Proxy-Seller Review 2024: Legit Proxy Provider?

Proxy Seller

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This platform works great for users looking to bypass the algorithms of social networks, stay anonymous online, and work with multiple accounts on varied platforms to make mass posts on the internet or scrape data for R&D.

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  • Flexible rental periods
  • They have multiple payment methods available


  • The platform is not compatible with Torrent


Price: $ 0.79

The latest statistics report states that the global proxy market will see a massive surge, with an increase of 13.6% CAGR by 2029.

This clearly shows the escalating importance of digital gatekeepers like proxies. It will be fair to imagine proxies as our new online guards.

As more and more people use proxies, it has become super important to pick the right one that suits your needs. 

Read below while I share the insights of Proxy-Seller to help you decide if this platform is your ultimate solution. Get ready to enhance your online experience by diving into this review and exploring the layers of Proxy-Seller’s capabilities. 

About Proxy-Seller 

Particular Details
Brand name Proxy-Seller
Products Offered Proxies (Residential proxies, Mobile Proxy LTE, ISP Proxy, Proxy IPv4 and

Proxy IPv6) and Tools (Proxy-Check, Ping-IP, Port-Scanner, My IP, and IP-Trace)

Pricing Starts $0.79 per proxy 
Pay-as-you-go Yes
IP-Rotation  No, they offer static proxy 
Customer Support Live chat and ticketing system
Authentication User: pass
Countries Worldwide
Minimum purchase 1 IP
Pricing Model Subscription
Trial Available No
Refund Policy 24 hours from the purchase date

Established in 2016, Proxy-Seller is one of the top online stores that cater to the needs of proxies. It offers proxy services like IPv4 and IPv6, residential proxies, ISP proxies, mobile LTE proxies, and versatile tools.

Remarkably, Proxy-Seller is one of the few proxy providers that offers IPv6 proxies, a new kind of proxy that has some unique features and low pricing.

It offers a platform to users where they can buy proxies in mass and avail huge discounts of up to 50%.

Proxy-seller review


This platform works great for users looking to bypass the algorithms of social networks, stay anonymous online, and work with multiple accounts on varied platforms to make mass posts on the internet or scrape data for R&D. 

The proxies offered on this platform are compatible with HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols.

The key function of this platform is to offer proxies to its clients that act as an interface between them and the internet, safeguarding their online presence. 

These services are the best for individuals and businesses who wish to maintain anonymity online while performing their online activities.

Proxy-Seller’s services are widely recognized for their reliability and effectiveness, making them a preferred choice for those in need of proxy solutions.

Be it for individual use or your firm’s application, Proxy-Seller’s proxy range makes it a precious resource for anyone looking to enhance their online privacy and security. 

Key Takeaways Of Proxy-Seller 

Here are the 6 Key Takeaways Of Proxy-Seller:

1. Limitless bandwidth 

The proxies here at Proxy-Seller offer unlimited bandwidth usage for every package. Additionally, there are no limitations on concurrent threads.

Therefore, you can create as many as you want. However, there is a probability that your PC might lag a bit due to multiple threads. 

2. Internet speed

This is one of the best features of this platform. The users of this platform love their connection speed. Their servers offer premium servers, and they use a 1GB/S internet channel.

Proxy seller features

3. Return policy 

Proxy-Seller offers its users a 24-hour return policy within 24 hours of the purchase date.

Whether you’re dissatisfied with the IP addresses and their quality or have changed your mind, Proxy-Seller will either replace these IPs for you or offer a full refund. 

4. Worldwide coverage 

Proxy-Seller is available in 12 countries, which include Asia, the EU, and the US. They offer 100+ networks with more than 250 varied subnets. With this, you don’t have to stress about the downtime issue. 

5. Easy authentication

Proxy-Seller both IP authorization and credentials for authentication.

With the username and password method, you can make multiple logins on multiple devices, while if you have all your devices on the same network, then the IP authorization method works the best. 

6. Easy proxy refresh 

Proxy-Seller offers its clients flexibility, where they can request a quick proxy refresh once every month. You can make the best use of this feature if you come from an SEO background.

Refreshing proxies every month works effectively for all your SEO activities. 

Technical Features Under The Proxy Types

Below are the technical features under the Proxy types:

1. Mobile Proxy 

The mobile proxies offered by Proxy-Seller use mobile networks for strong internet connectivity. These mobile proxies constantly rotate their IP addresses, protecting your identity.

This rotation is automated and occurs every five minutes. You can also initiate a rotation through a link request. Proxy-seller’s mobile proxies leverage cellular networks like 4G or 5G to transmit data.

It offers a proxy pool with thousands of IPs and only has private mobile proxies. 

2. IPv4 proxies

Proxy-Seller’s IPv4 proxies are super efficient and reliable. These proxies are sourced from 16 countries and 80+ networks. IPv4 proxies on this platform use 32 bits to handle more than 4 billion addresses.

While these types of proxies are known for their cost-consuming nature, this service on Proxy-Seller is under budget and pocket-friendly for all your basic needs.

This service is ideal for your marketing, multi-account management, and SEO purposes. 

3. IPv6 proxies 

This protocol is pretty new to the world and works with minimal sites. IPv6 proxies are much more affordable than IPv4 proxies.

Proxy-Seller is one of the few proxy providers that offers IPv6 proxies, and the company has been working its way into the ranks of top proxy platforms since 2015.

Proxy-Seller’s IPv6 proxies are more secure than IPv4. These work well with YouTube, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and Google search engines. 

Tools Offered With The Proxy Services:

Here is the list of 5 Tools Offered With The Proxy Services:

1. Proxy Checker


2. Port Scanner 

Port Scanner

3. Ping IP

Ping IP

4. My IP


5. IP Trace 

IP Trace

In What Scenarios Is Proxy-Seller Applicable?

The four scenarios when Proxy-Seller is applicable are:

1. Crypto

Proxy-Seller has a commendable speed of proxies for crypto exchange. Proxies play a vital role here, as having a quality connection is essential in this fast-paced crypto market.

The proxies here are affordable and also have discounts on the ones that are for longer use and in huge quantities. The security and anonymity the proxies offer are ideal for cryptocurrency transactions as well as for unblocking crypto exchange websites. 

2. Gaming 

Gaming is another field where proxy-seller proxies work great. The proxies offered are exclusive, and the users get to choose from a huge proxy pool of more than 800 subnets from 50 varied countries.

It supports the SOCKS5 protocol and offers a seamless connection up to 1 GB/s. The packages under the gaming field start at $2.14 USD for 1 IPv4 and have discounts on their big plans. 

3. Online Markets 

Proxy-Seller offers individual private proxies to all trading platforms, which assures prime access to online stores in the modern-day online market.

Engaging in online market activities with these proxies is extremely secure due to their private connections and high connectivity.

Proxy-Seller’s exclusively individual proxies also ensure that users can use them without worrying about the actions of others that could lead to negative consequences. 

4. Social Media 

The proxies here at Proxy-Seller integrate swiftly with all the social media platforms. With these social media proxies, you can have access to limitless traffic at great speed.

Primarily, these proxies stand out as indispensable tools for effectively promoting pages, groups, or communities on social networks.

It’s recommended to associate 1-2 accounts of your chosen social network with each proxy server for optimal performance and efficiency. 

Proxy-Seller Pros & Cons 


  1. The price plans are extremely affordable and budget-friendly 
  2. The subnets offered here are commendable 
  3. It supports HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5 under all its proxy services. 
  4. IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are available
  5. Flexible rental periods
  6. They have multiple payment methods available 


  1. It offers no free trials 
  2. The platform is not compatible with Torrent 

Proxy-Seller Price Plans And How To Avail A Service?

Proxy seller pricing

Proxy Seller does not offer any specific plans for their IPv4 and IPv6 proxy services but rather offers flexibility to the users in customizing their plans. 

All you have to do is select a service you wish to avail of from the dropdown as shown and fill in the details asked. 

pricing proxy seller

The price for your plan will be automatically calculated. 

order form

After that, you can click on the buy now icon and proceed with filling in the other details, which include your email ID, authorization type, payment method, and so on. 


Click on submit order. That’s it; your plan is now purchased. 

Under ISP Proxy Service 

ISP Proxy service

The mix packages under this service start at $1.45 and go up to $1.70. You can also opt for a service by clicking on the geographical location, and the prices here start at as low as $0.90 in Europe and go up to $2.64. 

Under Residential Proxy Service 

Residential Proxy service

The price plans under this service start at $10 for 1 GB and go up to $500 for 100 GB. They also offer plans for up to 3000 GB, and you can avail of the same by going to the drop-down section on the homepage. 

Under Mobile Proxy LTE 

Mobile Proxy LTE

Click on the Mobile Proxy LTE on the header to check out all the price plans. It starts at $30 for a weekly plan and goes up to $324 for a 6-month plan. 

The packages here are also available based on geographical locations, and they cost as little as $20 per IP in Europe and go up to $48 per IP.

You can either pick a plan based on the locations, or you can avail the same by going to the drop-down section on the homepage.

Conclusion: Proxy-Seller Review 2024

After a thorough exploration of Proxy-Seller’s offerings, it’s evident that this platform stands as a reliable and versatile solution in the world of proxy services.

The seamless integration of IPv4, IPv6, residential proxies, and mobile LTE proxies, coupled with an array of tools, caters to a diverse range of online needs.

Proxy-Seller’s commitment to affordability is commendable, offering budget-friendly plans that provide limitless bandwidth and impressive internet speeds.

The platform’s flexibility in accommodating various use cases, from crypto exchanges to online markets and gaming, showcases its adaptability.

The absence of free trials and compatibility with torrents might be considered drawbacks, but the extensive benefits overshadow these limitations.

For those seeking a trustworthy and cost-effective proxy solution, Proxy-Seller proves to be a valuable resource, making it a worthy choice in the ever-expanding digital landscape.

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