Who Makes Insignia TVs? Here’s What You Need to Know in 2024

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Best Buy’s own line of gadgets and TVs is called Insignia. They may be purchased at physical stores like Best Buy and online at retailers like Amazon.

On the downside, tracing the production of house brands is notoriously difficult. Therefore, I will explain the history of Insignia and the countries where their goods are manufactured.

So, let’s dive right in!

Where do Insignia televisions are made?

Similarly to other large shops, Best Buy sells its own line of electronic goods under the Best Buy brand name. They have higher profit margins, therefore they can offer their products at lower prices than the big national brands.

Even though Insignia TVs are less expensive than the alternatives, Best Buy gets to retain a larger portion of the sale price. However, Best Buy isn’t exactly forthcoming about who exactly they contract out to make and design these televisions.

Who Makes Insignia TVs


Each and every one of Insignia’s televisions is made in China. There is some uncertainty as to the actual name of the factory that produces the televisions.

This suggests that Insignia TVs are made in many different locations around China.

Which Company Manufactures Insignia Televisions?

Best Buy is evasive when asked who makes the components for its Insignia TVs. Because of this, they are able to place bulk orders with several suppliers for all necessary components.

While we’ll be focusing on Insignia’s NS-32F201NA22 32-inch Fire TV, it’s important to remember that other versions may use components from various manufacturers.

Insignia TVs


1. Main Board\Memory

The Insignia television’s main board is the set’s processing center. It’s where the CPU and RAM (system memory) live. Only this label may be seen on the circuit board itself.

Towards the top, you can see the part number: 0980-0900-1530. (0A). Even though I was unable to locate the exact model number, the major board names are consistent with those of other Samsung TVs.

This TV’s main board was likely made by Samsung and then sold to Insignia. In addition, the memory modules you see up there were also produced by Samsung. You can see the specifications for the K4B4G1646E here.

2. Wifi Module

In reality, I didn’t have to disassemble the whole TV to get to the WiFi component. Because of FCC rules, the TV’s WiFi module must be disclosed on the manufacturer’s label on the back.

But since I was already here, I thought I’d throw in a shot of it. The DHUR-AZ68 WiFi module is a dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 5.0 radio.

The WiFi module’s technical handbook is available here for your perusal.

3. TFT-LCD Display

China Star Optoelectronics Technology is responsible for producing the actual LCD screen (CSOT). The panel itself has the model number ST3151A07-1-XC-3.

After doing some research, I discovered Panelook.com, which is an excellent hub for learning everything and everything about LCD and OLED panels.

The panel’s specifications are a perfect match for the Insignia TV’s specifications. As I dug more into CSOT, I learned that it is a Chinese display manufacturer owned by TCL, Century Science & Technology, and Samsung.

While Samsung isn’t directly responsible for this LED panel, they did contribute to the technology.

Features Of Insignia TVs

Broad selections of affordable televisions are produced by Insignia. They begin as little as 19-inch versions made for cramped dorm rooms and go up to colossal 70-inch QLED 4K UHD sets for spacious family rooms.

While Insignia TVs won’t have as many bells and whistles as a more costly Sony or LG model, they provide excellent balance and value for the money.

Insignia TVs often have high-quality DTS TruSurround and Dolby Audio speaker systems. Several of these TVs include High Dynamic Range (HDR), which boosts the contrast between the bright and dark regions of the screen to make the scene seem more three-dimensional.

All Fire TV models come included with the Alexa-enabled remote control, giving you hands-free access to Amazon’s speech assistant. New, longer remotes are more comfortable to hold.

They rounded off the back and sides to make it easier to hold. If you’re shopping for a high-performance TV that won’t break the budget, Insignia is a great brand to consider.

How Long is the Insignia TV Warranty?

Assuming you bought your new Insignia TV from the manufacturer, you’re covered by their warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase.

However, unintentional damage, aesthetic damage, power surges, lightning strikes, as well as damage caused by overuse or neglect are not covered by the guarantee.

Bring your TV back to Best Buy during the first year and they will handle sending it out for repairs.

Insignia TV warranties, like most other electronics manufacturers, protect against flaws in the product’s construction or functionality.

This includes issues like a faulty LED bulb or a crooked television case that were within the manufacturer’s purview.

Since Insignia is a Best Buy brand, customers experiencing TV issues may either bring their set to a local Best Buy for repair or contact a toll-free hotline for help.

It’s important to know that the folks at Best Buy down the street probably won’t be the ones to repair your TV.

The majority of businesses maintain regional repair facilities stocked with components and specialized equipment and staffed by all of the company’s certified experts.

You may choose from a variety of alternatives if you purchase a Geek Squad extended warranty from Best Buy. Any Best Buy location may still provide diagnostics on devices less than 42 inches (106 cm).

A trained, authorized Insignia expert will come to your house for TVs measuring 42 inches or more.

Best Buy promises that if there is a problem with your purchase during the first year due to a manufacturing flaw, they will fix it or replace it at no cost to you.

In order to be eligible for services, you must either preserve the original receipt or register the product on your Best Buy account.

When Best Buy sends out a replacement TV, keep in mind that it may not be a brand-new model. Refurbished devices are a typical option for replacements.

Alternative Insignia Products

Other items produced by Insignia include:

  • Gaming accessories
  • Home audio and video systems
  • Camcorders
  • Cameras
  • Home theater accessories
  • Computers and tablets
  • Car electronics
  • Photo frames

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Conclusion: Who Makes Insignia TVs?

In general, the value of an Insignia television is rather high.

Based on what I discovered throughout the disassembly, it seems like Samsung made the majority of the critical parts used in my Insignia Fire TV.

Samsung TVs have the best picture quality, brightness, and performance, thus I recommend them highly.

Customers on a tighter budget will appreciate being able to get a product of Samsung quality at an Insignia price.


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