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Better Nike Bot Review 2024: Step Up Your Sneaker Game

Better Nike Bot

Overall Verdict

Better Nike Bot (BNB) is a computer program that helps people buy special sneakers from the Nike website and other places online.

Out of 10


  • Get expert help for proxies
  • No ongoing subscriptions are needed


  • No macOS Support.


Price: $ 200

If you’ve been looking into the world of sneakers, you may have heard of “Better Nike Bot” or BNB bot. BNB’s AIO Bot and Better Nike Bot have become well-known among sneaker enthusiasts and resellers.

However, with so many different sneaker bots available on the market, it can be not easy to make the right choice.

In this review of Better Nike Bot, I’ll explore its advantages, drawbacks, and pricing and ultimately determine whether it’s worth all the hype.

What is a Better Nike Bot (BNB)?

Better Nike Bot Review

Better Nike Bot (BNB) is a computer program that helps people buy special sneakers from the Nike website and other places online.

These sneakers are hard to get because they sell out very fast. While BNB can make it much easier to buy special sneakers, not everyone thinks it’s a good thing.

Stores and brands don’t like these programs because they make it hard for everyone to have a fair chance at buying sneakers. If you use BNB, you might also have problems like getting your orders canceled or being banned from buying sneakers from certain stores.

Plus, it’s important to think about how using a bot affects other people who are trying to buy sneakers the regular way.

BNB Bot Pricing

BnB Pricing

The original Better Nike Bot (BNB) is a program you can buy for $200. It’s made to help you buy limited-edition sneakers from Nike’s website and the Nike SNKRS app.

But if you want to buy sneakers from other brands or stores, the original BNB won’t work for that.

For people who want to buy from different stores (except Nike), there’s another version called BNB All in One.

It costs the same as the original version, $200, and lets you shop from a bunch of other sneaker stores.

BNB also has two special versions called BNB Ultimate and BNB All in One Ultimate. These aren’t drinks or snacks but stronger versions of the original BNB programs.

They let you use the bot on up to three computers at the same time, give you free updates for a year, and have a special feature for sending emails that look like they come from your own business.

These Ultimate versions cost $600 each.

Bnb All in one Pricing

So, the Ultimate versions are really for people who are very serious about reselling sneakers and want more power and options.

The regular BNB and BNB All in One are better for individuals who just love sneakers and want to get their hands on special releases for themselves.

BNB’s Main Features

All the versions of Better Nike Bot (BNB) are designed to work on Windows computers.

If you have a Mac, you can still use BNB, but you’ll need to set up a virtual machine, which is like a computer inside your computer that runs Windows.

BNB doesn’t give you instructions on how to do this, unlike some other sneaker bots, but it’s not too hard to figure out with a bit of research. 

Let me take you through some of the most important features of BNB:-

It works on Windows, but it can also work on Mac with extra setup: You normally use BNB on Windows, but with some extra effort, you can make it work on a Mac by using a virtual machine.

  1. Unlimited Account Creation: BNB lets you create as many accounts as you want. This is great because having more accounts increases your chances of buying limited sneakers. The Ultimate version even lets you create new accounts every day.
  2. SNKRS Calendar and SMS Alerts: The original BNB version helps you keep track of when sneakers are dropping with a calendar. It also sends you text messages when you successfully create an account or when there’s a new sneaker drop, so you’re always in the loop.
  3. Fast Checkout Without a Browser: BNB doesn’t use a web browser to check out, which makes buying sneakers faster. However, this also means there’s a higher chance of something going wrong during checkout. It’s a bit of a gamble.
  4. Bulk Task Editor and Keyword Monitor: BNB has tools to manage many buying tasks at once and to watch for specific sneakers using keywords. This means you won’t miss out on surprise releases. The BNB All in One (AIO) version has these features too, but it doesn’t work with Nike sites.
  5. Automatic and Manual CAPTCHA Solver: The BNB AIO includes a feature to solve CAPTCHAs (those little tests that websites use to make sure you’re not a robot) automatically, which can also be done manually. This is especially useful for shopping on Supreme’s website, where CAPTCHAs are common.
  6. Proxy Support: BNB lets you use proxies, which are like disguises for your internet connection. This helps you avoid getting blocked by the sneaker site if you’re trying to buy many pairs of sneakers.
  7. Schedule Buying Times: You can set BNB to start trying to buy sneakers at specific times, matching up with when they’re released. This increases your chances of getting the sneakers you want.
  8. Restock Checks: BNB keeps an eye out for sneakers that were sold out but then become available again. This gives you another chance to buy sneakers that you missed out on the first time.

Customer Support

BnB Discord

Better Nike Bot (BNB) offers support in many areas. They say they can help with Nike SNKRS site issues, using proxies (which hide your internet activity), buying sneakers in kids’ sizes (GS Size), and connecting to Twitter for updates.

When you buy the bot, you also get to join a special chat group on Discord, where you can talk to other users and get help.

Before you buy the bot, the only way to contact the BNB team is by email. This might not be the best way to get quick answers, but it’s still a way to get in touch with them.


When using sneaker bots to buy shoes, it’s best to use residential proxies. Residential proxies are internet addresses that come from everyday devices like someone’s phone or computer.

Websites see these as regular visitors, so using them makes it less likely for you to get blocked.

Some people use datacenter proxies because they are fast. These proxies come from big servers. But there’s a risk: if one of these gets blocked, the whole group of addresses connected to it might get blocked, too, causing all your attempts to buy sneakers to fail at once.

How to use BNB?

Setting Up BNB

After buying BNB, you’ll get a few emails. The important ones will have a special code for the Discord server and a link to download the bot. You’ll need these to get the bot working on your computer.

You can also connect BNB to your Discord account, which is pretty useful for getting help and updates.

Using BNB

Now that you’ve installed BNB take some time to look around the software before you use it for a sneaker drop. Learn what the different buttons and tabs do.

A good tip: Make sure you know how to use all of BNB’s features before a big sneaker release day. If you’re not ready, you might not get the sneakers you want. Being prepared is really important!

Alternatives to Better Nike Bot (BNB)

There are a number of alternatives to Better Nike Bot (BNB), all with their strengths and capabilities, especially when it comes to buying Nike sneakers and other limited-edition releases. I really prefer the following ones:- 

1. Another Nike Bot (ANB): 

Known for its wide range of features and support for multiple sneaker sites, including Nike. ANB is appreciated for its user-friendly interface and effectiveness in securing limited releases.

2. CyberSole (CyberAIO): 

A versatile bot that supports a wide array of sites beyond Nike, including Shopify, Supreme, and Footsites. CyberSole is praised for its speed, user interface, and comprehensive features like CAPTCHA solvers and proxy support.

3. The Shit Bot (TSB): 

Specifically designed for Nike SNKRS releases, TSB claims a high success rate in various regions. It’s become a favorite for its focus on Nike drops and the ability to handle releases in over 30 regions.

4. Ghost SNKRS: 

This bot specializes in Nike SNKRS app and is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s a strong choice for those who aim primarily at Nike releases.

5. Sole AIO: 

A versatile bot that covers a variety of sites, including Adidas, Footsites, and more. Sole AIO is noted for its user-friendly interface and consistent updates to improve performance and features.

6. Project Destroyer (PD): 

Offers support for over 200 sites, including Nike. PD is celebrated for its flexibility, powerful features, and regular updates that keep it competitive.


Pros and Cons


  • Great for Nike fans, covering almost all global Nike sites and SNKRS (except Nike China).
  • Get expert help for proxies, SNKRS, Twitter API, and join a supportive Discord community.
  • Helps easily get around Nike’s one-account-per-person rule.
  •  No ongoing subscriptions are needed, just a single $200 payment.
  • It looks complex but is easy to use, with plenty of online tutorials.


  • No macOS Support.
  • Old bots can’t access Nike sites well compared to new bots.

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Conclusion: Should You Try Better Nike Bot?

Overall, BNB is a solid choice for beginners entering the sneaker-buying scene. While it has its downsides, they aren’t significant enough to deter someone new.

It might not be the top Nike bot available right now, but it offers a cost-effective and reliable way to start exploring sneaker botting without making a large investment upfront.

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