Copping Shoes 2024: A Complete Guide

Let’s get straight to the point. Buying limited edition sneakers is tough, especially during hyped releases.

You’re here to learn how to get sneakers without paying crazy prices or maybe to resell them for profit. Don’t worry if it all seems confusing at first. I’ll break it down for you, step by step, so you can get started with sneaker copping.

How to Get Shoes for Retail Price – the Ingredients:

1. Main Sites for Copping Shoes

Copping Sneaker SitesThe following are some of the main sites for sneaker copping. Your sneaker bot and the shoes you want will determine what you choose:


  1. Demandware: This platform hosts websites like Adidas (US, EU, etc.) and Yeezy Supply. These sites are where you can find limited-edition Adidas sneakers and Yeezy releases. Demandware provides the infrastructure for these websites to handle high traffic during hyped releases.
  2. Footsites: Footsites include popular retailers like Footlocker, EastBay, ChampsSports, and Footaction. These websites offer a wide range of sneaker brands and models, including Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and more. Footsites are known for their frequent restocking and variety of styles available.
  3. Shopify: Shopify is a large e-commerce platform that hosts hundreds of shoe shops. Some notable ones include Kith, Bape, and JimmyJazz. These shops often release exclusive and limited edition sneakers through their Shopify storefronts. Shopify allows for easy customization and integration of sneaker bots for automated purchasing.
  4. Mesh: Mesh is a platform used by websites like JDSports, Footpatrol, and The Hip Store, primarily located in the European Union. These sites offer a selection of sneakers from various brands, with a focus on streetwear and urban fashion. Mesh provides a user-friendly interface and efficient checkout process for sneaker releases.
  5. Nike: and the Nike SNKRS app are the primary platforms for purchasing Nike sneakers, including coveted releases like Air Jordans and collaborations with designers and celebrities. The SNKRS app often hosts exclusive releases and offers interactive experiences for sneakerheads.
  6. Supreme: The Supreme website is where you can find limited edition clothing and accessories from the streetwear brand Supreme. Supreme releases new items every Thursday, including sneakers, apparel, and accessories, which often sell out quickly due to high demand.

Each of these sites has its own release schedule, stocking policies, and methods for purchasing sneakers. Understanding how each platform operates can help sneaker enthusiasts strategize their copping approach and increase their chances of securing desired pairs.

2. Sneaker Releases

Sneaker Releases:First come, first served

The process of finding and copping new sneakers involves the following steps:

Finding a Release:

Websites like Solelinks or Kick on Fire provide information about upcoming release dates. These sites help you stay informed about drops in general.

During a release, it’s essential to follow Twitter or join a Discord cook group for live updates and real-time information.

Types of Releases:

  • First come, first served: This traditional method involves purchasing items directly and hoping to check out before they sell out.
  • Queue: Instead of direct purchases, you join a queue, and the website selects entries to purchase the shoes through a raffle system. Many retailers use this system to combat bots.

Drops and Restocks:

  • Drop: A sneaker’s initial release announcement by retailers, usually with prior notice.
  • Restock: When a sneaker becomes available again after selling out during a drop. There is less predictability with restocks and they are usually unannounced.

Sneaker Bots:

Sneaker bots increase your chances of copping releases by allowing faster checkouts and multiple purchases.

While not essential, bots can be beneficial, especially for reselling. They enter raffles multiple times, significantly increasing chances compared to manual entries.

There are various types of sneaker bots targeting specific websites like Nike, Supreme, or Mesh. All-in-one (AIO) bots support multiple sites but may be less efficient.

Some of the best bots are often out of stock and may need to be purchased from aftermarket platforms like Bot Mart or BotBroker. Be cautious of scams and use a middleman for secure transactions.

3. Sneaker Proxies

Proxies are like disguises for your bot’s internet connection. They give your bot different identities and can change its location, helping you avoid getting blocked.

While not always necessary, using proxies can increase your chances of success. They allow your bot to make more attempts to cop sneakers, improving your odds of winning.

Residential proxies, which come from real people’s devices, are considered the best option. They’re harder to block than datacenter proxies. Residential IPs are available either peer-to-peer or as static proxies.

It’s crucial to get proxies in the right location. For example, if you’re targeting US stores, proxies from New York, Ashburn, or Chicago are ideal. Similarly, for stores in other countries like the EU or Japan, choose proxies from the same country.

4. Sneaker Servers

Sneaker Servers

A sneaker server is like having another computer that you control from your own PC. It helps you cop sneakers faster and run more tasks on your bot because it’s more powerful than your regular computer.

Plus, it lets you use macOS or Linux with sneaker bots, which usually only work on Windows.

If you’re not trying to cop Supreme, run lots of tasks, or use macOS, you might not need a sneaker server. But if you do, popular options include Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services, and dedicated sneaker servers.

5. Virtual Credit Cards

Some sneaker websites allow you to use one credit card for multiple purchases, but many don’t. If you plan to resell sneakers, you’ll need virtual credit cards.

These cards are for one-time use with a specific spending limit. They’re easy to get and you can have several at once.

A well-known provider of virtual credit cards is, but it’s only available in the US. For those in the EU and other regions, Revolut is an option, although it has some limitations.

6. Discord Cook Groups

Discord Cook Groups

A cook group is like a special club where sneaker enthusiasts share important information and tips about buying sneakers.

They give details about where to buy shoes, provide early links and keywords for bots, and help with getting proxies. These groups can also offer advice on reselling and provide tools for it.

Basically, if you’re serious about getting sneakers, joining a cook group is a must. Most of these groups charge a monthly fee, usually between $20 to $60, and they have limited spots available.

Some sneaker bot programs also come with their own groups, which are helpful for setting up the bot and accessing important information.

Conclusion:  Copping Shoes

Imagine you’re all set up on your computer, ready to buy some sneakers online. You’ve got your sneaker bot running, your proxies and payment details set, and you’re chatting with friends in a sneaker group, waiting for the big release.

Just before the release, you get some special keywords and links from the group. When the release starts, your bot jumps into action, trying to buy the shoes for you. At first, you might miss out a few times, but then you finally get a win! And another one! You feel relieved and happy.

After the release, you keep your bot running in case there’s a restock, giving you another chance to snag those sneakers. Even though sneaker copping can be tough and unpredictable, moments like these make it all worth it.

Now that you’ve finished reading this guide, you’re ready to start copping shoes. So, get everything you need, be patient, and go get those sneakers you’ve been dreaming of!

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