What does not selected mean on Indeed? [Informative Guide]

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Indeed is a major online resource for finding employment. You can constantly find hundreds of job postings, even if there are over 250 million new visitors every month.

Nonetheless, this does not imply an absence of difficulty in finding gainful employment, since competition for available positions is fierce. A “not chosen” or “rejected” email is the most common response to a job application.

A “not chosen” response indicates that your application is no longer being evaluated or considered for the position you sought.

There is a good probability that you will get an explanation for your rejection from the company if they decide to send you a customized letter. If you get an automated email, though, you probably won’t find out why.

However, if you really feel you are still the best candidate, you shouldn’t let this prevent you from updating your CV and applying again.

When candidates upload their resumes, why does Indeed immediately show “not selected”?

Applicants may get notifications from Indeed stating that they were not chosen for a position after submitting an application.

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Potential causes include the following:

  • One of you has made it clear that your pay criteria are not flexible, despite the fact that they differ from the employers’.
  • The application period for this position has ended, or recruiters are no longer taking resumes.
  • The position no longer requires your skills or education, or the criteria for the position have changed.
  • We regret to inform you that you do not meet the requirements to work in the nation. You have not yet given the required documentation, but you may be qualified.
  • may have made a mistake while filling out the application. It’s possible you made a typo in your entry or forgot to include some crucial details.
  • You need to move closer to your workplace (not all companies will pay for relocation costs or wait for you)

What’s the deal with Indeed’s automated rejections?

Automatic rejection from Indeed is possible in certain cases. After posting a job opening, recruiters will be notified with a list of all applicants.

After that, they’ll decide how long they want to give themselves to go through all applications. The countdown may be set from 7 days, 10 days, etc.

By then, they will have made a decision on each applicant they’ve seen, marking it as rejected, maybe, employed, or in contact.

Indeed Overview - What does not selected mean on Indeed?


After the allotted time has elapsed, if the recruiter hasn’t looked at your profile or shown interest, you will be denied automatically.

However, before sending out the automated rejection email, Indeed will notify the company of the option to extend the time limit for reviewing resumes.

Could you possibly get employed by Indeed?

Silkroad revealed that Indeed staff were invited to 35% of all job interviews. Only a quarter of the applicants are chosen for employment.

The report recommends networking with current workers to increase your chances of being recruited via Indeed.

If you have friends or relatives who work there or have worked there in the past, it is a good idea to ask them to write you a letter of reference.

It has been shown that employees’ recommendations account for 19% of all job interviews. Their share in the hiring process is 28%.

According to Future Workplace, a whopping 71% of HR Recruiters consider applicants with employee recommendations to be among the most qualified.

If you get an interview thanks to Indeed and can back up your qualifications with a reference from an existing employee, you will likely be one of the top contenders for the position.

Should you bother about Indeed’s evaluations?

It is up to the applicant whether they want to take the Indeed exam. Indeed’s data shows, however, that having them increases your chances of being recruited by 30%, so you may want to give it some thought.

The widespread acceptance of talent assessment tests as a means by which candidates may be evaluated exclusively on the basis of their actual abilities and experiences in the workplace is largely responsible for this trend.

Despite the fact that your application and the position are not a good fit, you have been chosen. Hundreds of people apply to each job posting that a recruiter makes.

This prevents them from seeing the forest for the trees while considering the qualifications of the candidates.

Indeed’s evaluation tools have helped businesses cut down on the hiring process by 27%. Employers will have a better understanding of the candidate’s capacity to execute the task at hand. Those that score low on the exams are quickly weeded out.

More than 70 million people have completed these assessments since Indeed introduced them in 2018. They are used by as many as 600,000 companies throughout the employment process.

Employers have the option of choosing which competency assessments to provide to potential hires. Indeed will send out the skill tests to the applicants whose resumes are a match.

On the other hand, you may increase your chances of being employed by posting your CV on Indeed and adding a few of the aforementioned exams as references. On top of that, you’re less likely to get Indeed’s auto-not-selected email.

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Conclusion: What does not selected mean on Indeed?

Finding legitimate job postings might be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. Indeed simplifies the process by collecting hundreds of comparable postings in intuitive categories.

If you are chosen for the position, you will be notified within two weeks. This makes changing to other listings easy.

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