Undetectable.io Review 2024: The Ultimate Anti-Detect Browser?

Undetectable.io Review

Overall Verdict

Undetectable.io is a great anti-detect browser solution service provider that is uniquely curated for anonymous web scraping and multi-accounting.

Out of 10


  • Efficient teamwork with cloud profiles.
  • Confidentiality and protection against financial scams


  • They do not offer an Android app .


Price: $ 49

Looking at the current statistical data online, cyber threats and fraudulent activities have seen a massive surge, emphasizing the importance of anti-detect browsers and tools to safeguard everyone’s online identities.

Undetectable.io has been one of those ultimate anti-detect browsers for me. With over 50,000 users across the globe, Undetectable.io stands out as a go-to option for anyone looking for a secure and anonymous online experience.

This platform, despite its relatively short tenure in the industry, has rapidly garnered attention across diverse sectors, including crypto, finance, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing.

Walk with me while I share my experience and all the detailed insights in this Undetectable.io Review. 

About Undetectable 

Particular Details
Brand name Undetectable.io
Product Offered Antidetection browser
Operating systems  Windows and macOS
Pricing Starts $10 per month
Pricing Model Subscription
Payment Options Payments are accepted through Cryptocurrencies, Capitalist, and ATM cards
Customer Support Email, Skype and Telegram
Countries Worldwide
Trial Available Yes
Refund Policy Yes, within 30 days 
undetectable review

Undetectable.io is a great anti-detect browser solution service provider that is uniquely curated for anonymous web scraping and multi-accounting.

Designed based on chromium, this platform has numerous tools to offer its users that cater to their security and privacy concerns. They also help with content management. 

The platform has not been in this industry for a long time but has gained immense popularity in varied fields like crypto, finance, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and more.

The company, so far, has served and partnered with 50,000+ users across the globe and is available on macOS and Windows. 

With an active user base and a wide range of features, Undetectable.io ranks at the top for everyone seeking a reliable and secure browsing experience.

Undetectable.io has been actively developing its benefits and capabilities to make sure that its users receive a high level of protection against anti-fraud systems.

What Stands Out About Undetectable? 

undetectable technologies

1. Built-in Cookie Bot

Undetectable.io has a built-in cookie bot for its users. This bot helps the users by checking the long list of URLs of the websites and collecting cookies from them for you.

All the cache and cookies collected are securely stored in your profile. This can be of immense use for enhancing your research.  

2. Flexible Configurations Flexible configuration

With this feature, you can enjoy the benefit of buying multiple configurations, which can then be exclusively sold to others.

You can also transfer these purchased configurations to the program with the token and address from the account settings. Learn more about this in the dashboard walk-through section below. 

This feature enables users to have specific configurations that suit their needs, ensuring exclusive and direct integration into the program for hassle-free utilization.

3. Flexible Browser Selection

Making this platform a convenient and go-to option, Undetectable.io offers its clients various browser options to choose from for all devices.

You can opt for Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari on macOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 to create your profiles. 

4. Multi-Profile Management 

multi profile management

Undetectable.io’s Multiprofile Management feature allows users to create an unlimited number of browser profiles, making it ideal for handling multi-accounting in social networks.

This feature enables users to manage and organize their profiles using the Profile Manager, categorizing them into tags and folders

5. Easy Segregation 

Easy segregation 

While an individual always looks for features with a big impact, they fail to realise that even the little details and convenience offered by the service providers make our jobs easier.

The dashboard of Undetectable.io offers a simple feature of tags with multiple colors, where you can segregate your profiles with tags that are easy to find when you’re dealing with multiple profiles. 

6. Easy-to-use Interface

The dashboard of Undetectable.io is extremely simple, with minimal navigation. The tabs on the right side have additional features that one needs, like a workspace.

All the edits you wish to make from the left sidebar can be configured on the right sidebar. While the ride sidebar has all the major features related to mass, proxies, new profiles, tags, and so on.  

7. Flexible Refund Policies

Yes, Undetectable.io has a refund policy. Based on their terms and conditions, they do not offer refunds for any payments made once the subscription starts.

However, they do consider changing plans on a case-by-case basis, and users can contact their support team for assistance. It’s important to note that any refund or payment request must be made within 30 days of the incident. 

Who is Undetectable.io Ideal For? 

  • Marketing agencies: With this solution, marketing agents can manage multiple accounts of clients while keeping their online identities anonymous. 
  • Dropshipping and e-commerce: Solopreneurs can easily handle and manage their multiple brands and stores online. Additionally, ship goods without revealing their details 
  • Brand protection: Brands can use this service to access websites from geo-restricted locations to keep an eye on their counterfeit products and take further action if needed. . 
  • Price comparison: Individuals can use this anti-detect browser to find and compare the prices of their desired products in the global market without being tracked.

Pros and Cons of Undetectable.io


  • Efficient teamwork with cloud profiles.
  • It has an in-built cookie bot for profile warm-ups  
  • Import and export of profiles, cookies and proxies 
  • Browser, hardware and OS randomizer 
  • Confidentiality and protection against financial scams


  • The price plans are on the expensive side 
  • They do not offer an Android app  

Subscription Tiers And Their Perks 

undetectable pricing

The platform offers three paid plans and one free plan. Here is a quick breakdown of all these packages. 

Plan Name Monthly Cost Annual Cost Features and Benefits
Free Plan One-month plan, Supports Chrome extension, Access to 1 user, 5 cloud profiles, 10 browser configurations, Option to increase cloud profile limit (chargeable, $10 to $40)
Base Plan $49 $39 Unlimited local profiles, 50 cloud profiles, Access to 1 user, 25 browser configurations, Export of cookies, Import of profiles, Supports Chrome extension
Professional Plan $99 $79 Unlimited local profiles, 100 cloud profiles, Access to 2 users (additional users chargeable, 2 to 7), 50 browser configurations, Export of profiles, All features in the Base Plan
Custom Plan $199 $159 Unlimited local profiles, 200 cloud profiles (additional profiles chargeable, 200 to 10200), Access to 5 users (additional users chargeable, 2 to 7), 100 browser configurations, All features in the Professional Plan

All their plans offer the following discounts: 

  • 5% off on a 3-month plan 
  • 10% off on a 6-month plan 
  • 20% off on 12-month plan

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up on this platform is an extremely simple task. Just follow these quick steps 

Step 1: Visit the official website of Undetectable.io and click on the pricing section 

Step 2: Be it for a paid plan or a free trial, the process to sign up remains the same. This guide will help you avail yourself of a free trial. So click on the select icon under the free plan. 

choose plan

Step 3: You’ll be redirected to another page where you need to fill in the following details: login name, email ID, username, and verification code. Make sure you add a valid email address, as you will need to verify your sign-up through it. 

create an account

Step 4: Activate your account by adding the OTP as requested

activate your account

And that’s it—you’ve successfully created an account on Undetectable.io. 

A Quick Overview of The Cloud Dashboard 

undetectable user

The dashboard here offers the following set of fields. We’ll quickly walk over all these fields. 

The fields available on the headnote are 

  • My account 
  • Users 
  • Profiles
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Configuration 
  • Sessions 
  • Service 
  • Download 

1. My Account 

my account

All the basic user details are stored here. This data includes the user name, user login, current role, email address, number of running sessions and cloud profiles, date of last activity and changes, current user status, and group details. 

2. Users 


The user section lets you have a glance at all the basic details about your team, their roles, and the group they are in. You can add users as well as add users to a group. 

3. Profile 


The profile section helps you view and monitor all the cloud profiles. Through this section, you can also transfer, block or unblock any of the cloud profiles 

4. Groups 


You can manage all your profiles and groups through this section. This feature helps you create separate subcommands for easy task delegation and collaboration. 

5. Roles 


This section helps you manage all user access. 2 roles are created by default: admin and user. Undetectable.io also lets you manually create roles if needed with the help of the permission list. 


6. Configurations 


This section helps you manage all your purchased configurations. Under this section, you can view all the details of the configuration, set their names, and disable any if needed. 

7. Sessions 


This section helps you keep an eye on user activity and force shut them. There are two alternatives for you to close the sessions, which are either by 

  • Using the action button and choosing to delete or 
  • Using the checkbox and the delete icon 

8. Services 


This section offers some website links that can assist you in checking the work of browser substitutions, converting cookies from NETSCAPE to JSON, and creating a website list for the cookie bot. 

9. Help section 

help section

For all the issues and concerns you have, apart from reaching out to customer assistance, you can always head on to this section, which offers you documentation and a changelog. 



Head on to this section to download and install the Undetectable browser on your macOS or Windows. 

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Conclusion of Undetectable.io Review 2024

To end with, I strongly feel Undetectable.io is a reliable solution for all your anti-browser needs, loaded with features and tools.

The platform’s in-depth features, such as the built-in cookie bot, easy configurations, colour tags, flexible browser selection, and multi-profile management, make it a standout choice in the industry.

Speaking about the user interface of the dashboard, it is easy to navigate and is designed to keep things simple but impactful.

Undetectable.io is ideal for diverse purposes, including marketing agencies, dropshipping, brand protection, retail price comparison, and affiliate marketing.

As a reviewer, I find Undetectable.io to be a compelling solution for those seeking anonymity and security in their online activities.

The subscription plans, though on the expensive side, offer a range of options to cater to different user needs. Regardless of this, it’s worth giving this platform a try, as they also offer the convenient option of a free trial period.  

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