WP Media Folder Review 2024: Is It Reliable WordPress Media Organizer?

WP Media Folder Review


WP Media Folder has long been a top-notch plugin, owing to its extremely simple interface, advanced filtering and sorting capabilities, and general ability to provide you greater control over your media files.

Out of 10


  • It offers Context menu that is intelligent.
  • It is very easy to use and beginners friendly.
  • Supports more than six cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Google Photos.
  • Six distinct “gallery layouts” to pick how to present your photographs.
  • Provide customization on every step.


  • Extra Charges for Cloud & Gallery Addons


Price: $ 49

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If you are also in search of WP Media Folder Review then trust me you jumped in the best article as we have covered all the answers here.

The next time you find yourself scrolling endlessly through months’ worth of media files in search of that one image you swear you uploaded months ago, WP Media Folder may be the plugin for you.

Long regarded as the best media library plugin available for WordPress, this multi-purpose media management tool received another significant update lately, adding even more capabilities aimed at optimizing your media assets.

As a result, you gain increased control over your images, videos, and other content, saving you valuable time in locating the appropriate media for the appropriate post with minimal effort.

We’ll walk you through each of those new features below, as well as explain all you need to know to determine whether this is the perfect media library plugin for you.

WP Media Folder Review: What is WP Media Folder?

To summarise, WP Media Folder is a premium plugin that enables you to arrange all of your media files into folders and subfolders for simple access.

WP Media Folder Review

However, it is so much more. Additionally, the plugin’s primary features enable you to:

  • Upload files individually or in bulk directly to folders
  • Drag & drop files between folders
  • Utilize sophisticated sort/filter options to assist you in finding items even more effortlessly.
  • To rapidly go to the correct folder, perform a search for the folder’s name.
  • Import files from an FTP server and synchronizes the folder structure
  • Upload new files to your media library and replace existing ones (useful if you need to update an image that has been used in numerous locations).

As if that weren’t enough, there are two useful add-ons that provide more capabilities, including:

  • Integration with a variety of cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Photos, and others
  • The ability to quickly and easily build completely optimized photo galleries from your media library.

This second feature, in our opinion, is particularly tempting because it eliminates the time, effort, and price associated with using a separate gallery plugin.

WP Media Folder Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

We’ll discuss those features in further detail later, but for now, it’s important to note that they’re not the only factor that makes this plugin so appealing. Additionally, the pricing is really cheap, especially when compared to similar products.

The core plugin for WP Media Folders is available for $29 with six months of maintenance and updates included. Additionally, you may get 12 months of support/updates for $49.

WP Media Folder Pricing - WP Media Folder Review

Additionally, if you purchase both add-ons, you will pay $69 for the main plugin, both add-ons, and a year of support/updates. Whichever package you choose, you can install the plugin on an unlimited number of sites.

WP Media Folder Core Plugin

If you’re tired of difficult-to-install plugins, you’re going to love WP Media Folder.

After downloading the plugin from the website and installing it on your WordPress site, you’ll be led to a convenient configuration wizard that takes care of the rest.

1. Environment Check

To begin, the wizard performs a check of your server environment to ensure that you have the necessary technical infrastructure in place to support the plugin.

Let’s face it; there’s nothing more infuriating than configuring everything only to discover that your PHP is out of date and nothing will work properly, so this is an excellent place to start.

Following that, you’ll be prompted to opt-in to both the core and additional capabilities of WP Media Folder. While the ability to override and duplicate files is certainly useful, we prefer the first two of these options.

By switching to front-end mode, you may use the plugin in conjunction with popular front-end page builders such as Visual Composer and Elementor, allowing you to design responsive WordPress sites with no technical expertise.

Meanwhile, the option to integrate videos from third-party sources such as YouTube means that you may continue to reap the benefits of video content sharing on your site without jeopardizing your site’s performance.

Of course, you could do that anyway, but this streamlines the process and assures that you can always immediately locate previously embedded films if you need to use them again.

After that, if you choose to use the add-on plugins, you can return and install them, and you’re ready to begin utilizing WP Media Folder.

2. Viewing Your Folders

The WP Media Folder interface is comparable to Google Drive in terms of how subfolders are displayed within the UI.

Viewing Your Folders Features

Additionally, it provides a typical file tree on the left-hand side for easy navigation:

3. Managing Your Media Library

One of the most significant changes from the plugin’s previous major update is that it now provides even more choices for sorting and organizing your files and folders.

WordPress Media Library Sorting & Filtering

Along with the option to add new material from your hard drive or to use a third-party movie, you have additional options, including the following:

  • Bulk Select

While this functionality was included in the previous version of WP Media Folder, it is still so handy that it is worth noting again. Bulk select enables you to easily select several images at once and either delete them permanently or move them to a new folder.

  • Filtering

If you truly have a large number of media files to manage, Filtering is the first of two options that will assist you in finding precisely what you’re searching for by allowing you to drill down to just see specific sorts of material or content submitted on a specific date.

You can even filter the results to display only photographs with a specified file size, which is extremely beneficial if you’re wanting to clear up server space and enhance your site’s performance.

  • Sorting

If filtering out does not help you locate what you’re looking for, the Sorting Option allows you to organize folders or individual files by name, date, size, or file type.

4. Creating A Folder

To create a folder, simply click the Add New Folder button, type a name for it, and you’re done:

Creating A Folder Features

  • Visually Organizing Folders

To further organize visually, you can right-click on a folder and select a custom color: Additionally, if you want to take things a step further, you may add a custom folder cover.

  • Moving Files Between Folders

To transfer a single file across directories, simply grab it and drag it to the desired location:

Similarly, you may drag and drop folders within other folders to add another layer of organizing. Additionally, if you change a single file, you can make it appear in numerous folders.

5. Adding Images to Posts

Thus far, everything has been quite easy, but now it’s time to begin utilizing your plugin to add content to your articles. If you’re using the conventional Gutenberg block editor and wish to add an image, you can do so in the same way that you normally would.

If you’re uploading a new image, you can opt to organize it right into a folder, or if you’re looking for an image you already have, you can simply visit your media library to view the same interface we just saw, giving you the ability to swiftly browse directories to get the exact image you need.

Nevertheless, this is not all, as WP Media Folder also provides three further options:

  • Basic Image Gallery

The first of these options enables you to construct a simple image gallery utilizing the contents of your folders. After selecting the option in the blocks menu, you can either upload photographs to a new folder or select an existing folder to convert into a simple image gallery.

If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward approach to creating a gallery, this is the way to go, but there’s more.

  • Adding gallery functionality to WPMF

Using the WPMF Gallery Addon may be exactly what you need if you still need a gallery, but you want it to be more complex. Add a new gallery by selecting this from the block menu.

This allows you greater control over not just the images you utilize, but also their display, whether they appear in a grid or in a “flow slide” effect, among other possibilities.

  • Embed PDF

One of the things that truly distinguishes this plugin from the countless others available is that it goes beyond simply being a behind-the-scenes media manager and actually adds a slew of benefits to the way media is displayed and presented.

The photo galleries mentioned previously are one example; another is the Embed PDF option.

Embed PDF

This feature, which is included with the add-on, enables you to select a PDF from your media library and show it directly in your posts and pages, rather than connecting to it as a downloadable file. As you may imagine, this improves your site’s usability and makes it much easier for users to access critical PDF documents.

6. Page Builder and Third-Party Tool Integrations

Additionally, this plugin connects with 12 different page builders and third-party technologies such as WooCommerce. The complete list of compatible tools is as follows:

  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor
  • DIVI Builder
  • Gutenberg
  • ACF
  • Beaver Builder
  • Visual Composer (WPBakery)
  • WPML Translation Tool
  • Site Origin
  • NextGEN Gallery
  • Polylang multilingual tool
  • Composer

You don’t need to do anything else to use this. You can use the Gutenberg plugin in Elementor with the same ease that you did in the Gutenberg example. 

7. Cloud Support

Earlier versions of WP Media Folders supported just Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive connections. Since then, the plugin’s creators have expanded cloud functionality to cover the following:

  • Google Images
  • OneDrive Enterprise
  • AWS stands for Amazon Web Services.

This implies that you may store all of your photographs in one of these accounts and use the plugin to display them on your site, another useful feature that can significantly improve your site’s performance by removing the need to store large amounts of media material on your WordPress server.

Key Features Of WP Media Folder:

Along with the features mentioned previously, the plugin additionally includes the following:

WP Media Folder Features - WP Media Folder Review

  • Enhance your photographs with watermarks
  • Load animated gif files
  • Utilize shortcodes to create galleries (AddOn feature only)
  • Options for social sharing inside your image galleries
  • Sidebar that can be resized (so that you can customize the interface more to your liking)
  • The context menu is intelligent.

Conclusion: WP Media Folder Review 2024

WP Media Folder has long been a top-notch plugin, owing to its extremely simple interface, advanced filtering and sorting capabilities, and general ability to provide you with greater control over your media files.

However, during the course of the plugin’s most recent releases, it has continued to establish itself as one of the greatest media management solutions available.

Not only does it integrate seamlessly with your preferred page builder, but it currently supports no fewer than six cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Google Photos.

Additionally, the gallery features are unmatched, and we love that there are now six distinct “gallery layouts” to allow you to pick how to present your photographs.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to organize the media on your WordPress site, you may want to check out WP Media Folder.

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