Wondershare PDF Element Review 2024: Is It A Complete PDF Solution?

Wondershare PDF Element Review


PDF Element is an all-in-one solution for your PDF formatting requirements; you may use it to produce, combine, modify, and protect documents in your selected file format. Moreover, this program contains every essential and sophisticated function at a very reasonable rate.

Out of 10


  • Utilize various markup tools to annotate PDFs.
  • Add passwords to protect your PDF documents.
  • Change the page size and layout to enhance reading.
  • Identify and complete PDF forms.
  • Add textual notes and comments.
  • Highlight, underline, and delete specific text.


  • A little on the pricey side.
  • Occasionally slow


Price: $ 51.99

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If you are looking to know about Wondershare PDF Element Review. Then this guide is for you, read till the end for all information.

For excellence, while editing PDF documents, you must depend on a very effective and powerful tool. PDF Element is a very effective and potent editing solution that simplifies the process of modifying PDF files.

PDF Element from Wondershare allows users to add, edit, create, organize, and protect their files.

It is a well-known brand for the best document management system, and this extremely efficient PDF management tool is used by almost all of the most renowned businesses.

Wondershare PDF Element is distinguished by its superior user interface and efficiency. You have complete control over the PDF file’s contents.

It may be altered to suit your needs and functions exceptionally well when combined with clever technologies.

You may make any necessary modifications to your material without affecting its overall layout or appearance. The interface requires no training, so you can begin immediately since it is UX-designed.

Let us check out Wondershare PDF Element Review in detail.

Wondershare PDF Element Review 2024: What Is Wondershare PDF Element?

Wondershare PDF Element is an excellent solution built by Wondershare to include all the conventional and essential tools for creating PDFs, altering them, and converting them to other file formats.

Using Wondershare PDF Element, you may generate a new PDF, change an existing PDF text, merge two PDF files into one, and convert PDF to other formats and vice versa.

Wondershare PDF Element has the most significant interface with several toolbar settings and the ability to see thumbnails, bookmarks, and notes and conduct a content search.

Wondershare PDF Element Review

It also allows you to integrate new material inside a PDF archive without compromising the content’s quality.

PDF Element is unlike other document management systems; it offers several features that are seldom seen in a single, reasonably priced document management solution.

The most recent edition of Wondershare PDF Element, PDF Element 9, is an ideal partner for small and medium-sized businesses. It may be used to enhance file management and manage the complete process.

Who Is Wondershare PDF Element for?

1. Healthcare:

Create and fill out PDF medical and insurance documents with ease. Using electronic medical records, you can improve care coordination.

Wondershare PDF Element Healthcare Features

2. Education:

Students, instructors, and parents can take notes and annotate PDFs. Provide pupils with the capacity to study anywhere.

3. Publishing:

Enhance the productivity of publishers. Combining, reordering, and eliminating pages to prepare books for review and printing is simple.

4. IT and Professionals:

Rapid file conversion increases productivity. Create high-quality technical manuals more quickly using Word, Excel, and other applications.

5. Legal and Government:

Protect sensitive data with a single click. Remove text or graphics to conceal critical information or lock vital PDF documents.

6. Finance:

Electronic signatures provide for a paperless workflow and time savings. Quickly and securely sign PDF documents for authorization.

New Improvements in Wondershare PDF Element 9

  • Up to 10% faster-rendering speed
  • The multi-terminal flow of documents makes it more convenient for desktop, mobile, and cloud document exchange.
  • Document translation that includes solving language problems, and wording translation
  • Form recognition copy
  • Intelligently generate annotation notes by summarizing critical information.
  • Immersive reading experience with the new reading mode
  • More batch management functions
  • More view support, including rotating view, page background, and independent cover
  • Clearer feature navigation and larger reading space

Wondershare PDF Element Features

Wondershare PDF Element Features

1. Read:

Open, view, and read PDF files regardless of location or device.

  • Resize pages
  • Turn pages
  • Set page layout
  • Eye protection mode

2. Annotate PDF:

Highlight and add text, sticky notes, edits, shapes, signatures, stamps, and drawings to PDF documents.

  • Stamps
  • Shape and Eraser
  • Measuring tools
  • Text markup
  • Popular comment types

3. Create PDF:

Create PDFs that stand out with the best PDF maker.

  • Create PDF from printing
  • Create PDF from images
  • Create PDF from the clipboard
  • Create PDF from the office file

4. Combine PDF:

This PDF merging tool allows you to merge PDFs and photos into a single file easily. You may merge files by dragging and dropping, reordering, deleting, rotating, and arranging the resulting PDF, and you can work from Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and iOS.

  • Merge and compress
  • Convert and merge
  • Combine images into PDF
  • Combine PDFs

5. Convert PDFs:

Convert PDF files to and from any format supported by Microsoft Office, as well as images and web pages. High-quality converted files are available. This batch file converter is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Mac computers.

  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert PDF to more
  • Convert PDF to images
  • Convert PDF to office files

6. Edit PDF:

For PC and mobile users, an intuitive PDF editor for editing PDF text, graphics, forms, and pages.

  • Change Background
  • Page numbering
  • Add hyperlink
  • Add watermark
  • Add images
  • Edit PDF text

7. Compress PDF:

Compress PDF file sizes without sacrificing quality. Work with, save, and distribute PDFs with smaller file sizes to increase productivity. It is a versatile PDF size reduction capable of optimizing files of any size.

  • Reduce PDF size manually.
  • Batch compress PDF
  • Compress PDF in one-click

8. Organize PDF:

Arrange pages in PDF in a snap. You may divide, erase, rotate, and trim PDF pages. You may reorganize PDF pages by using drag-and-drop to rearrange page thumbnails. PDFs may be merged, organized, and edited using a single piece of software.

Wondershare Organize PDF Features

  • Rotate PDF
  • Extract pages
  • Insert pages
  • Delete pages
  • Split pages

9. PDF Form:

PDFelement is an easy-to-use PDF form builder that generates fillable PDFs most straightforwardly.

  • PDF from templates
  • Fill forms
  • Add fillable fields
  • Recognize forms

10. Sign PDF:

Fill and sign PDFs quickly and securely from any device, anytime, anywhere.

  • Stamp PDF
  • Electronically sign PDF
  • Digitally sign PDF
  • Create electronic signature

11. Protect PDF:

Passwords prevent PDF copying, editing, printing, and viewing. Keep critical data secret. They provide the AES and RC4 ciphers for encryption.

  • Search and redact
  • Redact PDF
  • Protect PDF
  • Set Password

12. Batch PDF:

Drag-and-drop PDF batch processing. Multiple PDF files may be converted, created, printed, and compressed in handy batches.

  • Batch encrypt
  • Batch edit
  • Batch OCR
  • Batch compress
  • Batch convert

13. PDF OCR:

Accurate text recognition on scanned photos or PDFs and one-click editing of scanned data. It can distinguish over 20 languages and is incredibly dependable, quick, and precise.

  • Batch OCR PDF
  • Extract data from scanned PDF
  • Convert image to text
  • Edit scanned PDF

14. Extract PDF Data:

PDFelement’s sophisticated OCR and Capture functions simplify extracting PDF forms, texts, photos, pages, and PDF portfolio items.

Extract PDF Data Features

  • Extract files from the PDF portfolio
  • Extract pages from PDF
  • Extract images from PDF
  • Extract text from PDF
  • Extract data from PDF

Wondershare PDF Element Pricing and How to Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Wondershare PDF Element from here, and click on ‘Free Download.’

Go to the official website & Free Download

Step – 2: The download will start automatically; when it does, double click on it and install Wondershare PDF Element on your system.

install Wondershare PDF Element on system

Step – 3: Open the application. Now click on ‘Show me around,’ and they will give you an excellent tour of their application.

Open the application

Step – 4: You can check out all their fantastic features. When done, click on ‘Buy Now.

click on ‘Buy Now

Step – 5: You can choose between all the plans they offer. When selected, click on ‘BUY NOW’  if you are paying from anything accepted from PayPal, and if you are paying from PayPal, click on ‘PayPal.’

choose between all the plans they offer

Step – 6: Fill in the details and click on ‘Secure Checkout.

Fill in the details and click on ‘Secure Checkout

Complete the payment, and you can enjoy the full benefits of Wondershare PDF Element.

Also, you can choose first to use the Wondershare PDF Element free trial.

All you have to do is go to the official website of Wondershare PDF Element and click on ‘FREE TRIAL.’ The download will start automatically, and you can use the limited features until the free trial ends.

Wondershare PDF Element Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons:


  • Make PDFs from any file type, including photos and Word documents.
  • Protect sensitive PDF files with passwords.
  • Modify the font size and spacing to make the text easier to read.
  • Locate and fill out relevant PDFs.
  • Observations and comments can be added to the text.
  • Select text to highlight, underline, or erase.
  • Use a selection of PDF annotation tools.
  • PDF and image text recognition systems.
  • Compressing a PDF may significantly reduce its overall size.
  • You can save a lot of time if you convert multiple files at once.
  • Incorporate hypertext links and watermarks into the paper.


  • A little on the pricey side.
  • Occasionally slow

Why Do I Recommend Wondershare PDF Element?

Why Do I Recommend Wondershare PDF Element

1. Customization:

With the aid of PDF Element, you may modify the document to your liking by adding your buttons, checkboxes, templates, etc. In addition, you may convert the scanned copy to an executable format and export it to the format of your choice.

2. Security:

PDF Element is the most excellent and secure document management solution, providing storage and connection sharing without compromising security.

This enables you to create, maintain, update, combine, and remove files containing your signatures without fear of the information falling into the wrong hands.

3. Text Editing:

To improve the user experience, PDFelement has included another great text-editing tool so that you may prepare your content and monitor offline documents so that you don’t lose any information throughout the formatting process.

Using advanced paragraph recognition technology, you also have the opportunity to modify the lines, words, and paragraphs. It includes typo rearrangement, which corrects the spelling errors. The sample document’s style and layout are protected by default.

4. Extracting data from the scanned files:

PDF Element customers may utilize the powerful OCR technology to decrease the total human burden and analyze the data directly from the file in its original format. No other document management solution provides this option.

All the data from scanned copies may be retrieved in a relatively short time. You may use the same extraction capabilities to extract all PDF files with comparable layouts.

5. Extraction and conversion of PDF documents:

PDFelement allows you to not only edit and produce PDFs but also transform them based on your business requirements. You can convert PDF files into anything, including HTML, pictures, and documents.

In addition, you can partition the files into smaller pieces in several formats. You may extract them to a new place in the future. Using PDF Element, bulk converting is quick and straightforward.

6. Creating and merging the PDF files:

There are relatively few PDF editors that enable users to build and combine files according to their requirements. PDF Element is an exception, giving the user complete power by letting them generate and mix files.

You may convert the files into more than 300 formats, allowing you to get a PDF with a professional appearance that will undoubtedly increase the worth of your company.

In addition, when the files are merged, the pages are rearranged without affecting the original settings. In addition, you have the opportunity to produce PDF files in bulk and index them quickly.

7. Optical Character Recognition:

The PDF Element is so well-designed that the user has total control over PDF files. In addition to adjusting the typefaces to style, you can format files differently without altering the original information.

In addition, the user has the opportunity to modify scanned documents using the system’s optical character recognition.

This function makes the material extraordinarily searchable and selectable in more than 20 languages worldwide.

It has also introduced a capability to verify the spelling of files to ensure they are error-free. You can correct the misspellings, grammatical errors, and typos in a single location.

FAQs About Wondershare PDF Element Review

Can I view PDF for free on Wondershare PDF Element?

Yes, you can. PDFelement is the best free PDF viewer available. This free PDF program allows you to scan and modify encrypted PDF files. After OCR has been performed on a PDF file, it may be edited with annotations, feedback, signatures, picture overlays, and more. In addition, you may view your PDF file as a book or PowerPoint presentation by modifying the page size. It is more than just an essential PDF reader.

Can I annotate PDF without Adobe?

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular PDF applications. The monthly fee of $14.99, however, may exclude specific customers. Use PDFelement to add annotations of superior quality to your PDF documents. You may include dynamic shapes, lines, and sketches. In addition, this program permits the addition of comments, attachments, feedback, e-signing, text highlighting, and more. It is the ideal substitute for Adobe Acrobat.

Which format can I create PDF from in Wondershare PDF Element?

Wondershare PDFelement enables the creation of high-quality PDFs from various file types. It supports Office documents like PPT, DOC, TXT, XLS, LOG, and CONFIG. You can convert scanned and altered PDF files to most of these formats.

Can I compress PDF file size without losing quality?

Yes, utilizing the Wondershare PDF Element is possible. To compress PDF files using PDFelement without sacrificing quality, choose Low Compression, which will preserve file quality as much as feasible. Additionally, you may decrease the file size by dividing the file.

Is there any free OCR software?

There are several OCR applications available for installation online. However, the majority of these OCR services cost money. Install Wondershare PDFelement and OCR all of your PDF files, including scanned photos, if you are searching for a free OCR service. PDFelement is astonishingly easy to use since you need not require OCR expertise to scan and modify your OCR file.

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Conclusion: Wondershare PDF Element Review 2024

Wondershare PDF Element is an all-in-one solution for all your PDF formatting requirements; you may use it to produce, combine, modify, and protect documents in your selected file format.

Moreover, this program contains every essential and sophisticated function at a very reasonable rate.

I would recommend Wondershare PDF Element, especially after the launch of Wondershare PDF Element 9.

The new features are fascinating, making it one of the best and most affordable PDF elements.

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