NetNut Review 2024: Deep Dive into the Best Proxy Provider

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In a digital world where keeping our online presence has become a major concern, the hunch of looking for a reliable proxy provider has been a never-ending task. To keep you updated, 233.9 million users faced data breaches and leaks in October 2023. 

Today’s online world asks us to have a strong solution to overcome these threats, and making the right choice of proxy providers that suit our needs is a challenging decision. 

In this NetNut review, I’ll be sharing my experience with one of the premium proxy providers, NetNut. Right from anonymity to speed, we’ll learn all the numerical details that make this provider stand out in the ever-evolving digital frontier.

About NetNut 

Particular Details
Brand name NetNut 
Products Offered Proxies (Rotating residential, Static residential, Mobile, Datacenter) and Scrapers (Social, SERP API and Unblocker)
Pricing Starts $3
Pay-as-you-go No
Data-rollover No
Customer Support Dedicated (Email)
Authentication SSL, TLS, Whitelist, and  User:pass
Countries Worldwide
Minimum purchase 10 GB
Pricing Model Monthly and Yearly subscription
Trial Available Yes 
NetNut Review

Founded in 2017, it has not been a long time since NetNut has been in the market but it has created a space for itself among the top leading providers of reliable proxies.

This platform offers a variety of proxy services, which include shared, private, and specialized proxies. 

NetNut’s residential proxies offer blazing-fast connection speeds, ensuring a seamless and efficient browsing experience.

The team at this platform ensures that their clients face no interruptions or disconnections with any of their services. With their user-friendly dashboard, one can easily manage their proxies, right from their billing, usage, and invoicing to management.

What stands out about this platform is its flexibility in terms of authentication options. Yes, users can choose either the username and password, SSL, TSL, or whitelisting option.

NetNut’s solutions are ideal for various industries and online purposes; this also includes SEO monitoring, social media management, and much more. 

For all the great solutions and services this platform has to offer, it earlier received the EN Award in 2020.

NetNut’s relentless dedication to innovation and excellence has positioned the company as one of Israel’s fastest-growing businesses, securing the 14th position in the ranking for the years 2018–2021. So far, it has catered to the needs of more than 2,763 users. 

Key highlights of NetNut 

1. Seamless data collection 

NetNute ensures that its users have an uninterrupted data collection experience with a seamless network. This helps in extracting web data without any hassle or disconnections. 

2. Strong connectivity and great speed

NetNut is known for its ultra-fast proxy speed with zero bottleneck issues because of the direct ISP connectivity.

This exclusive routing through NetNut’s network guarantees stable and high-quality service, making it suitable for various applications such as social media management, web scraping, SEO, and ad verification

3. Great dedicated assistance 

NetNut offers excellent customer assistance to its clients to help them have a smooth experience with their proxies.

They offer a dedicated account manager to all their clients who helps them with remote sessions, complete integration support, and ensuring that users have an efficient online activity. 

4. Dashboard and usage 

Users can easily monitor and optimize their proxy usage to boost their success rates with the real-time usage statistics available through the APIs on the dashboard.

Their dashboard is extremely user-friendly and needs no rocket science knowledge to navigate. Please read about the features offered by their dashboard below in this review. 

The technical features of the proxy type 

rotating residential proxy features netnut

1. Rotating Residential Proxies 

netnut rotating residential proxies

This service offers a hybrid of P2P and ISP proxy networks for optimized performance. The proxy pool size of this proxy here has more than 52 million IPs in more than 200 countries worldwide.

This service supports all possible endpoint networks, which are SOCKS, HTTPS, and HTTP. It particularly offers real-time site adaptability and uninterrupted data access.

These proxies are ideal for SEO monitoring, ad verification, and data extraction. 

2. Static Residential Proxies 

netnut static residential proxy

NetNut’s static residential proxies offer amazing stability in the market, assuring the users a 99.9% uptime. It has a proxy pool of more than 1 million IPs from across the globe.

While there are no specific mentions of the protocols it supports, NetNut as a whole supports HTTPS, and HTTP endpoints. This service is ideal for brand protection, price comparison, and e-commerce.  

3. Mobile Proxies 

best mobile proxies

NetNut offers more than 250K IPs in 100+ varied locations worldwide. It works well with 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE mobile networks.

This service offers region-level targeting with excellent geo-precision. Mobile proxies here, according to me, work amazing for high-speed cache storage, custom rotations, real-time analytics, and precise data collection. 

4. Datacenter Proxies 

netnut datacenter proxies

The proxy pool of datacenter proxies here has more than 150K IPs from across 200 countries globally.

This service offers amazing flexibility to its clients, be it with shared or private proxies. NetNut’s datacenter proxies need no authentication and are ideal for streamlining all your subaccount management.

Avail this service if you’re into creating price alerts, web scraping, data collection, and so on. 

Some amazing NetNut’s proxy use cases 

  • Email Protection

NetNut’s proxies are great for ensuring the complete security of all your email communications.

Their proxies offer an additional layer of security, acting as a wall against all the potential threats. The proxy services here certainly helped me track and fine-tune my proxies for optimal performance and positive results.

  • SERP Tracking and SEO monitoring 

The proxy services at NetNut offer great solutions for marketing individuals and agencies to track their clients’ website rankings from different locations.

By using these proxies, you can access fast and accurate SERP data from multiple search engines. The chance to gather data as a legitimate user with real IPs can help agencies dodge bans and blocks.

This enables you to make informed decisions and adjustments to your SEO strategies.

  • Cybersecurity 

By using NetNut’s proxies, a team can ensure increased anonymity and evade detection while proceeding with their crucial data hunting.

With the dynamic IP rotation, one can make activities indistinguishable from those of regular users. With all these features, one can perform their jobs with zero interruptions.

The ability to monitor and adjust proxies, track usage, and performance, and fine-tune proxies for optimal results through the user-friendly dashboard further support the users and the team in maintaining a secure online environment.

Pros & Cons of NetNut


  • The platform offers a 7-day free trial
  • The proxy pool here is massive when compared to other platforms 
  • There are micro-testing packages available for individuals 
  • It offers 100% control over management
  • The proxies here offer great speed and reliability 


  • It offers limited bandwidth. 
  • The packages here are on the higher side and not ideal for small-scale businesses 

Insights on the price plans available on NetNut

1. Rotating Residential Proxy Service 

Rotating Residential Proxy Service pricing
Plan Monthly Cost Cost per GB
Starter $300 $15
Advanced $600
Master $4000 $4

2. Static Residential Proxy service 

Static Residential Proxy service pricing

3. Mobile Proxy service 

Mobile Proxy service pricing netnut

4. Datacenter Proxy Service 

Datacenter Proxy Service pricing- netnut

All these plans include city and state-level selection, IP whitelisting, API access, and a dedicated account manager. 

Under their scraper services

1. Unblocker 

unblocker by netnut
  • There are no specific packages mentioned on their official website; however, you can register your email IDs to receive pricing information. However, from what I’ve found, the basic costs for this service start at $20. 

2. SERP Scraper API Service 

SERP Scraper API Service by netnut
  • Firstly, their SERP scraper solution also comes with a free trial, so if you first wish to test this service, you can always avail of a free trial by going to the official website and registering through the pop-up added on the page. 
google serp scraper api by netnut
serp scraper api pricing - netnut

3. Social Scraper 

Social Scraper - netnut

How do I avail a free trial? 

Availing of a free trial on NetNut is extremely simple; all you have to do is follow these steps that I used. 

Step 1: Visit their official website,  and click on “Start Free Trial.” 

Step 2: You’ll now be redirected to a page where you will have to fill in all your personal and login details 


Step 3: Verify your details by using the OTP sent to your registered email address. 


Step 4: You will now have to fill in all your business details as requested. 


Step 5: Once the form is submitted, NetNut will review your application, and if approved, they will set up your free trial for rotating residential proxies

What does the NetNut dashboard have to offer? 

  1. Usage and performance tracking: The dashboard lets you track the proxy usage and its performance with precise statistical details. 
  2. Proxy monitoring and adjustments: The dashboard has a tab through which you can keep a tab and adjust all your proxies in a jiffy to ensure positive performance and results. 
  3. Dynamic IP rotation: With the dashboard, you can access a variety of IP addresses, which leads to unrestricted access to a wide range of data sources and efficient data collection
  4. Integration support: The team at NetNut offers complete support for integration with remote sessions if required.  

Overall, NetNut’s dashboard offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface for users to manage and optimize their proxy usage, ensuring the best possible experience with NetNut’s proxy services. 

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Conclusion: NetNut Review 2024

NetNut’s uniqueness lies in the massive proxy pool it offers, which has more than 52 million IPs in 200+ countries.

The platform’s commitment to user experience is pretty evident with its user-friendly dashboard, which offers intricate details on statistical usage, dynamic IP rotation, and integration support.

Speaking about its pricing plans, they are ideal to meet user requirements, ensuring flexibility and control. 

In essence, NetNut is surely a powerhouse that not only offers proxies but is also a great solution for users looking for unmatched online security.

The platform mainly focuses on innovation and excellence, which can certainly be seen in the EN Award it has won.

Whether you’re safeguarding email communications, monitoring SERP and SEO, or enhancing cybersecurity, NetNut proves to be a reliable ally in navigating the complexities of the digital world.


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