Why Aren’t My TikTok Getting Views 2024? ( How to Fix It)

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TikTok shocked the world, and its rapid ascent was impossible to foresee. While businesses initially ignored TikTok, they have recently begun flocking to the platform in search of growth and new clients.

If you want your business to become viral on TikTok, you’ll need to do things very differently from how you’d promote it on other social media platforms if you want to join the network.

Everything from the type of material you create to the inner workings of the algorithm is included in this.

Infuriatingly for content creators and companies alike on the platform, many videos posted there have received zero views.

If you’re asking, “why do my TikTok videos have zero views?” I’ll break down the reasons why your TikTok videos aren’t getting views. 

Why Aren’t My TikTok Getting Views? What’s the problem?

If you’re having trouble generating views on TikTok, the time of day you publish could be the primary culprit. You can very much count on zero new readers if you publish in the wee hours of the morning.

When writing the description for your video, you should also think about the hashtags you use. Use tags that you think will attract the individuals who will buy your goods.

Why Aren't My TikTok Getting Views

If you’ve uploaded a video of your dog, for instance, you could include keywords like “#pug” “#doglover” and “#treats” to attract other people who share your passion for canine companions.

It’s not unlike meeting people in real life when you connect with others on TikTok who share your interests.

Irrelevant Content

There are two types of irrelevant content:

1. Not Following TikTok Trends 

Trends on TikTok are critical for all accounts, not just commercial ones. The Discover tab is a great place to gather inspiration and get a feel for the current content trends.

By joining in on a trend, you’ll have a better chance of being included in more people’s For You streams. TikTok’s algorithm also won’t favor your video if it’s a dance challenge that peaked in popularity two years ago.

2. Changing Your Niche

Jumping from one niche to another is a third method of posting nonsensical material.

It’s possible to build a following among people who share a particular interest in a particular issue; for example, if you’re an electronics store and you offer tech tips and market your items, you might attract customers.

TikTok will not suggest that your regular audience watch a makeup or exercise tutorial if you suddenly upload one.

There may be a small increase in views for the first video, but if you keep generating content that has nothing to do with your specialty, you’ll eventually sink to almost zero.

How Soon Does TikTok Play Your Video (Or It Plays With A Delay?)

It can feel like days pass before you get so much as a single watch on your video. Videos on TikTok don’t always have their views reflected in real time.

It may take up to two weeks before you see your first view, though this mostly depends on the nature of your work. Some have attempted to decipher the TikTok algorithm, but so far, all their efforts have seemed to produce random results.

TikTok Views

As an added precaution, if your account has previously been reported, TikTok may temporarily “hold” your new videos. Unfortunately, there will be no red flag or alert to let you know they are up to no good.

It appears to be business as usual on your profile page. The reason for this is that TikTok values its user base and would be devastated if you left.

So, if you discover that there is a long lag time before the play count appears for your TikTok videos, your best bet is to be patient. The majority of users whose connections are slow to respond claim that the problem is transient.

How Does TikTok Calculate Views?

TikTok’s feature videos are more likely to go viral. To clarify, what does that mean? On TikTok, a “view” might be anything from a single millisecond to the entire duration of a video.

If your video appears on someone’s “For You Page,” regardless of whether or not they actually watch it, it will still be counted as a view. All of your shared videos are subject to this same rule.

The video will be considered viewed even if the viewer exits before the end. Because of this, the number of views and the number of likes may be very different.

Many users have discovered that their videos can receive thousands of views yet not receive a single like. One possible explanation is that readers are passively consuming the content.

If you feel like your views and likes aren’t adding up, it may have more to do with the content you’re posting than the algorithm as a whole.

How Do I Know If TikTok Is Working Properly?

While the quality and timing of your content are crucial to your success on TikTok, there are always other factors that could be making a difference. App stability is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The unpredictability of the web can even affect TikTok. Your video’s popularity may be affected by both widespread outages and minor problems.

The question then becomes how you can tell if your lack of views on TikTok is actually because of that. Simply verify a recent server upgrade to find out.

Users of TikTok can benefit greatly from pages like this one, which provide updates on the server’s current status. You may check out the functionality of TikTok in real time.

It will also reveal any recently discovered server problems. You wouldn’t believe how widespread issues are on this platform, and how much of an impact they can have on your video’s performance.

Before you upload anything, run it through a server check to make sure it has the best chance of being seen.

What Is The Best Time To Get Views On TikTok?

Videos should be uploaded at least an hour before peak viewing times. It is common for people to tune in during their lunch breaks or before bed.

Due to the possible delay in views after posting, timing is of the essence. Most reports indicate that Tuesdays and Thursdays at either 10 a.m. or 10 p.m. are best for uploading.

If you publish at around 10 a.m., you’ll attract the most readers before lunch, and if you publish at around 10 p.m., you’ll be sure to have the most readers after midnight.

Because everyone is busy making plans for the rest of the weekend, Sunday nights are the worst for blogging. Nonetheless, videos that were posted months ago could still end up being a huge hit.

Therefore, uploading around peak viewing times is a great way to draw in new viewers, but it’s not the only criterion in determining whether or not your video will become viral.

How Do You Get Views On Your TikTok Videos?

TikTok treats every interaction as a view, even if the user is only swiftly scrolling through. So, watching your video will also be counted as a view.

Even better, the video will count as a fresh view each time it loops back to the beginning. In other words, you can keep replaying your own video in an effort to boost your viewership.

However, involvement isn’t necessarily proportional to views. While a high view count can help get your video noticed, it’s more important to focus on getting comments and likes to make sure your video stays relevant on TikTok for the long haul.

If you want more people to see your video, have them tell their friends about it. The more they share it, the more exposure it will get, and the more interaction it will have, the better your chances of being included on future FYPs!

Mastering TikTok requires learning to work with others.

What Are The Best Ways To Get More Views Quickly?

Though there are numerous strategies for attracting more viewers, the challenge is in attracting them quickly.

Sharing your content is the most efficient approach to seeing a spike in traffic. Easily adjust your settings to have your videos disseminated throughout all of your social media accounts simultaneously.

This implies that each person who watches the uploaded video counts as one view, and the more times they let the video play, the better it is for the creator.

Particularly helpful for those who don’t have a large following already. For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that your TikTok following is rather small.

When you upload the same video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you instantly increase your audience size by a factor of three.

Promoting your video could be an effective short-term strategy for gaining more views and subscribers. This service comes at a cost, though.

Video promotion on TikTok can be expensive, but the total cost will be proportional to the number of people who see the ad and the length of time it runs for.

Get to know your data well before deciding to invest in promotion. Your video statistics will be accessible for all of the videos you have uploaded.

The demographics of your video’s viewers, broken down by country and age, will be displayed there.

As you get insight into the performance of your video as a whole, you’ll be able to determine the optimal level of promotion.

How Many Views Do You Need To Go Viral?

When it comes to the ratio of views to likes and engagements, “viral” status is achieved when the percentage of views is between 80 and 90%.

The views are the foundation of the algorithm, even if there is no hard and fast rule for how many you need to have your video become viral. As an illustration, if your video receives 300 views and at least 80% engagements, it has gone viral.

As a general rule, I adhere to the “one in three” maxim. This equates to one like for every three views. Your video is on the right track to going viral if the vast majority of people who watch it to the end take some sort of action in response to it.

The greatest benefit of a viral video is that it can continue to be viewed indefinitely.

If your video goes viral, it may remain popular for years after it was originally posted. It will help your video perform better and stay up longer on the app where it was uploaded.

Are There Any Ways To Boost Your Own Views?

Having gained a better understanding of the Tiktok algorithm, it is time to promote your content.

There are a lot of cool outcomes that can come from increasing your profile’s visibility, like getting more views and subscribers for your videos.

More advanced options become available once you reach a certain number of followers. Instantly begin receiving compensation for your efforts by hosting live video sessions.

Unlocking the live feature is, according to many users, the best way to improve your view count generally.

Therefore, gaining more than 10,000 followers is the most effective strategy for increasing your video’s visibility.

Getting more views is simpler if you already have a large following. This is due to the fact that, with no further effort on your side, your material will be featured prominently on their homepage.

Getting your content included on many “For You” pages is difficult, but it becomes more likely as your fans start interacting with it.

Nonetheless, promoting yourself is the most effective strategy for increasing page visitors. Don’t stop spreading your work throughout your social networks and circle of acquaintances.

Simple self-promotion can do wonders for your views, and it won’t cost you a thing.

Give Your Content The Best Shot Possible!

In the end, your Tiktok popularity depends entirely on you.

Some people became TikTok celebrities by complete accident, but the vast majority have figured out how to game the system for their own gain.

To improve your chances of success on TikTok, you should familiarize yourself with statistics and the platform’s algorithm.

Give Content The Best Shot Possible

Timing your videos, using appropriate tags, distributing your content widely online, and interacting with your viewers are all ways to achieve this goal.

So, read as many posts as you can and respond to as many comments as you can.

Since TikTok is a social app, use it to interact with others! Perspective is secondary to experience, but it helps immensely when you have both.

All the Best!

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