Top 4 Best Jungle Scout Alternatives 2024– Choose The Best Tool For Amazon FBA

Wondering what are some best Jungle Scout alternatives?

Jungle Scout’s Amazonian application framework is a convenient dashboard that lets you identify winning goods, sales strategies, and research keywords, and focus on adversaries.

Basically, it tells you immediately which products can help you develop your company more profitably and easily. In 2014, the year marking the division between Amazon’s “Dark Ages” and the new “Renaissance,” it was created by Greg Mercer.

Amazon geese like me had to manual process research throughout these times by digitizing for products, analyzing competitors, and building libraries with the small amounts of information we have access to. But apart from trying to compete for land or even meals with huge snakes.

Top 4 Best Jungle Scout Alternatives 2024: 

Here are the best alternatives to Jungle Scout that you must consider:

1. Unicorn Smasher

unicorn smasher review- Jungle Scout Alternatives


Unicorn Smasher is indeed a product of AMZtracker, which was established in 2015. It’s a great tool for searching and analyzing Amazon goods.

It assists you in finding the ideal product or enhancing your price determinants. By dividing the objects into different categories, it makes item selection extremely easy.

It has supported a vast number of clients all over the world in becoming outstanding online retailers and increasing their online businesses.

The chrome extension becomes incredibly user friendly and provides the most useful product information.

Why is the Unicorn smasher the best alternative to jungle scouts?

  • Unicorn Smasher also offers accuracy for a few of the available categories of objects. Unicorn Smasher can also catch minor spelling mistakes.
  • Since Unicorn Smasher is a service of AMZtracker, the AMZtracker support team also offers customer service.
  • The response time for raising a question at the customer service desk is long, and several questions go unanswered.
  • Unicorn Smasher is only available in two nations: the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • While it has been mentioned as a Unicorn Smasher is available in various countries, when you search in different countries, a pop-up stating “coming soon” appears.


  • Detailed Information: It provides you with all of the information necessary to make every product the best it can be and encourages you to develop its key features. It also displays competitor analysis, product reviews, and other material.
  • Variation Management: Each part looks at all of the item variations and sees which one is outperforming the others.
  • Opportunity Score: These aspects allow you to review the entire Amazon Market & select the right item for you.
  • Discrete Sharing Tool: This helps you to advertise your product without disclosing any of the details, such as the terms or niche.


  • It would include a comprehensive list of essential information, including cost, market score, ranking, or customer reviews.
  • It comes both in a free or a premium edition.
  • Within the dashboard, users can conveniently manage all of these search results for later use.


  • In comparison to rivals, it has better components.
  • This is only capable of displaying data. It does not provide any assistance to its clients.
  • It merely estimates income and sales for both the marketing systems of the United Kingdom and the United States. 

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2. AMZ Tracker

amztracker review


Although the app was a little difficult to be using, its Amazon Review Club, a platform that allows vendors to directly give discounts to Amazon customers in return for a review, was by far the most effective way to introduce a new Amazon product and gain feedback.

It had tens of billions of shoppers from all around the world who would purchase items at a discounted price and still leave positive feedback.

Using AMZ Tracker was, in reality, a prerequisite for launching a popular Amazon product back then.

Other brands, like “I Loves to Test,” disappeared overnight since Amazon no longer permitted customers to review in return for discounted items.

Why is the AMZ Tracker the best alternative to jungle scout?

  • A Vipon offers group access to AMZTracker. Every day, Vipon attracts tens to over thousands of customers. When you list your item on Vipon, you’ll get a flood of new purchasers, which can help you increase your sales velocity .
  • Unless your product has an issue or a consumer needs to return it, Amazon will handle this same returns for you. This will save you a lot of time and money.
  • optimize nearly each aspect of the business, along with all aspects of packaging, processing, branding, and basic warehouse management.


  • Product Promo: A product promotion portion could quickly take the data from its Amazon page, however it doesn’t. This portion never fills in the appropriate fields for running a promotion.
  • Rank Monitoring: AMZ Tracker might be the first Amazon selling app to allow you to monitor your Bestseller List Rating as well as your Amazon rankings for different keywords.
  • Competitor Selling Tracking: A competitor selling tracking function estimates regular and monthly sale numbers for any particular product with great accuracy.
  • Find a Different Keyword: If a customer enters a keyword search into Amazon’s search feature, the search feature will autocomplete their words as they write.
  • These keyword recommendations are focused on the most frequently searched phrases by customers.


  • 1 software kit contains a number of features.
  • Certain features are unquestionably beneficial to Amazon sellers.
  • Monthly pricing begins at $50, with many other features having fair limits.
  • The plans are fairly priced for the features they offer. It could be more costly to have all of the same functionality in many other Amazon apps.
  • Keyword rating email documents are helpful.


  • A clumsy user experience that hasn’t been changed in a long time. It’s difficult to use, and you’ll need manual support from customer support to do so.
  • Inept customer service representatives who don’t grasp the program or how to sell through Amazon and speak English poorly.
  • If you have a ton of goods, it would be almost inaccessible.


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3. Viral Launch

Viral Launch Top Selling Product


Optimal for scanning Amazon’s search results site (comparable to Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, but also with a much more valid and effective data) and keyword analysis (comparable to marketers’ terms, yet with more important keywords suggested and a far more relevant result volume that can be exploited).

To retailers offering on Amazon, a Viral Launch toolset has become a player. People just use tools on a constant schedule from their own and their clients’ marketing to make data-driven decisions..

This software platform provides us with what I need to do to gain an advantage, from identifying the best products to advertise to identifying opportunities throughout my keyword study, to finding new products, and assessing competitors.

Why is the Viral launch the best alternative to jungle scouts? 

  • As compared with Jungle Scout, Viral Launch provides deeper insights product exploration and data gathering.
  • Viral Launch comes with a Browser app, while Jungle Scout sells the Chrome app separately.
  • Viral Launch is by far the most expensive choice, so although Jungle Scout is the lowest cost.


  • Business Intelligence: Trying to figure out whether a market is really in good shape? Do you think you’re shrinking? Market Intelligence performs niche quality research so you don’t have to dig for just a needle in the haystack all of the time.
  • Product Discovery: Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, historic sales figures, and actual data, you can exploit hundreds of data factors to identify product opportunities in the market.
  • Advanced Keyword Analysis: Viral Launch, which is available just above the base version, does have some of the best pure keyword analysis capability I’ve seen.
  • Viral Launch provides keyword research services that are virtually similar to those offered by Viral Launch.
  • Help & Resources:Viral Launch gives various free courses: How and When to Sell on Amazon & Amazon PPC Manual, both of which do not require registration.
  • Although we can’t comment on the performance of the courses because we haven’t taken them, we consider any platform that provides guidance on how to run an Amazon company to win.


  • Intuitive and simple to use.
  • Several beginner-friendly learning resources are included.
  • Ability to submit general snapshots for analysis to third parties.
  • Projections and predictions are reliable.
  • Excellent customer service
  • A thorough examination of product variations.


  • The capabilities of the Lite / Standard versions are minimal.
  • Certain bugs have to be patched if the website is completely incorporated with both the Chrome extension.
  • Certain software and plugins are a little costly.


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4. Helium 10

How to get helium 10 free trial


Helium 10 is analogous to setting fire to the entire forest, bulldozing what is really left, and then erecting a huge, extremely lucrative Amazon FBA operation where the thick, dark jungle once stood.

Let me summarize the differences in a few terms…

Unlike Jungle Scout, which is primarily a product discovery tool, Helium 10 is also an enterprise-grade Amazon FBA tool that includes SEO, store management, fraud prevention, listings management, lead capture, and new products.

The app has a slew of awesome features that Amazon sellers can take advantage of, including keyword monitoring, spying on rivals, marketing goods, and even assisting with Amazon reimbursement, among others.

Why is Helium10 the best alternative to jungle scouts?

  • As Janelle said, becoming a part of our unique Elite Facebook Community is yet another massive benefit of being an Elite member.
  • It’s a very involved community of members who are very nice and helpful and have the ability to support one another.
  • Attending the quarterly Elite Workshops, which feature live instruction from top experts, is another major advantage of being an Elite participant.
  • If you’d like to buy or sell shares and achieve a competitive edge, do what no one else will do. Kevin King prepares additional skills once a month for Elite participants exclusively.


  • Black Box: One of the strongest keyword analysis methods available is Black Box. It has the potential to be even better than Jungle Scout.
  • With smart filters including category, projected monthly sales, & sellers, Black box enables you to find profitable, winning items in untapped niches.
  • Cerebro: It is indeed a reversed ASIN lookup device disguised as wicked Amazon dark magic. Cerebro assists you in killing the rival.
  • As a consequence, it’s akin to throwing a spell on your rival’s store.
  • Magnet: According to the brand, it’s just an amazing keyword expanding tool with both the largest database of implementable search terms mostly on sector.
  • Magnet greatly boosts the chances of generating free traffic that your rivals aren’t using.


  • For the limited amount I’ve used it, it’s been awesome. Users expect to have more chances to observe the videos in the future.
  • Excellent sourcing & highlighting optimization platform for Amazon sellers, with a plethora of useful extensions.
  • It provides its customers with a Free Plan.
  • It comes with over a dozen effective features for Sellers.


  • The limitations are spelled out in the original blueprints.
  • The tool is challenging to use for beginners.
  • A few of the export options could be better. When exporting keyword lists, for example, this would export all keywords, not only the one you specify (for example, if clients x out terms that just don’t matter, they would still be exported).

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FAQs | Best Alternatives To Jungle Scout

😍Is Jungle Scout technically free?

Avoid being so selfish, it is difficult to find any tool-free in this era.

🤩 Is there still a free trial available?

There really is no cash guarantee, but there is still a 14-day money-back assurance.

👌 Could There be a Free Jungle Scout Alternative?

Unicorn Smasher is, indeed, free. Take advantage of the restricted features and 92.24 percent error rate. What you pay for is what you get.

👉 Will I buy the Jungle Scout or the Jungle Scout II?

I strongly advocate purchasing the package deal. It's well worth the effort.

😄 What is it about Jungle Scouts that I dislike?

Pricing Perplexity: I prefer stable, predictable prices. It's difficult to predict what I'll pay per month because of the sliding scale that changes based on sales. However, because the price rises as I sell more, I suppose I shouldn't worry. Issues with Opportunity Score: Aim is a valuable metric, but this only makes more sense in the light of other metrics. When you don't understand what to look for, this can be very inaccurate.

Conclusion | Best Alternatives To Jungle Scout 2024

Should You Get the Best Alternative to Jungle Scout?

In my opinion, Sellzone is the best alternative to jungle scout, however, I trust I’ve answered all of your questions, and I think you’re excited to start finding successful products and expanding your FBA business.

They really want to emphasize one thing: today at amazon, there seems to be a formation theory. Each day, more citizens are purchasing from Bezos and Co.

Don’t listen to the naysayers; you can now run a successful FBA company! You absolutely must perform product testing correctly and faithfully.

It’s now or never. The leading Online testing tool available is Jungle Scout.

Yeah, that’s a little expensive, and yes, there was no trial period, and if you’re adamant about increasing your Amazon business, it’s well worth the cost.

Unless you can’t work it out, just request a refund within 2 weeks then you’ll be fine.

Get started with Jungle Scout One Time Fee.

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