Multilogin Review 2024: Review of Its Features Pros, Cons and Benefits



  • Bypasses age restrictions seamlessly.
  • It offers a free trial plan without asking for your card details.


  • The platform is on the expensive side.


Price: $ 74

A recent study stated that a massive portion of bad bots, or 30.2%, have created fraudulent traffic and issues online. User tracking while one uses the internet and so on has been a common concern.

While our lives are now interdependent on the digital world, it is extremely important to safeguard our privacy, security, and identity while enjoying the freedom of our online movement.

To face these issues, one of the best solutions out there in the market has been undetectable browser services. In today’s world, antidetectable browsers have been the most used solutions for web scraping and multi-account usage. 

This Multilogin Review is all about undetectable browser service solutions that I recently came across and had a great experience with. Read the article below to learn about the best undetectable browser solution provider, Multilogin, and see if it suits your needs. 

About Multilogin 

Particular Details
Brand name Multilogin
Product Offered Anti-detect browser for web scraping and multi-accounting
Pricing Starts €74/month
Pricing Model Subscription
Payment Options Payments are accepted through credit cards, crypto and PayPal 
Customer Support 24/7 global live support in multiple languages
Countries Worldwide
Trial Available Yes
Refund Policy Yes, available 
multilogin overview

Established in Estonia in 2015, Multilogin is one of the known anti-detect browser companies that offers browser fingerprinting masking services to enhance web scraping and multi-accounting jobs.

This platform offers a browser extension as well as a desktop app that lets its clients create and manage multiple accounts on the internet with varied fingerprints, leading to no bans or detections. 

The standout thing about this platform is that it proudly states that it has a very low detection rate because of its advanced masking capabilities.

The Multilogin X solution here offers a simple API and extension that is popularly used for scaling and automation, making it easy for users to bypass the security challenges for their multi-project collaboration. 

The key highlight of Multilogin is its flagship product, which is its browser fingerprinting technology. This solution is consistent on the websites and helps users seamlessly do their jobs.

Additionally, this platform also lets you share specific profiles with your teammates without revealing the real login details for each website. 

Our team feature allows users to share specific browser profiles with different team members. Their team of experts are available 24/7 to help users with any problems, big or small, offering support in multiple languages.

Find this platform a potential solution for your needs. Read more about Multilogin below. 

What Stands Out About Multilogin?

1. Browser Customizations 

This platform offers its clients custom browsers, which are Stealthfox and Mimic. This allows users to make use of unique fingerprints for their profiles online. Undoubtedly, it makes combating browser bans and bots easy. 

2. Encrypted Cloud & Local Storage 

cloud storage

Multilogin allows users to choose between local or cloud storage with instant launch and syncing features. 

3. Collaboration & Permission Control

With Multilogin, you can efficiently delegate tasks and manage all permissions. You can decide with whom you need to share a specific client’s browser account and additionally assign an access level. 

4. Paranoid-Level Security System

Paranoid-Level Security System

Multilogin claims to have a “paranoid-level security system,” including hashing users’ passwords, encrypting them, and never transmitting them to Multilogin’s servers as plain text, ensuring a high level of security and privacy.

5. User-friendly Interface

The extensions and dashboard of Multilogin X are extremely easy to navigate and lightweight. This offers a great experience to the users, whether they’re beginners or experts, or in regards to whatever device they’re using. 

6. Stealth Browser Technology

The platform’s stealth browser technology can assist a lot of online marketing professionals in managing multiple online profiles and avoiding account bans. Doing this contributes to efficient and secure operations. 

7. Headless Libraries 

Multilogin offers you multiple programmatic access options. It comes with an API that lets you create, customize, and list profiles. Additionally, it has a browser that integrates well with the Puppeteer and Selenium libraries. 

8. Resources & Knowledge Base 

Resources & Knowledge Base 

Multilogin offers a detailed knowledge base, release notes, and blogs for its clients. This blog section has guides, tutorials, proxy insights, and much more.

Multilogin has recently also started sharing video tutorials on how one can use their platform, which is, again, extremely helpful. 

9. Consistent Updates 

New browser versions are released every fourth week, which rolls out updates for every user by default.

While the old version browsers are less likely to be detected by the bots and get banned, they may cause unwanted issues. This platform works efficiently to keep its browsers updated over time. By releasing major or minor updates consistently each month or at least once a month. 

Where Does This Platform Work The Best? 

1. Arbitrage 


Multilogin X works amazingly for traffic arbitrage. With this software, you can easily overcome risks. Users can manage a large number of accounts, which is essential in traffic arbitrage.

This software helps users extend their capabilities by automating time-consuming tasks, increasing efficiency.

2. E-commerce


Multilogin assists dropshipping businesses in managing their multiple storefronts and brands. Many of the popular e-commerce platforms have complex methods to detect multiple accounts by a single merchant.

With Multilogin, one can own multiple stores online and enhance their business. One can easily secure your brand identity, work with their teams, and automate tasks.

Multilogin can also be used to segment and protect multiple dropshipping stores, ensuring that if anything goes wrong, businesses won’t risk losing everything in one hit.

3. Cryptocurrency


A crypto agent with Multilogin X can handle multiple IDO lottery accounts on different platforms. It not only helps in scaling their cryptocurrency operations but also works swiftly and effectively.

With this platform, one can increase the success rates of their cryptocurrency-related activities. The stealth browser here, reduces detectability and account bans while performing online tasks.

This indeed ensures that users can continue to participate in cryptocurrency activities without interruption.

4. Ticketing


This platform lets users handle multiple accounts on different platforms hassle-free. Users can make automated bulk purchases of tickets for any events as soon as the passes or tickets are live online. Doing this keeps them ahead of their competition.

Multilogin helps users scale their businesses quickly and efficiently, allowing them to take on the biggest players without significant infrastructure investment.

Pros & Cons of Multilogin


  1. So far, this platform has a great track record and has been positively praised 
  2. It offers a free trial plan without asking for your card details 
  3. A versatile platform that works well with all social media platforms 
  4. Bypasses age restrictions seamlessly 
  5. It makes task delegation job control, and permission control easy


  1. The platform is on the expensive side 
  2. Charges additional costs for team features

Subscription Tiers & Their Perks 

multilogin pricing

Multilogin doesn’t offer a lot of plans. Here is what you can pick from. There are three plans available, which are as follows: 

  1. Solo
  2. Team
  3. Scale
Plan Name Monthly Cost (Billed Annually) Monthly Cost (Monthly Subscription) Features
Solo Plan €74 €99 100 local and cloud browser profile storage, Round-the-clock email and in-app live chat customer support, Easy proxy integrations, Access to all knowledge base resources, Access to stealthfox and mimic privacy browsers
Team Plan €149 €199 All features included in the Solo Plan, 300 local and cloud browser profile storage, 3 team member seats, Advanced team management features, Profile sharing options
Scale Plan €299 €399 All features included in the Solo and Team Plan, 1000 local and cloud browser profile storage, 7 team member seats
Custom Plan Contact Multilogin for a quote Contact Multilogin for a quote Customized plan with changes in browser profile numbers, Adding more team members, API automation capabilities

Click here to contact them for the same.

Get a complete overview of their plans and perks by clicking on the link.

How Do I Sign Up on Multilogin And Avail Myself Of A Free Trial? 

Step 1: Go to the Multilogin official website at and click on the “Try Multilogin X for free” icon. 

multilogin- get started

Step 2: You’ll now be redirected to another page where you need to fill in your details and proceed further. 

create account

Step 3: Please ensure that you add your correct email address, as you’ll soon receive a verification code for your account creation. 

email verification
verify email

Step 4: You will now have to connect with an agent by downloading it. 

download and install agent

Step 5: Once you’re done with downloading the agent, you will now have to launch it by clicking on” Connect Agent.” 

Step 6: You will be redirected to the dashboard where you can start using Multilogin X for free.

welcome page of multilogin

Step 7: You can create up to three browser profiles with the Basic plan; this includes local and cloud storage, access to the API, Mimic and Stealthfox privacy browsers, and a knowledge centre.

all set to continue on multilogin

Step 8: Start by clicking on the “Create your first profile” icon and typing your profile name. The other details will be automatically filled in; however, you can make changes as needed. 

Step 9: After your overview check, you now need to set your location and proxy settings 

multilogin- location and proxy

Step 10: Now click on the next icon and fill in the network details 


Step 11: Fill in the hardware and storage details 


Step 12: That’s it. You can now click on Create, and you will have one of the three profiles created. 

In case you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, simply click on the “Upgrade” button on the top right corner of the dashboard and select a plan to proceed. 

Please note 

The free plan offered by Multilogin X is a basic plan that lets you create only three profiles. However, it lacks some features, and if you wish to try all the features, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid plan. 

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The Verdict of Multilogin Review in 2024

In essence, Multilogin is a top player in the field of anti-detect browser service solutions.

The platform’s innovative browser fingerprinting technology, collaboration features, and encrypted storage options make it a genuinely versatile tool for diverse applications in various use cases.

As a user of Multilogin and a reviewer, what stunned me was the easy navigation of the dashboard.

The platform’s commitment to ensuring security, as seen by its “paranoid-level security system,” builds confidence in users who are concerned about privacy. 

While I strongly feel that the prices here on the platform are extremely pricey and are heavy on pockets for an individual, the perks like control and permission make it a worthwhile investment if you have a budget.

For those who are dealing with the complex issues of online security and collaboration, Multilogin stands out as a compelling solution worth considering for a safe and secure online experience.

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