List Of Best Free WordPress Plugins: Your Key To Success in 2024

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WordPress is a powerful CMS that allows you to build websites with custom content and functionality. It’s easy to get started, but where do you go from there?

If you’re looking for additional functionality or just want some cool widgets on your site, plugins are the way to go! Check out this list of best free WordPress plugins for bloggers and website owners. 

A plugin can make all the difference in how your website looks and performs. But not every free plugin is worth downloading – here are some of the best free WordPress plugins available today.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP – This simple plugin shows your traffic stats right inside of your dashboard. 

One of the best ways to increase your blog’s popularity is by using WordPress plugins. These free tools can help you do everything from increasing social media sharing and improving SEO, to adding a custom contact form and protecting against comment spam.

In this post we’ll highlight some of the very best free WordPress plugins available today, including our top picks for each category listed. 

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List of Best Free WordPress Plugins-

You may have heard of free plugins before, which come with every WordPress installation. However, many of them are not very useful and you will hardly use them. In this article I am going to tell about a list of best free plugins that can really make a difference in your website design and functionality

TablePress Plugin:

TablePress Plugin

The plugin gets the data from a table on a page and displays it as a professional-looking table.

Shortcode Embeds:

The free WordPress plugin adds support for shortcodes to embed videos from various sources such as Vimeo, YouTube,, DailyMotion and Kickstarter. This makes it extremely easy to add videos to your WordPress posts or pages.



This plugin lets you create a page navigation menu at the bottom of your WordPress posts.

It allows you to display links to pages on the same website, post categories or custom links that point to any URL. You can enable pagination (load more links), specify how many links to show per page and customize the output.


Shortcake is an easy to use, lightweight plugin that allows you to display content in a widget or sidebar with ease. It offers a drag-&-drop interface for adding content blocks, built-in SEO features and responsive layout support.

Jetpack by

Free WordPress Plugins - Jetpack by

Jetpack is the most popular WordPress plugin at the moment. It offers many features that make WordPress more powerful and easier to use, including contact forms, related content widgets, infinite scroll functionality and social media share buttons.

Contact Form 7:

Free WordPress Plugins - Contact Form 7

The Contact Form 7 plugin lets you add simple contact forms to your WordPress site with ease. You can create separate forms for different pages or categories, customize the form and choose from a number of free templates. It supports CAPTCHA and Akismet spam protection.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin:

WPtouch is a simple plugin that lets you create an iPhone-like mobile theme for your WordPress site. It also offers support for touchscreen devices such as BlackBerry smartphones or Android handsets like the HTC Desire.


This plugin lets you create polls and surveys for your WordPress site. You can choose from a number of display styles, specify questions and answers, set time limits and use various options to customize the output.

It has built-in support for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ one click voting and gravatars.

Slider Revolution:

Slider Revolution is a popular plugin that lets you create and customize attractive slideshows for your WordPress site. It integrates with the most popular slider themes and allows you to easily build responsive slideshows with captions, bullets and full-width content sections.

You can also choose from various animation effects and customize the height and height properties of slideshows.

WordPress Popular Posts:

Free WordPress Plugins - WordPress Popular Posts

This plugin allows you to display most popular posts and/or pages on your site with attractive and customizable widgets. It is lightweight and has a number of options that allow you to customize the output.

You can also use it for online magazines or newspapers, tag clouds, portfolios and other types of sites where you want to display the most popular content.

Spam comments protection-

Recently, there is an ongoing spam wave in the Romanian forums. The same spam message with different usernames are continuously posted into each topic that is created.

Spam protection code for WordPress was written to close this gap. There are several simple rules that can be configured and they come in no particular order, so you don’t need to worry about performance.

The following rules are available:

– The character number limit is based on length of username, not post content  (e.g.: with shorter username length you can have more words in your topic title). The user must have minimum 1 letter in their username, so they cannot write their login as “a” or.

– The spammer can have a username that’s not registered at all – the limit applies only to users with existing accounts  (e.g.: spammers can use their own website or blog as usernames, where they have an account).

– You can add your own words that must be present in the username to be checked. This is a good way to let users register usernames that don’t involve any spamming keywords.

– The topic title must have at least 1 of the words added by you.

Caching Plugins-

Caching plugins are not evil. As much as webmasters or developers would like to think so, caching is simply the act of reusing something that has already been created.

Caching can take many forms, whether it be in memory (RAM) for an object in a certain period in time, or in the form of static files that only serve to reduce the time it takes to serve content.

In the case of WordPress, this is a plugin that serves static HTML files (or sometimes CSS or JavaScript) to reduce load time on repeat visitors. The goal of these plugins is to reduce bandwidth and processing time on both the server and the end-user’s computer.

Caching Plugins themselves are not evil. However, they can be used in an evil way – and that’s the part we need to be aware of. Specifically, there are two main uses for caching plugins:

1) Caching entire pages (saving HTML files as static files to serve to visitors instead of dynamically creating them from WordPress each time they’re requested).

2) Caching queries (storing commonly queried information outside of the WordPress database in an external cache).

I’m not going to go too much into detail about caching in general, but I will explain why these two caching plugins are dangerous. NOTE: These plugins are useful when used properly, but can be abused when used improperly. The code for both caching plugins is well-written and open source, so this is not a case of blaming the developer and saying “it’s their fault.” This is simply a case of pointing out that WordPress can be used to do bad things if it’s in the wrong hands.

2.1) Caching Entire Pages with Static HTML Files

One very popular caching plugin is WP Super Cache , which creates static HTML files from WordPress pages and serves them to visitors instead of dynamically creating the page from WordPress every time it’s requested.

This is a great plugin if you have a site with lots of traffic, but not a lot of content changes. However, there are some issues that can come up when this plugin is installed on a server that has a large amount of plugins, a lot of traffic, or both.

When WP Super Cache creates static HTML files from pages to be served to visitors, it does so by default in the .html extension. Now, there are other plugins out there that can cause issues with this behavior – specifically, JetPack by and Contact Form 7 .

Both of these plugins allow for the saving of pages in .html format, essentially overwriting WP Super Cache’s static HTML files and potentially causing an issue when trying to access your content.

Quick Back-up WordPress Plugin-

Quick Back-up WordPress Plugin is a plugin that allows you to process your website with backup on schedule. This application will ease you on releasing new content on the website by keeping the old one on scheduled time. The more often you do, the better!

The application also has an option on what type of content that must be backed up; it can be on blog posts, on categories, or on the whole website.

This tool is really helpful to everyone who has a website because it allows you to schedule your backup without even doing anything.

The installation of this plugin is so simple; all you need to do is activate it in your website and the application will automatically process the scheduled time while you still do your business on the internet.

Quick Back-up WordPress Plugin is one of the most outstanding plugins this year because it is manually operated which makes it easy for people who have no expertise in managing a website to manage their own.

So, if you want to add a new function to your website then it is worth trying this application.

This plugin has been downloaded by 2 thousand people and all of them said that this is quite useful for them and they will recommend this kind of application to their friend in the future.

Social Network Plugin-

The Social Network Plugin, or SNAP for short, was not only the first plugin to be added to Minecraft, but also one of the smallest. It allows you to connect with other players near you.

When you install SNAP, a GUI screen will open up. In the bottom-left corner is a map. This shows all players near you, represented by their username when they have authenticated with SNAP. You can click on a player in order to chat with them or right-click for additional options.

SNAP – Plugin for WordPress

In order to authenticate yourself, you have to enter a shared secret. You can choose a random secret, or you can refer back to the plugin developer’s website and find out what the secret for this server is. There is a link below in the references section.

Affiliate Related plugin-

This plugin allows you to use affiliate links and banners on your blog.

The affiliate links and banners will be automatically parsed from the feeds, so if an article contains an affiliate link it will be automatically checked and validated. The lists used for this feature can be configured into your WordPress administration panel, just like the list of fake tags we had before.

If you are not familiar with Affiliate programs, or if you don’t have an affiliate program available for your site – this plugin will be useless to you.

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Conclusion- Free WordPress Plugins 2024 

With all the free WordPress plugins available, you can’t go wrong. You might even be able to find a plugin that does everything for your blog and website needs! But if not, we hope our list of best free WordPress plugins has helped you narrow down which ones are worth it.

If not, ask our team about what other solutions there may be to help bring your blog or website success stories into reality. We have years of experience in helping businesses grow their online presence with custom websites and blogs that get results every time.

Blogs are an excellent way to get your message out there. With so many WordPress plugins on the market today, it can be hard to know which ones are worth investing in and which will just take up space or slow down your site.

We’ve done all of the work for you by compiling a list of our best free WordPress plugins that will help make blogging easier, simpler, and more effective than ever before! Check them out below and see if any strike your fancy.

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