AdPeriscope Review 2024: Unlock The Secrets Of Profitable Adult Ad Campaigns

Adperiscope Review


AdPeriscope is a tool that lets you unlock the secrets of profitable Adult Advertising Campaigns by Spying on Your Competition. The tool comes with some of the top features.

Out of 10


  • Advanced Search
  • Multiple Sorting Options
  • Easy To Use
  • Download And Deploy Tool
  • Good Customer Support


  • Pricing is bit high


Price: $ 89.99

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Do you run Adult Ad campaigns frequently?

If the answer is yes, you are already aware of how challenging lead generation is. You spend countless hours looking for the ideal advertising strategy. And in the end, you choose the incorrect one to run.

These are a few of the problems that we have all encountered.

By spying on your competitors, you can minimize the chances associated with running advertising campaigns.

Today, I’ll share my thorough review of AdPeriscope so you can better understand it and decide if this tool is worth trying or not.

So without spending too much time, let’s get to the point:

Best Adperiscope Alternative – Adplexity

The best alternative to AdPeriscope is Adplexity as it has more features and is simpler to use. With Adplexity, you can monitor the effectiveness of your ads in real-time and determine which ones are impactful.

Adplexity Reviews

You can also design unique reports to assist in campaign optimization.

Additionally, Adplexity has a built-in fraud detection system that can assist you in preventing the loss of money from phony clicks.

Adplexity is a more effective tool overall for managing your Facebook ad campaigns.

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Adperiscope Review 2024: Best Platform For Adult Ad Campaigns?

In simple words, AdPeriscope is a tool that lets you unlock the secrets of profitable Adult Advertising Campaigns by Spying on Your Competition.

The tool comes with some of the top features. Like it lets you access all the major adult ad networks. Plus it offers you more data compared to any other tool in the market.

AdPeriscope Review

It also allows you to crush the competition with access to the largest banner inventory.

With this many available ad banners, you can easily take your ad campaigns to the next level and generate more leads. You will also be able to find the hidden campaigns that run on more than 150 mobile carriers.

What’s more? You will be able to download any landing page and deploy it on your server very quickly. As well as you will be able to keep an eye on your competitors.

However, to make you understand in a better way, let me talk about the top features that AdPeriscope is offering.

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Top 11 Best Features of AdPeriscope:

Here are the best features of AdPeriscope that make it a great platform:

1. Myriads of Filters:

There are quite a lot of filters are exist on this platform.

Like you will be able to filter your data by ad network, country, mobile carrier, device type, language, third-party trackers, and so on. All the process is straightforward and efficient.

2. Multiple Sorting Options:

You will also be able to sort your data by different options. These options are the duration, ad strength, date-seen & Alexa rank of the landing page.

3. Simple Search:

You can search banners and ads by keywords. AdPeriscope can scan all the banners for text, and then it searches the banner ads for you.

4. Advanced Search:

It also comes with an advanced search option. You can use the advanced boolean query builder for even more precise searching capabilities.

AdPeriscope Make Your Adult Ad Campaigns Massively Profitable

5. A Complete List Of Publishers:

The best part of Adperiscope is that they offer you a complete list of publishers.

They have more than tens of tens of thousands of publisher sites and their data. As a result, you will easily be able to know which publishers are giving the highest ROI to the advertisers.

6. Full Set Of Creatives:

You will be able to know all the creatives that an advertiser is currently using and has used in the past for a campaign. So you can easily find the most successful ad creative and get the best ROI possible.

7. Landing Pages Galore:

You will find full-sized screenshots for the landing pages for a given campaign.

8. Targeting Data:

You will easily get to know what an ad campaign used. Like the ad network, device and mobile carriers targeted, publishers, and so on.

9. Download And Deploy Tool:

Did you like a landing page you would like to use?

Then AdPeriscope offers you the best in business landing page ripping tool in the market. As a result, you will easily be able to download, edit, optimize and upload any landing page without any issues.

10. Advanced Alerts:

You better keep an eye on your competition so you can run your campaigns in a better way. And AdPeriscope helps you with that.

11. Some Extra Features:

You will also be able to create your own vault of favorite ads and campaigns.

So you can view them later for detailed analysis. Along with that, it comes with a powerful affiliate filter. So you can easily check affiliate filters from hundreds of affiliate networks easily.

AdPeriscope Review - Features

So these are some of the top features that AdPeriscope is offering.

Apart from these features, the platform also offers you some other features. To know about them, you better give it a try to the platform.

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Final Words: AdPeriscope Review 2024

So that was all for the AdPeriscope. It’s definitely the best tool out there that you can try out for your adult campaigns. However, it is not free. It comes with a price tag of $89.99/MO per user. So make sure to check it out.

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