15 Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free Streaming Full Episodes in 2024

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Looking for sites to binge-watch or watch your favorite shows on your most comfy couch to get ready for the weekend? Then, take a sigh of relief as you have come to the right place.

I was once in the same situation when I ran out of my favorite TV shows to watch, here’s when I searched and searched the internet, and compiled the the top 15 sites to watch free full episodes online.

Did you know? The first popular video streaming site, YouTube, was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in 2005.

So if you don’t want to be a couch potato, make sure you don’t get too addicted to YouTube!

15 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free 2024

Here is a list of some of the best sites that are sorted based on their video quality and their huge database, so make the most of it by exploring these sites and watching tv shows online for free.

1. Amazon Prime

Among the most popular platforms to watch TV shows online, Amazon Prime is the only one that does not have ads and offers high-quality video.

You will definitely enjoy Prime Original series such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Homecoming, and many others. These 2 are my most favorite and don’t forget the tub of BUTTER POPCORN!

Amazon Prime Video Overview

In addition to TV shows and Prime original series, it is also home to a large collection of HD movies.

You will be able to enjoy free same-day delivery, unlimited music streaming, free two-day shipping, plus free book reading on Amazon Prime, unlimited photo storage, as well as many other perks of being a member of Amazon Prime.

Here is a deal you won’t want to miss. There is a free 30-day trial offer available for Amazon Prime members.

2. Soap2Day

Soap2Day features an extensive television series library. In addition, it filters by Year, IMDB rating, Genre, and popularity.

By typing the series’ name into the search bar, you will be able to find the series you want to watch. This will return results that match your query.

Soap2Day Overview - Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

You can also narrow down your selection by selecting the relevant filters, making it easier to find the TV show you’re looking for.

No registration is required to view TV programs. You get to SAVE a lot of time, use that to pour a drink for yourself! 

If you did not use any software (Brave Browser, NordVPN, and Adblocker) to establish a safe and ad-free environment, you may be subjected to unwanted adverts and pop-ups. …so if you don’t, be prepared to hear a never-ending stream of ‘BUY NOW!’ and ‘CLICK HERE!’ in your sleep.

It is also a viable option for watching movies and sports online. Perhaps I must state that once you know Soap2day, you won’t need to hunt for other streaming platforms.

3. Yesmovies.to

Yesmovies.to make it simple to catch up on past or current episodes of popular television series from around the world.

Yesmovies.to provide a different collection for series fans. Simply select the series category and search for the desired TV series to watch free online TV shows.

YesMovies- Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

With a user-friendly interface and thumbnail display, selecting is incredibly simple.

Yesmovies.to delivers high-quality video content for viewers to watch their favorite TV series online for free and with ease. The experience provided by this website is simple and straightforward.

Our website, like all others on the market, makes content more pleasurable by delivering fewer advertisements and banners, which will enhance your viewing experience and provide a new method to watch TV series online for free.

4. CleverGet [Video Downloader]

If you enjoy watching your favorite television series and movies repeatedly, CleverGet is for you.

It is a video downloader with the ability to download videos from a thousand websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, TikTok, Vimeo, and Amazon, among others.

CleverGet Overview

In reality, it also permits the downloading of live-stream videos.

Also, it includes a built-in browser that facilitates the downloading of television series and films. There is no need to waste time locating links.

Even if it states you can download 8K videos and audio at 320 kbps with no quality loss, this is not the case.

5. Vumoo

It is one of my favorite platforms for streaming TV episodes and movies online without registration. Unlike 123movies and Solarmovie, it lacks filtering options (genre, IMDB rating, country, etc.).

Vumoo- Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free

Here you will just find a search bar for your favorite television program. This website has long provided streaming services.

It lists TV shows with streaming links for all episodes, as well as the show’s plot, IMDB rating, genre, and actors.

Also, you have two servers to stream your favorite television show online, so if one link fails, you have a backup.

6. MoviesCrumbs

Here’s an additional option to watch entire episodes of TV series online for free.

MoviesCrumbs does not require registration, unlike other websites that stream television episodes. Also, it offers a huge selection of television programs.

MoviesCrumbs Overview

After you place your mouse over a thumbnail, it displays all pertinent information, including the film’s quality,  year, IMDB rating, duration, nation, genre, and tagline.

There are no annoying popups or advertisements. With three clicks, you may begin watching your favorite television programs.

In addition to television episodes, you may also watch films from various nations. They continually update their media content using quick streaming servers.

7. MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

If you enjoy Netflix television series, you will enjoy MovPilot’s Netflix video downloader. It allows you to download and store Netflix TV episodes and films on your Laptop or Mac.

MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader

Even if your subscription expires, you may watch your favorite TV shows at any time, from anywhere.

These videos can be converted to MP4/MKV in full HD 1080P using the MovPilot Netflix Video downloader.

Other amazing features include multilingual audio and subtitle options, complete compatibility with Mac and Windows, 5x download speed, the ability to resume stopped downloads, and the preservation of metadata.

Most of all, MovPilot offers a free trial edition. You may try it out before upgrading to the premium version.

8. 5Movies

5Movies is the ideal option for you if you have not yet found an answer to the question “where can I watch free TV series?” 5Movies is like a treasure trove for TV show enthusiasts, providing a vast repository of viewing options that are just waiting to be discovered.

5Movies Overview

Similar to WatchMovieStream, it requires human verification. 5Movies is an all-inclusive streaming service.

Yeah, it offers everything, whether you want to watch a movie, a television program, a drama, or anime.

It is a streaming platform with numerous features and filters (year, country, and genre). In addition, it provides a list of recently added and newly released films that may be browsed with a single click.

Similar to other streaming TV series sites, a search bar is also provided at the top. If I discuss streaming server options, you will not be disappointed.

9. Sony Crackle

SonyCrackle requires you to disable your ad blocker. You don’t have to worry, it’s legal to watch movies online. 

It is one of the greatest places to stream movies and watch free TV shows online.

Here, you may filter television programs by categories such as humor, action, drama, and more. Here, you may also watch anime programs.

It also allows you to see TV show clips and trailers. The UI is well-organized, making it simple to locate any show. Registration is voluntary. The television shows database is huge.

Sony Crackle also offers apps for Android and iOS, so mobile users need not fear.

It is restricted in certain locations. If you have a VPN, you can watch TV episodes on SonyCrackle using US servers, or you can visit the websites listed below.

10. PutLocker

It is possible to watch free TV series online without creating an account and without ad breaks by watching TV series’ full episodes online without creating an account.

It has fewer pop-ups as compared to YesMovies, and the interface seems to be clean as well. As well as that, it offers more than four streaming servers.

If one of the servers is unavailable, such as a broken link or being blocked in your country, then you have three different alternatives to stream your favorite TV show online.

This is like having a backup plan; having multiple options ensures that you can achieve your end goal, even if one of them fails. It’s like having a safety net to catch you, should any of your plans fall through.

TV show selection is limited in comparison to YesMovies and Fmovies because most of the content is dedicated to IMDB’s top movies.

11. TheFlixer

If you are still seeking a website to watch free online series, TheFlixer is the next one on our list.

It allows users to view popular television shows in HD quality for free and without registration.

The list of television series includes all episodes from all seasons in a very ordered manner. Sure, you can view any season’s episode with one click.

I enjoy how all seasons’ episodes are listed in one location. You can use the search bar to locate the desired television series.

In addition, it provides information such as summary, trailer link, IMDB rating, and running time, and recommends shows based on your interests.

In a single sentence, it is a new website that requires significant layout improvements, such as the absence of filters. If the previously mentioned websites are not functional, you can use this one

12. MoviesJoy

A remarkable (ad- and pop-up-free) free streaming site to watch TV series online without registering.

MoviesJoy features an extensive variety of HD-quality television programs. It permits you to filter television programs by quality, release year, genre, and nation.

In addition to these criteria, you can also utilize the search bar. With these advanced search functionalities, you can find the perfect show to suit your preferences in no time!

They update their library periodically. So that it is simple to locate every episode of any television show, from the most recent to the oldest.

For example, if you search for ‘The Office’, you will find all the seasons and episodes available, including the original UK version from 2001.

14. Watch Series HD

Watch Series is one of the most popular websites to watch complete television episodes online for free and without registration.

I tested the site with NordVPN, Brave Browser, and an ad blocker. I recommend the same for an optimal streaming experience; otherwise, you will be bombarded with advertisements and pop-ups.

But if you do get bombarded with ads and pop-ups, at least you can say you went out with a bang! The site’s layout appears satisfactory.

The experience is like coming to a fireworks show and being prepared with earplugs and sunblock – you can still enjoy the show, but if you didn’t prepare in advance, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the sound and the light.

Movies and television programs are categorized under My Shows, Watch Movies, All TV Series, Popular TV Shows, Watch Drama, Watch Anime, and additional headings.

Pick one based on your interests, and you will get access to a vast library of entertaining films and television programs.

15. MWatchSeries

Watch TV episodes online without registering and with no ads. When you click “Play” for the first time, only one new tab opens.

MWatchSeries presents television series on its Series sites based on popular genres, such as fantasy, short, music,  criminal, game show,  war, history, and documentary.

For example, the fantasy genre contains series such as “Game of Thrones”, “The Lord of the Rings”, and “Harry Potter”.

The best thing about the thumbnails is that the IMDB rating comes with them, so you don’t have to dig for them.

When you click on a thumbnail, you will receive all pertinent information about a TV series.

But be careful, the IMDB rating doesn’t necessarily tell you how funny the show is! So don’t be too quick to judge, you might miss out on a laugh or two!

In conclusion, it is an excellent platform to watch free online TV series. But, it might be improved by providing additional filters and all seasons’ episode links in one location, similar to Moviesjoy.

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Conclusion: Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free 2024

So, this was my top 15 list of best sites where you can binge-watch or watch your favorite shows. Hope you enjoy the show without a break!

All the sites mentioned in the list are easy to navigate, and they also have a great selection of titles that you can choose from.

Additionally, they offer great streaming quality and are free of cost.

As the British journalist David Frost once wrote: “Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn’t have in your home.”


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