IPRoyal Review🚀 2024: A Detailed Review of Proxy Types, Features, and Pricing

Proxy services play a crucial role in today’s digital landscape, offering users enhanced privacy, security, and access to geo-restricted content. As the demand for proxies continues to grow, selecting the best proxy provider becomes increasingly important. 

With a myriad of options available, it’s essential to consider factors such as speed, reliability, and security features. 

According to a recent study by Statista, the global proxy market is projected to reach $453.3 million by 2029, reflecting the escalating need for proxy services across various industries. Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/2023-proxy-network-software-market-size-regional-analysis-purva-patil/ 

Please read this IPRoyal review below to learn about my experience with IPRoyal, the most economical, versatile, and simple proxy provider. See if this is your next go-to option for all your proxy needs. 

Quick Overview of IPRoyal 

Brand nameIPRoyal
Products OfferedProxies (Mobile, Residential, ISP, Datacenter, Sneaker) 

Tools (Proxy Tester and Firefox and Chrome Proxy Managers)

Pricing Starts$1 per GB 
Extensions Chromium and Firefox-based browsers
Customer SupportLive chat and tickets 
Money-back policy24 hours 
Minimum purchase1 Day
Pricing ModelSubscription
Trial AvailableNo

About IPRoyal 

IPRoyal Overview

IPRoyal is an elite proxy service provider that offers premium residential, ISP, mobile, datacenter, and sneaker proxies at economical rates. 

This platform initially started as a proxy server reseller, but later on, it organically built its network of IP addresses. The main focus of IPRoyal is to offer solutions to its users who need the highest amount of online privacy. 

Proxies here support brand protection, web scraping, social media handling, testing, ad automation, and much more. 

IPRoyal appears to have a residential proxy pool of more than 250,000 IPs globally. Users worldwide can use their solutions to bypass IP-based limitations and geo-restrictions. 

This platform has a strong user base, with more than 10,000 users globally. What stands apart from this platform is its user-friendly dashboard and easy set-up with minimal configurations. 

Key highlights of IPRoyal 

1. Resources and Documentation:

iproyal documentation page

This platform offers a help center where users can find solutions to most of their concerns. The blog section offers insightful details on how to use each proxy type and its importance. 

The integration section here offers a detailed guide on how you can integrate various plugins with this platform. 

While their customer support team is not available by all means, you can always reach them via mail and expect a quick and prompt response to your issues. 

2. User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

This dashboard, which is designed for users, can be easily navigated; it has designated sections for every product.

The navigation menu covers all the important aspects of the platform, including managing proxies, buying new proxies, subscriptions, and more. 

The dashboard is extremely simple and also offers a separate section for affiliates to track their commissions and withdrawals periodically. 

Technical features under the proxy types: 

1. Mobile Proxy

Mobile Proxies

The proxy rotation under this proxy type varies based on the plan purchased. However, the IPs can be manually rotated every 6 minutes in a one-day plan and every 60 minutes under the other plans.

All the mobile IPs here come from 5G/4G/3G residential cellular networks. Apparently, the proxy pool size here is 1.5 million, and all these IPs are from the UK, US, and Lithuania. 

2. Residential Proxy 

Residential Proxies

The residential proxy here has a proxy pool of more than 2 million IPs in more than 195 countries worldwide. All these IPs are ethically sourced and have precise targeting features for cities, states, and countries.

The residential proxies here offer unlimited sessions and support SOCKS5 and HTTPS endpoint networks. They also offer dual authentication and API access for integration. 

3. Datacenter Proxy 

Datacenter Proxies

The datacenter proxy here offers a proxy pool of millions of IPs in 30 locations across four continents. The proxies work at a speed of 10 GB per second with limitless bandwidth. It supports SOCKS5 and HTTPS endpoint networks.

These proxies are ideal for unlimited sessions and traffic. IPRoyal assures a 99.9% uptime for all their proxy services. 

4. Static Residential Proxy 

Static Residential Proxies

The static residential proxy has a proxy pool of millions of IPs covering 24 countries globally. The team here also constantly adds new locations when users request them.

The proxies offered here are 100% premium residential proxies. They also provide high speeds of up to 10 GB per second with zero bandwidth limits.

These proxies support SOCKS5 and HTTPS endpoint networks. This service is ideal for someone looking for a constant IP address for long hours. 

5. Sneaker Proxy 

Sneaker Proxies

The sneaker proxy service offers clients a great ROI. It offers more than a million IP proxy pools with top-notch location coverage.

Despite not having state- and city-level targeting, you can always request the team to add a location for you, and they will do the same. This proxy supports SOCKS5 and HTTPS endpoint networks. The standout thing here is that the proxies are paired with sneaker bots.

All you have to do is share the sneaker brand and its launch date with the team, and they will help you with an IP near the brand headquarters.

Additionally, the users have the flexibility to select the number of proxies they require. 

In what scenarios is IPRoyal applicable?

1. Ad Verifications 

Ad verification is a way of ensuring that every ad on the internet is secured from online fraud. IPRoyal’s proxy here is an ideal choice as it allows marketers to validate their advertising from multiple places, all under one roof.

It allows them to gain vital insights about the performance of their campaigns and make informed decisions to have better ROI. IPRoyal proxies allow you to run checks from several locations, making sure that the ads are appropriately running.

By doing this, you can protect the brand’s image and also save some money by avoiding potential ad fraud.

2. Data collection for the stock market:

Data collection for the stock market

As an agent, having access to all the real-time insights on the stock market for your clients is crucial but also tedious.

Proxies here play an important role by helping you gather insight from multiple sources, bypassing the geological restrictions.

IPRoyal proxies provide an advanced level of privacy and security to ensure that you face no bans, blocks, or human errors during your data collection process.

By using these proxies, you can make informed investment decisions and stay ahead in the ever-changing financial market. 

3. Content Management 

Content management is a long process that includes stages of generating ideas, organizing, publishing online, and more. Firms in this field need great speed, bandwidth savings, enhanced safety, and anonymity to handle material more successfully.

With IPRoyal proxies, the firm can ensure that material is accurately published and distributed from several regions, meeting the individual demands of each customer.

These proxies also serve as an extra layer of security, lowering the danger of any security breaches.

4. Data Scraping 

iproyal web scraping

Data scraping is a popular process on the internet today to gather and consolidate data. A firm that practices web scraping can confidently present authentic and accurate data as needed.

Having the right proxy can help you dodge bans, blocks, and human errors, ensuring fast, accurate, and anonymous data collection. 

Pros & Cons of IPRoyal


  • The proxy packages are extremely economical.
  • The setup is lightning-fast and only takes 60 seconds.
  • Easily unblock any online platform with proxies.
  • The proxies have a speed of up to 10 GB/s.
  • Offers features like the history of IP addresses, DNS changes, and unique IP address.
  • Highly responsive customer assistance team 


  • The platform has limited self-help documentation.
  • Offers no free trials.
  • Lack of IP Authentication Support.

Cost Structure:

The price plans for all the proxy types are varied here. IPRoyal lets you select the number of GB you wish to buy and make a purchase accordingly.

1. Residential Proxy 

iproyal residential proxies pricing

The price of a residential proxy plan starts at $7 per GB and goes down to $2.45 per GB for a 5000 GB plan. IPRoyal offers great discount packages of up to 65%. Their 500 GB plan has a flat discount of 50%.  

2. Static Residential Proxy: 

iproyal static residential proxies pricing

There are four plans under this service with different durations: a one-day plan, a 30-day plan, a 60-day plan, and a 90-day plan. The one-day plan starts at $1.80 per proxy, and the 90-day plan’s price goes up to $2.40 per proxy. 

3. Datacenter Proxy 

iproyal datacenter proxies pricing

This proxy service offers three plans based on duration, starting with a 30-day plan and going up to 90 days. The basic plan starts at $1.56 per proxy in a 30-day plan and costs as low as $1.39 per proxy in a 90-day plan. 

4. Mobile Proxy 

iproyal mobile proxies pricing

This proxy service offers three plans based on duration: a one-day plan, 30 30-day plan, and a 90-day plan. The basic plan starts at $7 per proxy in the one-day plan and costs $81 in a 90-day plan. The features under all the plans are the same. 

5. Sneaker Proxy .

iproyal sneaker proxies pricing

This proxy service offers 4 plans based on duration. The basic plan starts at $1 per proxy for a single-day plan and costs $1.60 per proxy for a 90-day plan. The features under all the plans are the same. 

Learn more about the price plans here: https://iproyal.com/ 

How To Make a Purchase And Have a Quick Start?

Here is a step-by-step guide considering IPRoyal Residential Proxies purchase and use 

  • Step 1: Go to the IPRoyal website and log in to your account.
    log in to your account
  • Step 2: Click on the “Royal Residential Proxies” section to access the dashboard.
    Royal Residential Proxies
  • Step 3: Set the interface language to English or Chinese.
  • Step 4: Click on your email address to access identity verification, account settings, and the deposit page.
    Click on your email address to access identity verification
  • Step 5: Modify your personal information, including your name, location, phone number, and email.
  • Step 6: Choose your preferred payment method and deposit funds into your account.
  • Step 7: Select the number of proxies you need and the location you want them from.
  • Step 8: Choose between rotating or sticky sessions, depending on your needs.
  • Step 9: Generate API tokens and modify your website theme as needed 
  • Step 10: Create a new order 
  • Step 11: Start using your proxies for data scraping, travel fare aggregation, ad verification, or any other use case.

A Quick Overview Of The Dashboard 

Considering the Royal Residential Proxy, here’s what the dashboard offers to its clients 

Overview Of The Dashboard 
  • The dashboard has a statistics field that offers users a detailed report on how they used their traffic based on specific durations as needed. The traffic here can be filtered based on units and websites. You can also download a CSV report of the target hostname, port used, and traffic spent.
    traffic left
  • The traffic left section shows the unused traffic.
  • An option to switch on the reminder for your unused traffic.
  • The auto top-up option here automatically completes an order for a certain amount of GB you add when your traffic falls below a certain value. Don’t worry, as this automatically includes the discounts you’re qualified for.
    create whitelist

  • The configuration section lets you create whitelists. You can add IP addresses that the proxies can use with any credentials. All you have to do is click on the Add button to add IPs and configure your proxies.proxy access
  • By turning on the high-end pool, you can make use of all the responsive IPs available. 
  • The reset option on the right will let you reset the proxy configurations. 
  • If you’re looking for proxies from a specific location, you can select up to two countries and specific regions for your websites. 
  • The type field lets you select the proxy protocol. IPRoyal supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 endpoints. 
  • The Sticky IP feature lets you set the TTL (time-to-live) for every session, which can last from 1 day to 7 days.
  • The proxy hostname is the IPRoyal proxy host. 
  • The proxy port refers to the communication endpoint that helps you identify the type of proxy you’re using.
  • The cURL example offers a fast and easy way to test the proxies. As cURL is a cross-platform instrument, you can paste the example in the command line or the terminal to test the proxy settings.

Quick Links:


In essence, IPRoyal is a great proxy service provider that offers a diverse range of proxies. The technical aspects of all of its proxy services showcase a meticulous approach to catering to diverse user requirements.

While this platform stands out with its seamless integrations, extensions, and browser services at these compelling prices, I feel the platform can work on enhancing its self-help aspect for its users so that they don’t have to be completely dependable on customer assistance.

My experience with their sneaker proxy service and residential proxy service was commendable. Is IPRoyal worth trying? Absolutely yes. 

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