5 Best Top-Performing ISP Proxy Providers 2024

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The online market world is cluttered with multiple proxy types and proxy providers. ISP proxies are one of them that play an essential part in maintaining and balancing online data collection and scraping.

Having numerous options is always great, but this can be a hideous task when all the options are loaded with features.

Knowing your proxy providers before opting for the right one is essential. This article will give you a brief overview of the best Top-Performing ISP proxy providers in the market, with all their specs. 

Why Do You Need A Good ISP Proxy? 

With all my experience, here’s what I learned about why we need an excellent ISP proxy network. 

  • Frequent re-authentication has been tedious, but you can persistently maintain the sessions with a good ISP proxy. 
  • With statistic residential proxies, keeping all your marketplace accounts unified becomes easier.  
  • With ongoing access to any website, the ISP proxy helps you retain your IP consistency for a long time. 
  • A static IP does the mimicking job of behaving like a user more naturally than a rotating IP. 
Proxy ProviderSupported CountriesClientsPricing Range (Monthly)Features
IPRoyal25+N/A$1.80A large pool of static IPs, Various tools and extensions, Dedicated account managers, Free trial
OxylabsWestern Europe, USAdidas, Nike, Shopify, and more$340Large pool of static IPs, Various tools and extensions, Dedicated account managers, Free trial
Proxy Empire17+N/A$40Exclusive and limited proxies, User-friendly dashboard, Wide coverage
Smartproxy195+N/A$28High-speed ISP proxies, Country-level targeting, Trial plans, Money-back policy
Bright Data195+Fortune 500 companies$10All-in-one platform, High success rate, Advanced features, 7-day free trial

1. IPRoyal 

Launched in 2018, IPRoyal is a straightforward platform that offers proxy solutions to anyone in the web intelligence field.

While this platform is highly appreciated for its residential proxy services, its static residential proxy services are underrated. From winning the Rising Star Award to winning people’s confidence, IPRoyal offers high-quality ISPs to its clients.

IPRoyal Homepage

Their other ISP proxy includes Rise Broadband, Blackfoot Communications, Google Cloud CDN, and many more. Apart from its proxy services, it offers additional proxy tools, including proxy testers and proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox. 

It offers legitimate proxies covering more than 25 countries across the world. IPRoyal, with its high-bandwidth ISP proxies, mirrors the traffic patterns online for seamless scraping.

This platform is recommended to anyone from a small firm, an enterprise, or an individual. Their price plans range from $1.80 to $2.40 per proxy. 

IPRoyal offers:

  • Unlimited traffic 
  • API access for easy proxy management 
  • Dedicated Private IP Pool
  • Round-the-clock assistance via chat and email support. 
  • Flexible and affordable pricing 
  • Pay-as-you-go options with no questions asked 
  • Customized solutions 
  • Refund policy if the team fails to resolve your critical issues within 24 hours 


  1. It supports the SOCKS5 protocol. 
  2. You can purchase as little as one proxy 


  1. The KYC verification before purchasing proxies takes a little time.

2. Oxylabs 

Tagged as the most prominent proxy and data scraping service provider, Oxylabs has been in the market for the past eight years.

This platform has catered to the needs of big organizations, universities, and enterprises, with a user base of more than 2,000 people globally.


Their clientele includes Adidas, Nike, Shopify, and more. Besides their dedicated proxy solutions, Oxylabs also offers a proxy rotator, Android proxy manager, and Chrome extension tools with their packages. 

Oxylabs offers a proxy pool with more than 100K static IPs in Western Europe and the US. While this platform has ample features, I recommend it to large business owners, big teams, universities, and entities considering its price plans.

Their packages start at $340 and shoot up to $6000 monthly. 

Oxylabs offers:

  • Limitless target
  • Pay-as-you-go options 
  • Money-back policy within three days 
  • Round-the-clock assistance via chat and email support  
  • Dedicated account managers for every account 
  • A free trial plan on request


  1. It supports SOCKS5, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols. 
  2. Their assistance is not limited to FAQs and support; they also offer white papers, webinars, and oxycons. 


  1. Their ISP proxy service is only limited to parts of Western Europe and the US. 

3. Proxy Empire 

Proxy Empire is a newly budding platform in the web intelligence world. It was launched in 2020, with its headquarters in Burgas.

However, with their service, this platform qualifies me as a versatile and dedicated proxy provider in the market. Amongst all the proxy services it provides, its ISP proxy is the most popular one for global networks for customers and users worldwide.

ProxyEmpire homepage

They offer more than 10 million IP addresses. As someone with basic experience dealing with proxies, I find that Proxy Empire’s dashboard can be easily navigated. The user interface is simple and comprehensive.

What stands out about this platform is that its proxies are exclusive and limited to each user. Proxy Empire covers more than 17 countries globally and works with 21 different ISPs.

This is ideal for anyone working on web scraping as a hobby, a solopreneur, a mid-sized firm, a larger organization, or a significant entity. Their price plans start at $40 and go up to $1250 monthly.  

Proxy Empire offers:

  • Trial plan for $1.97 
  • Customer support assistance is provided via email, a question box on the website, and chats. 
  • Unlimited rollover bandwidth


  1. It supports HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols 
  2. You can enjoy custom-based integration support for a quick setup  
  3. Chrome browser has the option of free proxy management tools


  1. While its other proxy services target region and city-based targeting, the ISP proxy service only offers country-based targeting 

4. Smartproxy

Smartproxy has been in the web data market since 2015, and while it’s mostly known for its best residential proxy, its ISP proxy service is top-notch.

Altogether, this platform has catered to the needs of more than 50,000 customers worldwide with its services. Their ISP proxy is widely available in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and France.


Smartproxy serves 195+ countries globally with a proxy pool of 16,000 IPs. The highlight of this platform is the speed of their ISP proxies.

This platform offers flexible pricing plans that can be cost-friendly for everyone. The basic plan starts at $28 and shoots up to $550 when billed monthly. Overall, Smartproxy is worth all the appreciation and titles it has received.

Smartproxy offers:

  • Country-level targeting 
  • Unlimited static sessions 
  • Frequent updates 
  • Dedicated account managers 
  • Round the clock through emails and live chat 
  • Pay-as-you-go option
  • 14-day money-back policy 
  • Trial plans on requests 


  1. It supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols. 
  2. Tools like Chrome extension, an address generator, proxy checker, and Firefox add-on 


  1. Smartproxy’s ISP proxy service has not supported the SOCKS5 protocol since this service was recently introduced.  

5. Bright Data 

With over nine years of service in web intelligence, Bright Data has been the go-to platform for the most reputed and renowned companies listed in the Fortune 500.

Bright Data is an all-in-one platform that offers web scraping, web data, and proxy solutions. This platform has the most significant ISP proxy IPs, with over 700,000+ ISPs in 195+ countries.

Bright Data homepage

The standout feature of this platform is that it holds the highest success rate compared to any service provider in the market. Bright Data offers new features to its clients daily and, so far, holds more than 3300 patents.  

While Bright Data offers many advanced features, it can get trickier and more expensive for small business owners. Their price plans fall on the elite side, as their basic package costs $10 and goes up to $1000 monthly. 

Bright Data offers:

  • Proxy manager and browser extension tools 
  • Global coverage 
  • 7-day free trial 
  • Round-the-clock customer support through telegram, live chat, phone and emails 
  • Pay-as-you-go policy 
  • Data roll-over options 
  • 35% discounts compared to PayG on the enterprise plans 


  1. It supports the SOCKS5 protocol. 


  1. Sometimes, it’s tough for the ISP proxies to manage the target sites with complicated blocking systems. 

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Conclusion: Top-Performing ISP Proxy Providers In 2024

Through years of testing and experience, one thing is for sure: a reliable ISP proxy network makes all your tasks more manageable. Each proxy provider mentioned above is qualified and unique in their offerings.

Picking the right ISP proxy provider can be tricky, but with this article, you’re well-prepared to optimize your online endeavors with the right platform.


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