Best Android TV Box For Canada 2024: Which is the best Android TV box?

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My Canadian Android TV box buyer’s guide has been out for a while. This planet has changed in several respects.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see my loved ones up north as frequently as I’d want. The last time I was in Toronto, I was taken aback when she turned on the television.

I was taken aback when she didn’t use the TV DVR I recommended. Sadly, it seems like several of my go-to DVR options have been discontinued.

Because of this, it is the perfect time to look into this again and come up with some fresh ideas. If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you may remember a few of the items on this “best of” list from previous years.

But the Canadian market is unique in its own way. The Android TV boxes I would recommend for the United States aren’t always the best option for Canadians. To kick things off, let me address a common question I get before we enter.

Is it Legal to Own an Android Box in Canada?

As I’ve indicated before, an Android TV box is just a media player powered by Android. There is still skepticism about the legitimacy of Android TV devices, however.

A CBC article from 2016 instantly went viral after its release. It’s true that people are still talking about it. After this article was published, more legal issues surfaced.

First Myth: it’s illegal to sell or use an Android TV box

This is the biggest misconception, and it has the greatest negative effects.

In order to persuade you that Android TVs are illegal due to the content they transmit, major media outlets like cable companies and film studios will try to sway your opinion.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter what kind of computer, video player, TV, or streaming gadget you own; you can always find pirated content.

Both your Android phone and Android box may be used to stream pirated media. Android TV boxes are just like any other Android device, only they’re designed just for your television.

Myth Two: is the widespread belief that doing so is forbidden by law

The confusion started when people started equating streaming services to peer-to-peer file-sharing networks like BitTorrent. The reverse is true, in reality.

Weird things used to happen in torrents; what became of them? Torrents’ widespread adoption is largely owed to The Pirate Bay.

They take a somewhat different tack when it comes to filing sharing than previous P2P networks, although they are functionally similar (Napster or Kazaa).

Torrents allow users to share and download content, such as movies, music, and more. Since this was the case, storing the information on a single server wasn’t necessary.

It was argued that the government lacked legal standing to take action against these companies since they did not keep any of the data themselves. Pirated content downloads remained illegal.

In 2019, media companies started suing consumers for unlawfully downloading material. The media has misunderstood streaming video and categorized it along with older forms of video.

Due to the fact that data is not physically transferred to your device during a streaming session, this practice is theoretically legal. They are being played at this very now, in real-time.

Consumers may argue legally that watching a stream without first downloading it is not illegal since “most streaming video does not truly require downloading a copy of the work,” as one legal expert put it (it only makes a temporary duplicate that cannot be permanently copied).

The major telecoms have filed a high-profile lawsuit against TVaddons, the company behind the largest library of Kodi add-ons. The case’s legal underpinnings were rather flimsy.

Allegedly, the main goal is to keep the experiment running as long as possible, probably until TVaddons runs out of money.

Just what is prohibited by law?

Rogers, Bell, and Videotron sued other Android TV box manufacturers a few years ago for selling “fully loaded” TV boxes.

A “fully loaded” TV box has all the necessary software and add-ons pre-installed, including access to illegal material.

The selling of these TV boxes by those merchants has been deemed by the courts to be motivated in significant part by the intention to assist piracy.

It’s not the same as selling devices on their own to facilitate unlawful downloading or streaming of content. If you want to maintain your good name as a law-abiding person, you should refrain from buying “completely loaded” Android TV sets.

In Canada, what is the best Android TV box to buy?

Upgrade to SkyStream Pro

Ever since SkyStream introduced the first SkyStream One, I’ve been keen to learn more about their next set-top boxes.

After that, SkyStream has grown from a modest manufacturer of inexpensive set-top boxes into a formidable competitor in the burgeoning streaming market.

After three updates, they released the SkyStream Pro 8K media player. You can read my full review at the link above, but in the meanwhile, I’ll briefly explain why I think this is the best Android TV box available in Canada.

Up until this point, SkyStream’s set-top boxes all used a specialized launcher on top of Android. But no matter how brilliantly they performed, they were never able to supplant my Nvidia Shield TV as my preferred media streamer.

On the SkyStream Pro, they opted for Android TV rather than the original version of Android. All the features found on the Shield TV, such as the streamlined UI, simple setup, and Google Assistant, are now available.

When compared to the Shield TV, what makes the SkyStream Pro better? SkyStream’s TV box configurations have consistently ranked among the finest in the business.

Even though they can’t sell “fully loaded” TV boxes anymore, they can sell you the specialist software you need to set up your box whatever you choose.

With the device in its factory state, you may add any programs you choose. With only the touch of a button, the SkyStream Pro can be converted into a media center that supports Kodi and other well-liked streaming software.

In this article, I’ll be discussing not just the SkyStream TV boxes, but also the company’s US-based customer service team and it’s Updater App.

Nvidia TV Shield, Number Two

The Shield TV has been my preferred streaming media player for a long time now.

The Android TV beta program gives you access to the newest and greatest Android TV features before they are made available to the general public on one of the first devices to utilize the official Android TV operating system.

So why have they been demoted to my backup plan? In its current iteration, NVIDIA’s Shield TV prioritizes streaming media above video games (which is a good thing). This led to the remote controller being heavier.

It’s now the size of a regular television remote. Previously, a flat remote “influenced” by Apple was used, but now a new remote with a more traditional triangle shape is used.

NVIDIA SHIELD ANDROID TV - Best Android TV Box For Canada

Weirdly, it’s still comfortable, but I find myself using the original TV remote more and more. They made changes as well, such that it no longer had the traditional wedge shape.

A small cylinder, the Shield TV is now scarcely bigger than the new controller. The good news is that the price drop applies worldwide, including in Canada. But the price tag isn’t zero.

The previous 3GB of RAM and storage space have been lowered to 2GB. A decrease from the previous number of 16GB to 8GB has also been made in the storage capacity.

I’ve previously said that streaming has surpassed gaming in popularity. Netflix in 4K resolution is still feasible given the minimum machine requirements.

If the video is Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision HDR-compatible, you may still get those effects. The new NVIDIA Shield TV, which runs on the official Android TV platform, is a great option for a no-frills streaming player.

Furthermore, the recently reduced price makes it a very competitive option in northern regions.

Third, the Beelink GT-King

If you insist on staying with the tried-and-true Android ecosystem, the Beelink GT-King is a solid choice. This is the most horrific thing anybody has ever made.

It’s an impressive gadget, with 64GB of storage capacity (twice as much as the SkyStream Pro) and 4GB of RAM (double what the Nvidia Shield TV has).

And its cutting-edge Amlogic S922X CPU is just one more impressive feature (CPU). Minix U22-XJ, which I’ll get to in a moment, is one of the most cutting-edge Android TV boxes that include it.

Beelink GT-King - Best Android TV Box For Canada

Beelink has always been one of my top recommendations for budget Android TV devices. Their television set-top boxes provide no further functionality.

These tools excel in every manner possible. The enhanced features, however, will cost you extra money. Because of this, they are only ranked third.

If you don’t absolutely need a TV box that can run the original version of Android, go with one of the other two.

A Few Android Set-Top Boxes That I Would Not Suggest to a Canadian.

Moreover, I have updated my list of pointless Android media players and TV boxes to reflect the current market situation in Canada.

Low-quality TV set-top boxes

No, obviously, since I don’t promote standard Android TV sets. Sales are often handled by a third party that has no connection to the TV box’s maker.

It’s not easy to receive firmware updates, and getting support after the purchase is worse. Avoid them at all costs!

Minix Neo U22-XJ

If you want to tinker with your gear to obtain the greatest possible image quality, the U22-XJ is a great choice among set-top boxes.

Problem is, things become ridiculous when you factor in the market exchange rate. The Minix U22-XJ may be purchased for about $220 CAD (almost $170 USD).

Fast conversion to Canadian dollars yields $250. The cheapest Amazon Fire TV stick is the same price as the Nvidia Shield TV.

Thirdly, Amazon Fire TV Sticks

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership and just need a simple streaming device for a second (or third) TV, the 4K Fire TV stick should be more than sufficient.

If you want to use a streaming device exclusively, though, the Fire TV Cube is the way to go.

Since it has twice as much memory and storage, you won’t have to delete as much in order to make room. I’ve put together some thoughts on the Fire TV Cube if you’re curious.

Where Can I Buy an Android TV Box in Canada?

Finding the best Android TV box is like trying to find cheap housing in Canada. If you’re looking for a new Android TV box, I wouldn’t recommend starting your search there.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing items directly from factories. Many companies, despite the fluctuating value of the dollar, maintain their prices.

Android TV box specialists like GeekBuying and GearBest are good places to start if you’re looking for an alternative. Since they ship directly from China, expect delivery to take at least a week.

However, if you don’t need your purchase immediately, you may find better prices there than on Amazon.

Be wary of buying a TV box from a temporary location like a county fair, flea market, or similar event. If an Android TV box advertises “free TV,” it’s best to avoid buying it.

A lot of these box sellers seem to be motivated solely by financial gain. After making a purchase, it can be difficult to get in touch with the company, and customer service is often nonexistent.

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Conclusion: Best Android TV Box For Canada 2024

If only it were easier to track down an Android TV box in Canada. You not only have to deal with the high shipping costs, but also the terrible currency exchange rates.

That could render an otherwise logical arrangement illogical. The good news is that streaming has survived the many shifts of the past few years and continues to thrive (and is still legal).

Despite the obstacles, a Canadian-friendly Android TV box may be on the horizon. Use this as a springboard for further research into the topics covered here.


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