Soax Review 2024: Evaluating SOAX as the Go-To Proxy Provider


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This platform is a go-to place for all your proxy solutions, as it has more than 72 million IPs from across the world. SOAX primarily focuses on providing flexibility, high-speed connection, and enhanced anonymity to its clients.

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  • It offers a wide range of features for image analysis and morphological studies, including automated tracing, segmentation, and quantification tools.
  • It is often used in academic and research settings, with numerous publications citing its utility and effectiveness.


  • Dependency on Third-party Libraries


Price: $ 1.99

Imagine you’ve been assigned the job of scraping some data from the internet, but sadly you have a hundred roadblocks to face in the name of geo-restrictions and CAPTCHAs.

I’m aware it sounds frustrating. In a world where there are millions of IP addresses available for your needs, choosing the right one can always feel like a daunting task. 

In this Soax Review, I’ll be reviewing one of the top contenders of the best proxy providers of 2024, SOAX. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of this platform, but you’ll need to read this review below to check if SOAX is your ideal proxy solution. 

About SOAX 

Particular Details
Brand name SOAX 
Products Offered Proxies (Residential, Mobile, US ISP, Datacenter Proxies)

Scrapers (SERP, social media, e-commerce and AI API)

Pricing Starts $1.99
Pay-as-you-go Yes
Data-rollover Yes
Customer Support Dedicated (Chat, tickets, email)
Authentication User: pass
Countries Worldwide
Minimum purchase 1 IP
Pricing Model Subscription, pay-as-you-go
Trial Available Yes, 3 days

Soax Review

SOAX has been one of the leading proxy providers in the digital world, with more than 50,000 companies in its client base.

This platform is a go-to place for all your proxy solutions, as it has more than 72 million IPs from across the world. SOAX primarily focuses on providing flexibility, high-speed connection, and enhanced anonymity to its clients. 

The clientele of this platform includes individuals and people from small firms, large organizations, enterprises, and universities. 

The platform has received positive reviews not only for its easy-to-use interface and instant response time but also for maintaining a high success rate. 

SOAX’s support team is known for its quick and helpful responses; they ensure that all the issues raised by their users are resolved within no time with apt and prompt answers during their data collection tasks. 

This platform has gained a lot of recognition from top reviewers online for its high-quality proxy services, not only through the reviews but also through its high-quality proxy services. 

As a whole, SOAX is filled with features proxy providers, which have a lot of solutions to cater to the varied needs of users in the digital world. 

Key Highlights of SOAX 

1. Web Unlocker 

soax weblocker features

Apart from the proxy services, SOAX also has web unlocker solutions. This service aims to facilitate users with efficient and seamless data collection by bypassing bots and CAPTCHAs. 

This service comes with an advanced fingerprinting option, auto-retry functionality, and custom user agent options. This service also helps with proxy management. 

SOAX’s Web Unblocker service is popularly purchased because of its high success rate, rapid response times, and minimal CAPTCHA triggers.

2. Tools For Data Collection 

All the proxies available at SOAX have data-gathering tools that help the users gain any kind of data from any website across the world without any geo-restrictions or bot issues. 

With SOAX, you can undoubtedly gather data from websites where the extraction is extremely difficult, with a success rate of 91%. 

3. Seamless Integration 

Proxies here at SOAX can be easily integrated with multiple programming languages, which include .Net, Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, C/C++, and more. In the case of browsers, you can make use of extensions like FroxyProxy. 

This platform also offers informative guides, tutorials, libraries, modules, and documents to help users set up. 

4. Excellent Assistance 

The support team here has people from across Europe, the USA, and APAC. The users can seek assistance through emails, chats, or phone calls. 

There are also domain experts available for you to troubleshoot issues in less than 30 minutes. There are proxy specialists available for every proxy.

Technical Features Of The Proxy Type 

1. Residential Proxy get started on soax

SOAX offers amazing proxy services, and one of them is their residential proxy solution. They have a proxy pool of more than 155 million IPs in more than 195 countries across the globe. 

These proxies support the HTTPS, UDP/QUIC, and SOCKS5 endpoint networks. These residential proxies are ideal for gathering a larger amount of data from various sites all at once. 

Additionally, it works great for social media management, web testing, and data collection. 

Gateway Unique IPs Residential %
Random 620,810 96.08%
US 113,231 61.51%
UK 59,660 99.41%
Germany 118,404 97.80%
France 158,845 98.28%
India 59,743 96.18%
Australia 8,477 99.15%

2. Mobile Proxy 

soax mobile proxyy

The proxy pool size of mobile proxies here is more than 30 million IPs from 195+ countries. These proxies support all the endpoint networks, and this includes UDP, HTTPS, QUIC, and SOCKS5. 

Mobile proxies at SOAX use IPv6/IPv4 addresses from real mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to route traffic. 

Their mobile proxy solutions are suitable for ad verifications, dodging geo-restrictions, and web scraping. With its simple dashboard, you can seamlessly manage your mobile proxies. 

Gateway Unique IPs Mobile %
Random 227,274 98.02%
US 39,604 99.70%
UK 10,805 99.72%
Germany 16,730 99.11%
France 21,771 98.06%
India 183,771 99.91%
Australia 3,096 81.07%

3. US ISP Proxy 

soax isp proxy

SOAX offers high-quality and top-performing US ISP residential proxies that are ideal for web scraping and data collection tasks.

The proxy pool here has more than 2.6 million IPs. SOAX offers rotating ISP proxies whose sessions can be extended for 24 hours. 

Their ISP proxies support HTTPS and SOCKS5 endpoint networks. From an economic standpoint, SOAX’s ISP proxy costs here are way better than those of the other proxy providers. 

4. Datacenter Proxy 

soax datacenter proxy

SOAX offers both dedicated and shared ISP proxies. The proxy pool of the datacenter proxies at SOAX has more than 3 million IPs. 

All these proxies are hosted on top-notch servers to offer no latency issues to their clients, making them well-suited for tasks like web scraping and non-advanced anti-bot targets. 

All these datacenter proxies are part of SOAX’s extensive network, combining residential and mobile proxies. 

Real-Time Use Cases Where SOAX Proxies Work The Best 

  • App Performance 

It gets extremely easy to monitor your app and manage its performance at regular intervals from multiple locations by using SOAX’s proxies. 

By using these proxies, a firm can ensure real-time access to performance data, leading to the company’s stability, reliability, and sustainability. 

  • Goods Purchasing 

The proxies available at SOAX are curated with goods purchasing in mind. These proxies help users access accurate data crawling, help with placing orders faster, and offer global coverage with an easy setup. 

The versatility of these proxies that seamlessly integrate into operations has made them a reliable choice for big businesses like Mobio groups. 

  • Recruitment Intelligence 

SOAX’s proxies can help the recruitment teams by offering quick access to the candidate’s data, which makes the data extraction process easier. With the massive proxy pool of IPv6 and IPv4 addresses, you can gather large amounts of data easily from across the world. 

Price Plans Available on SOAX 

Here is a quick breakdown of the plans available under all the proxy types 

Residential Proxy 

soax residential proxy

Plan Name Monthly Cost ($) Traffic (GB) Dedicated Account Manager
Starter Pack $99 15 No
150GB Plan $739 150 No
Custom Plans $999+ Varies Yes

Mobile Proxy 

soax mobile proxy

Plan Type Monthly Cost Monthly Traffic Cost per GB Dedicated Account Manager 3-Day Trial Price
Starter Pack $99 15 GB $6.60/GB No $1.99
150GB Plan $739 150 GB $4.93/GB No $1.99
Bigger Plans (varies) $999 and up Varies Varies Yes $1.99

US ISP Proxy 

soax isp proxy pricing

Plan Name Monthly Cost ($) ISPs Included Cost per GB ($) Dedicated Account Manager 3-Day Trial Cost ($)
Starter Pack $99 15 N/A No $1.99
150 ISPs Plan $739 150 $4.9 No $1.99
Bigger Plans (Various) Starting at $999 Varies N/A Yes $1.99

DC Proxy 

soax dc proxy pricing

Plan Description Price Proxies Included Account Manager Trial Price
Basic Plan $49/month 75 shared datacenter proxies Yes $1.99
2000 Shared DC Proxy Plan $999 2000 shared datacenter proxies Yes $1.99

How do I Sign Up To Avail Myself Of A Free Trial on SOAX? 

Signing up on SOAX for a trial plan or subscription is no rocket science. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Head to SOAX’s official website and go to the pricing section.  Click on the “start $1.99 trail” icon for any plans you want to buy. 

get started on soax

Step 2: Once done, you will now have to create an account for yourself. Or, in case you already have one, you can simply log in. 

create account

Step 3: To sign in, you will now receive a confirmation email with a verification link on the registered mail ID.

soax verification

Step 4: You now need to click on the activation link, and you’ll be redirected to SOAX’s dashboard homepage. 

terms and conditions on soax

Step 5: Now that you are on the homepage, click on the “Buy Package” button to set up a trial plan. You can choose a plan that suits your needs and tap on the “Get a trial for $1.99” button.

soax buy page

Step 6:  You will now have to fill in the required information in three stages to activate the trial at checkout.

soax more info


saox describe usercase

Step 7: After filling in all the details in the stages mentioned above, you can now click on the “Get Started” icon. 

saox select a product

Step 8: Select a plan based on your choice and get started. 

soax selet proxy plan

After making the payment, you will soon receive an email to confirm your free trial. 

Please note: 

  1. The trial period is only for 3 days, during which you get 100 MB of traffic. 
  2. As per the SOAX policies, you can only avail of one trial for every proxy type. After the trial, you will be fully charged for the chosen plan if you miss canceling your subscription within those 3 days. 

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The Verdict of Soax Review in 2024

In essence, SOAX has been a great contender in the world of the best proxy provider. With a massive proxy pool and services like Web Unlocker and easy integrations with multiple languages, it has enhanced its solutions for its users. This platform has pretty much been a one-stop solution for all the proxy needs. 

While there are only a handful of use cases mentioned here in this review, SOAX is much more versatile and effective for every industry. The same can be witnessed on their official website’s use-case section. 

While the price plans here are not ideal for SMEs, SOAX’s transparent and varied pricing plans cater to different large user requirements, offering flexibility and scalability. 

Moreover, the inclusion of a 3-day trial at a nominal fee of $1.99 allows users to experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand, reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction. SOAX can for sure be your next go-to option. 

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