The Best 8 Proxy Checkers 2024: Why Should You Use Them?

Buying a proxy server is a quick process, usually taking just a few minutes. However, it’s important not to rush into making changes to your settings immediately after acquiring a new IP address.

I always recommend verifying its functionality. But why is it necessary to check proxies, and how can you go about doing it? Let me explain the details below and also give you the list of my best 8 proxy checkers. 

What is a Proxy Checkers?

Why do I not MISS checking your proxy? Below are mentioned some of the important to compel you also to do the same: 

Firstly, your proxy may be invalid, especially if it’s free or cheap. If you’re unsure about your provider, using an online proxy checker can prevent data leakage.

It’s crucial to test proxies for their working capacity. Over time, any proxy server can become invalid as databases lose addresses. A good checker tool lets you know instantly if you need to contact your provider for a refund or an alternative address.

Another reason to check proxies is to ensure they have the right speed. Instead of realizing your pages are downloading too slowly after a few days, you can check it right away with a proxy checker tool.

Many marketers use proxies for tasks like web scraping, which requires a large set of proxies. If one proxy fails to operate correctly, it can ruin the whole campaign. A checker tool can help you understand if your server can give you access to a particular website.

Checking proxies also helps identify blacklisted addresses if your IP address is banned from accessing a website.

It could mean someone used your server address for malicious purposes like DDOS attacks or hacking accounts. An IP proxy checker can prevent you from using such an address.

Safety is another important aspect. While using a third-party server offers anonymity, not all gateways are safe. A checker tool can verify if your provider gave you the correct info on the IP you purchased.

List of My Favourite & Trusted Proxy Checkers:-

1. ProxyBros

proxybros overview

The free proxy checker from ProxyBros runs on powerful equipment, allowing it to process large amounts of information quickly.

It can simultaneously verify multiple servers, making it easy to check a large number of IP addresses quickly. The checker has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, so you won’t have trouble finding what you need.

ProxyBros Checker provides detailed data on the proxy servers you test. It checks the availability of the proxy, estimates its speed, determines its geographic location and server type, and even tests the level of anonymity – a feature not commonly found in other checkers.

If some proxies are invalid, ProxyBros will suggest new servers distributed by country.

I love it the most because it has an excellent feature: a built-in result filter. This allows you to easily customize the displayed results by selecting the options that are most important to you.

Additionally, the tool offers two result formats: txt and CSV, making it convenient for data management. You can request all results or only valid ones, depending on your needs.

2. HideMyName

hidemyname overview

HideMyName checker operates on a Freemium basis, offering basic information for free and a premium version for more advanced checks.

The basic check includes parameters like the type of proxy (SOCKS/HTTP/HTTPS), location (country and city), speed, and anonymity level.

In this version, HideMyName can check up to 20 threads and a maximum of 100 proxies at once.

If you opt for the premium version, HideMyName provides an advanced set of web tools.

These include the ability to export test results in .csv format, API access to download proxy lists, checking at 64 threads for faster results, and checking an unlimited number of addresses.

There are three paid plans available: a monthly plan for $5 per month, an annual plan for $2 per month, and a 5-year plan for $1 per month.

The great thing about HideMyName is that you don’t have to compile a proxy list in IP:PORT format beforehand.

Instead, you can add proxies in any format and rely on a smart algorithm. Additionally, HideMyName can recognize proxies using website links – just insert them in the format of http:// or https://.


testmyproxies homepage

TestMyProxies is a quick and straightforward free proxy checker that focuses on private proxies. While it doesn’t provide extensive information about your IP address, it efficiently checks the proxies you input.

Here’s how it works: you enter the proxy address in the format ‘IP:port:user:password’, and within seconds, you receive a result.

Depending on the checker’s assessment, the result is categorized as either ‘Good Proxies’ or ‘Bad Proxies’.

During the test, you’ll see details like the server’s speed, type (HTTP or SOCKS), and location. You can input multiple proxies simultaneously and then export the results. For example, you can gather all the good proxies to create a list in Excel or Word.

Although TestMyProxies does not offer any advanced options, it’s ideal for a fast, free, and intuitive check of basic information for private servers.

It’s important to note that TestMyProxies may incorrectly label a good private proxy as bad if you don’t provide a username and password during the check.

4. Geonode

geonode overview

Geonode proudly boasts itself as ‘the most advanced proxy checker online,’ offering a comprehensive range of parameters for checking proxies.

Unlike some other checkers, Geonode provides detailed information on speed, anonymity, geolocation, and whether your server is suitable for using Google services.

Performing such a thorough check may take some time, especially if you’re testing multiple addresses.

Geonode allows you to test up to 100 gateways simultaneously and provides options to export the results in .json, .text, or .csv formats. Additionally, you can check both public and private addresses using Geonode.

5. PortChecker

port checker homepage

With this anonymous proxy checker, you will find it very basic compared with the previous tool. You’ll use it for one main purpose: to check a single address for anonymity quickly.

It’s incredibly simple: you enter an IP address and port into a field, and you’ll get an almost instant assessment of the anonymity level.

This tool isn’t designed to check multiple addresses or provide any extra features. However, it’s a straightforward service that’s perfect for casual users who are worried about their online safety.

6. ProxyScrape

proxyscrape overview

This one is another simple tool without any advanced options is available to help you determine if your server is functioning or not. The only result you’ll receive from this check is the status of the IP address: either working or dead.

This tool might be handy when you need to test a public free address quickly. IP:PORT:USER:PASS isn’t supported, and private proxies aren’t supported.

Similar to most other checkers, you can download the results in .txt format. However, you won’t receive any further details, making this service very basic and not suitable for comprehensive checks.

7. CheckerProxy

checker proxy homepage

Using Checker Proxy, you can verify the status of a server online in seconds. It can check approximately 1,000 addresses in just 30 seconds and allows you to export the results.

This tool checks various aspects of a proxy, including its type, speed, anonymity level, and location. It also assists in creating convenient lists of working addresses.

Additionally, CheckerProxy offers a list of free working servers and shares data with other users. However, you have the option to opt out of this by ticking a box labeled ‘Do not publish my proxies’.

8. Fogldn TesterFOGLDN proxy tester

Fogldn is one of the best for proxy checking. Do you want to know why? It is really simple to operate. 

First, you download and install the Fogldn software onto your PC or Mac. Next, you input the destination URL into the designated field.

After that, you double-click the Import Proxies button to add the addresses you wish to test. Fogldn is compatible with both public and private options, accepting formats like IP:PORT or IP:PORT:USER:PASS.

Once you’re prepared, double-click the test proxies button. The software displays the speed at which your proxy can connect to a specific website. You can also export the list of working proxies to a text file.


🤔 What do people use a proxy checker for?

A proxy checker is a tool for assessing the effectiveness of proxy servers. It helps users determine the type, anonymity level, speed, and location of proxies they intend to use. What distinguishes a proxy firewall from other types of firewalls? A proxy firewall is the most secure firewall variant, scrutinizing messages at the application layer to safeguard network resources. Unlike traditional firewalls, which cannot decrypt or analyze application protocol traffic, proxy firewalls offer enhanced security measures.

🗯️ Are free proxies a safe choice?

Using free proxies poses significant risks due to various security concerns. Despite offering easy anonymity, these servers can expose users to privacy violations and malware. While the appeal of free proxy servers may be strong, the associated risks are substantial, and some may take time to become apparent.

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Final words

Also, there are many reliable checkers available on the Internet. However, the ones mentioned here are completely safe and effective, as are the ones I use.

It’s not wise to share your username and password with just any testing service you come across, as it could potentially be a scam. For example, some untrustworthy checkers might misuse your IP address for their purposes.

You certainly wouldn’t want to risk getting your address blacklisted. Therefore, it is a good idea to stick to services that are reliable and trustworthy, such as the ones I recommended in this guide.

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