6 Best FREE Instagram Scheduler Tools in June 2022

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6 Best FREE Instagram Scheduler Tools in June 2022: You probably don’t have much time to devote to uploading content or considering future uploads if you’re someone who is really busy trying to establish their brand’s name online.

6 Best FREE Instagram Scheduler Tools
6 Best FREE Instagram Scheduler Tools

If you produce a lot of material for your brand at once and decide to spread it out over the following few months, you will need a technique to post it automatically so that you may forget about it while still doing it at the appropriate time when the appropriate audience is online.

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6 Best FREE Instagram Scheduler Tools: The Reason Why Publishing Tools Are Growing

Because of this, only 5% of the accounts publish more than seven times every week. Thankfully, Instagram revised its API and now permits companies to automatically publish content to Instagram through authorized partners. Your Instagram business account does not require manual posting. Just the right solution will do.

The greatest Instagram scheduling solutions that support direct publishing to Instagram will be demonstrated in this article, It will help you save a ton of time. You can prepare your content in advance and have Instagram automatically post it. Let us take a look at the list of solutions:

Sked Social

To get the most out of your Instagram marketing, you need Sked Social (formerly known as Schedugram), an all-in-one time-saving tool with potent capabilities. From planning through automatic publishing, monitoring post-performance, and calculating ROI.

Create a bulk Instagram upload. Add text, a filter, stickers, or overlays to your photos using the app’s built-in photo editor. With Sked, you can schedule your posts and choose the best times to publish them. Everything will be posted automatically, including Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, carousels, and videos.

The good news is that you can now schedule content for IGTV and Reels with posts for all of your other social media platforms on Sked Social, which is currently the only such platform.


Flick is the best in the business when it comes to a free Instagram scheduler tool because they can help you modify your hashtag strategy in addition to scheduling your posts for a later time.

If you aren’t going to ensure that your hashtags are appropriate as well, posting high-quality content is pointless.

Flick can assist you with this. They can assist you in managing and analysing your hashtag strategy so that, once you have chosen the appropriate ones, you can also store a few for later and make sure you are always changing up your hashtag strategy, which will optimise your content for success.

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If you want to check out a free Instagram scheduling tool and want to be able to make Instagram posts that people will want to revisit frequently, SocialPilot is a fantastic choice.

They claim to offer every feature you could possibly need in order to achieve your social media marketing objectives, and one of the best things about their features is that they are really affordable.

There is hardly anything you can’t accomplish with these folks when it comes to your Instagram account because they provide deep data, potent posting capabilities, and seamless collaboration. Right away, you can start your free trial and get to know them.


One of the handful few official Instagram partners that is completely safe to utilise is PLANOLY. You can plan, curate, schedule, and post automatically on Instagram with the aid of Planoly (no notifications required).

It provides cutting-edge Instagram features and integrations as an official Instagram partner to streamline your Instagram marketing for optimal growth in the safest and simplest way.

You can be sure that your account is optimised for Instagram with Planoly, and that it complies with all of the most recent Instagram best practises.

Planoly’s main attributes are:

  • Drag and drop your content until you are happy with the appearance.
  • Plan posts in advance; automatically submit images and videos
  • Product tagging, location tagging, auto-posting the initial comment, and comment inbox control a number of Instagram accounts
  • Find pertinent content using hashtags or usernames
  • Easily repost user-generated content
  • Analyze the interaction with your posts, audience, and stories.
  • Create a lovely micro-landing page using Linkit and add several links to it.

Hopper HQ

The easiest and most effective tool for scheduling my Instagram posts is Hopper HQ. Without assistance, I would not have reached over 8,000 Instagram followers today. The key is automation. Time lost can never be gained back. If you let it, Instagram can eat up all of your free time.

It takes about two to three hours each day to plan your feed, write and edit your posts in bulk, work with your team, monitor your analytics, schedule, and auto-publish content to Instagram without using your phone.

That equates to 800 hours a year spent not concentrating on increasing revenue for your company. (About $1,500 per year at the minimum hourly pay) When compared to other Free scheduling applications, Hopper HQ’s premium features are unmatched.

Unusual feature: post carousels to Instagram automatically at the time you specify!


Small businesses, big enterprises, and independent contractors can all benefit from using Tailwind, a free Instagram scheduler service. You can try out their features for free before paying the affordable price of $9.99 per profile every month.

With their nine-grid preview, you can see what your feed might look like. Both your computer and your phone can use their features. With Tailwind, you can drag and drop your Instagram stores and posts automatically while keeping an eye on current trends.

They also provide their clients with an intelligent timetable, allowing you to choose when to post based on the availability of your audience. You can also benefit from their hashtag finder, which will assist you in determining the appropriate hashtags for your posts.

Editor’s Note: Takeaway on 6 Best FREE Instagram Scheduler Tools

Here are the top 6 scheduling apps for Instagram to help you save time and increase your online presence. Each tool has a unique set of features and interfaces. Take some time to test the platform on which you feel most at ease. And keep using the one that best serves the requirements of your social marketing plan.

You’ll be well on your way to putting your Instagram plan into action. Want to know more about how YOU can succeed on Instagram? Visit harshgogia.com for more details.

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