenger

Softros LAN Messenger is an office chat software developed for communicating within a corporate network. It is highly user-friendly and easy to understand. Like any other instant messaging app, it supports file transfers, message broadcasting and encrypted conversations.

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The software works on LAN and via WiFi connection on Android devices. It does not require a server or Internet connection and will automatically detect any clients that are connected to the same LAN network. Yes! Communication works if the people are connected through the SAME LAN/Wi-Fi NETWORK.

This messenger includes features like person-to-person and multi-user messaging, office chat history log, sound notifications, away/busy statuses and more. The biggest benefit of this app is that it has strong privacy protection.

Softros LAN Messenger Installation

Installing Softros LAN messenger is an easy task for anyone. Users can choose from three types of chat clients based on Windows, Mac OS, Android.

The official Softros website offers you a free trial version to download in case you want to make sure if the messenger is worth your penny or not.

Visit to get your trial version.

Connecting with people over a LAN network

Once Softros LAN Messenger is installed on any Windows computer or Android mobile device that are on the same company’s network, it will scan, recognize and add all other active users that are on the network and have the app installed. The big plus about connecting through the same LAN network is that communications are much stable than on WiFi networks.


This messenger also has the Broadcast message feature that will allow you to circulate an important message to multiple contacts at once.

Other important features

Softros LAN messenger also possesses many more useful features apart from the ones mentioned above.


  • Offline messaging: Send offline messages to your colleagues.
  • User groups
  • File transfers: Transfer files, documents and media over LAN.
  • Message history
  • Remote desktop sharing: Operate your colleague’s desktop from your desktop, without physically accessing it.
  • LAN, WAN, VLAN and VPN support.
  • Importing and exporting user settings: Import and export user settings through this messenger between fellow coworkers.
  • Restricting user access.
  • Additional telephone support service along with the usual Email support service.

App customizations

The good thing about Softros LAN Messenger is that it is very customizable. You can personalize it by tweaking its appearances and other features according to your mood and preference.

softros lan messenger

  • You can choose to keep the conversation style of your chat window like the traditional and default thread style or change it to the modern “Bubble style” messages. These changes can be made from the “Preferences” section in the settings.
  • You can change your status according to your activities and mood as well.  Just right click on the LAN Messenger icon in the taskbar, and change your status.
  • You can even choose to change how you’re notified of incoming messages, whether the conversation is retained, and more.

My verdict?

Softros LAN messenger has a very intuitive and easy user interface that makes messaging and file transfers a smooth and lag free experience. The layout is pretty simple and easy to toggle through. It provides excellent security and privacy since it does not require any server or internet connection, which is a big plus. I personally feel that the “Remote desktop sharing” feature is a killer.

The software is the best option for small and medium size businesses and even works great for home networks and families. There are no monthly or annual subscriptions involved whatsoever. Plus, there is even a mobile application available for devices working on Android OS platforms. Windows and iOS users, unfortunately, will have to wait for the same.

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