Top 5 Best and Free Tools to Check Domain Authority (June 2022)

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Top 5 Best and Free Tools to Check Domain Authority: In the SEO sector, the metric known as Domain Authority (DA) is a helpful heuristic. Simply said, it offers information about the likelihood that a site will rank for particular keywords depending on the SEO authority it possesses. We can generate these helpful scores using a variety of tools.

Top 5 Best and Free Tools to Check Domain Authority
Top 5 Best and Free Tools to Check Domain Authority

The best and most simple approaches to determine a site’s SEO equity are compiled here. The allure of a statistic like Domain Authority is obvious in a frequently opaque sector with little insights into how Google’s organic search algorithms actually function. Similar to the now-defunct PageRank toolbar, it offers a glance into the SEO “strength” of a website.

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Facts on Top 5 Best and Free Tools to Check Domain Authority

Do you know the precise SEO metrics Google uses to determine rankings? I don’t believe the public will ever get the answer to this enigma. To determine the ranking, which changes over time, Google considers hundreds of ranking factors.

And since the development of RankBrain, everything has been mechanised and decided by computers. There are a few general criteria we use frequently, even if we can’t recall all the ranking factors to estimate how difficult it will be to outrank a website. These indicators provide us a good picture of the competitiveness and authority, even though they are not entirely accurate.

How does Domain Authority work with Top 5 Best and Free Tools to Check Domain Authority:

The well-known SaaS startup Moz created the DA metric in an effort to forecast the quality of a domain and how it will perform in search results. Each domain receives a DA score, which is a search engine ranking number that varies from 1 to 100.

A domain with DA near 1 is thought to be weak, whereas a domain with DA near 100 is thought to be extremely strong. As you might have anticipated, a new domain will begin with DA 1 and progressively increase.

Top 5 Best and Free Tools to Check Domain Authority HAs Several elements that influence the Domain Authority score, including:

  • Root Domain Linking
  • Sum of Backlinks
  • Backlinks’ Subtype (dofollow and nofollow)
  • Linking Domain Authority, etc.

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What is MozRank?

You’ll see a third score called MozRank in addition to the DA and PA scores that are calculated using these tools. A statistic used to determine the quality of external links going to a page is called MozRank. Here, quality over number in the linking domain is more crucial.

On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest, a domain’s average MozRank is 3. The next question is: How do you determine Domain Authority? The top free domain authority checking tools are given below.

MOZ Link Explorer

To verify the DA and PA score in the past, utilise Moz’s Open Site Explorer (OSE) tool. However, MOZ ceased updating its index and introduced Link Explorer, a new, enhanced version.

The new technique, according to Rand Fishkin, is more precise, updated every day, and computes the scores using a larger index. The best and only tool without ads to verify domain authority is Link Explorer. Additionally, since it is official, you may be confident that the score is accurate.

In addition to DA and PA, link explorer displays:

  • total amount of domains linked to it
  • Inbound connections
  • order of keywords
  • lost and gained backlinks
  • Spam rating
  • Use of anchor text and backlink types

Additionally, there is a monthly cap of 10 queries for free users. By utilising MozBar, a free Chrome extension that lets you monitor DA ratings on the go, you can get around this restriction.


Ahrefs is a helpful resource for SEOs looking to evaluate the SEO performance of your site because it has an index of over 12 trillion links and information on 200 million root domains.

Within the context of this article, URL Rating (UR) and Domain Rating are the two important metrics (DR). At least in terms of their intended use, we can compare these Ahrefs metrics to Page Authority and Domain Authority, respectively.

According to Ahrefs, this second metric is “a proprietary indicator that shows the strength of a target website’s overall backlink profile (in terms of its quantity and quality).” It is possible to compare Ahrefs with Moz if we go back to our original points for thought:

  • Index width
  • Index crawling frequency
  • Actual links
  • Correlation to the ranks in question

In order to increase the quantity, calibre, and freshness of their link data, Moz and Ahrefs have both made major investments. Some SEOs prefer one over the other, and their results can occasionally differ greatly.

People that like Ahrefs frequently do so due to the index’s recentness and DR’s correlation with actual ranks. For those who pay the monthly fee to access its data, Ahrefs offers a very helpful sanity check for the domain strength numbers observed elsewhere.

The HOTH’s Domain Authority Checker

If you’ve been researching SEO-related products or learning about it online, you’ve probably heard about “The HOTH”—a well-known reseller of SEO services. Bulk MOZ DA Checker is one of the helpful free tools they have produced along with SEO services.

The tools have a 25 URL limit per check, and before the result is displayed, you must enter your email and successfully pass a Google captcha.

Consequently, you get to witness:

Moz Rank External Links, DA, and PA

Even if there are no obvious advertisements and a seamless user experience, asking for email is not required. Additionally, despite never asking, my email was added to their Training + Bonus list once I sent it.

Bulk DA Checker

Bulk DA Checker, the final tool on our list of the top Domain Authority checkers, was created with this goal in mind.

It’s a simple programme that can examine up to 10 domains simultaneously and export results as an excel sheet. Although there aren’t many Google banner ads on the page, it has a great user interface.

The outcomes provide you:

  • DA and PA ratings
  • External links referring to the URL, according to Moz

Additionally, the speed is good, and you may check repeatedly without having to enter your email or complete a captcha.


Because of the thoroughness of its backlink data, Majestic is touted as “The planet’s largest link index database” and it continues to be a reliable part of any SEO toolkit.

By providing two index alternatives (Fresh and Historic), it also gives marketers access to various perspectives on the performance of their domain. Similar to Moz and Ahrefs, Majestic bases its evaluation of a site’s strength nearly entirely on the calibre and quantity of inbound links.

Majestic will search through the billions of URLs it has crawled over the last five years if you choose the Historic Index, but the Fresh Index is updated many times daily.

Additionally, Majestic has a useful toolbar that displays domain metrics while a user is viewing a website. It would be impossible to compare Majestic and Moz or Majestic and Ahrefs on an apples-to-apples basis in terms of the effectiveness of their domain authority rankings, but doing so would also be to miss the point.

When combined, these technologies create a more complete picture because they are all designed to perform as closely as possible to Google.

Editor’s Ending Note On Top 5 Best and Free Tools To Check Domain Authority:

Search marketers are properly looking to Domain Authority to gauge their SEO potential given the continuing significance of backlinks as well as the potential of unlinked mentions to increase performance.

Higher scores, from whichever domain metrics one chooses to monitor, should be seen as a natural by-product of a strategy that satisfies the needs of the modern consumer. The fundamental components of a successful, customer-centric strategy remain the same as they always have been.

What one statistic do you think is most crucial when conducting a competition analysis? Is it DA or something different? We’d be delighted to hear from you personally.

Please share this article and comment below if you liked reading it. Also, if you are aware of a superior tool that ought to be on the list but isn’t, please recommend it to me.

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