GamePigeon For Android 2024: A Complete & Updated Guide!

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If you are looking for GamePiegon for Android and how to download it you have landed on the correct page.

The Game Pigeon app has gained a lot of traction recently, and for good reason. However, because this game is primarily created for iPhone users, if you want to run Game Pigeon on Android, follow the steps below to enjoy the app on your Android smartphone.

Game Pigeon is one of those exceptional apps that stands out from the crowd. You may connect with your friends and chat with them using the app. Interacting with your friends after defeating them in any of the games is quite enjoyable.

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This, like many excellent things, is difficult to obtain on Android OS. The software was created specifically for iPhone users and is only accessible on iOS or macOS. And obtaining the product on Android is difficult and seems like a mountain climb.

On your smartphone, you can play the game Pigeon for Android or iOS. It can be played online with your friends. In the following sections, I will guide you through downloading and playing Pigeon on an Android device. So, let’s get started.

What is GamePigeon?

What if you played fun games while you were texting – that would be pretty interesting, wouldn’t it? GamePigeon lets you do just that. With it, game apps can be added to iMessage (and is now available for Android users!). 

To get an invitation to download the app, your friend has to message you specifically. The app can easily be downloaded from the App Store. Your iMessage keyboard will now show the app in the extension bar. 

This game can be played with any of your friends, and you have a variety of games to select from, including 8-ball pool, Knockout, Sea Battle, Anagrams, Checkers, Poker, Tanks, Four In A Row, and more. 

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The first step in requesting one of your contacts to play a certain game is to send them a request. This can easily be accomplished by selecting a specific game. In addition to formatting, the app will automatically convert it to text or iMessage. 

You should consider playing fun games instead of texting next time you get bored. The two of you will have an excellent conversation in addition to friendly competition. 

You’ll always have something new to try and play with your friends since you have access to a variety of games here.

Steps To Download GamePigeon On Android:

Below are the steps for downloading GamePigeon on an Android device.

Step 1: Visit the official website to download the app.

Step 2: Java Development Kit 9 is a good choice.

Step 3: From there, you can download the macOS file.

Step 4: Run the command in the browser. MacOS files will be downloaded. Macro files need to be enabled in SETTINGS.

Step 5: The terminal command must also be allowed to run.

Step 6: The command can now be run.

Step 7: A valid email address must be entered when running the command. Your Mac OS email address should be used.

Step 8: Type your password, then your email address.

Step 9: macOS and Android can be connected. An application download message will appear.

Step 10: Enter your macOS IP address to log on to the server. You will also be asked for your ID and password.

Step 11: This connects these devices to your screen once it is finished. By entering text into your Android device from your iOS device, you can check whether it works. The message may not appear on your Android device for up to three minutes.

The terminal command must be enabled throughout the entire procedure. The same connection can be used throughout the process.


Is GamePigeon Available For Android?

There are several popular alternatives to Game Pigeon which can be found on Google Play Store, but no version of Game Pigeon is available on the Google Play Store!

1. Plato – Games & Group Chats

You can play plenty of games right from the chat window of this amazing texting app, Plato, which also lets you message your friends. Playing games in groups with friends is possible here, without being interrupted. In addition to game types based on chance, there are also game types that require skill such as Chess, Bounce, Pool, and Sea Battle.

2. 8 Ball Pool

The free online game 8-Ball Pool lets you play either against an AI or against another player in two-player mode. You will experience a realistic gaming experience, and the best part is that it is free!

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3. BombSquad

The best way to enjoy BombSquad is with friends. Players compete with each other by punching, throwing, and bombing their way to the finish line. Play Capture-the-Flag, King-of-the-Hill, Bomber Hockey, and Epic-Slow-Motion Elimination, as well as other fun mini-games.


We don’t need to introduce PUBG. This game can be played with or without friends or even with your family members. You will surely succeed in your endeavor by simply interacting with others. It’s exciting to play the game and survive until the end with your team. 

5. Chess – Play and Learn

The game, ‘Chess – Play and Learn,’ can also help you improve your strategy-making skills, and you can play it with friends. In addition to playing with your friends, you can also chat. There are many tournaments in which you can participate with other players. 

Gamepiegon chess

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FAQ: GamePigeon For Android 2024

👉 What Are The Steps To Work With Game Pigeons?

Android users can certainly use the iMessage game. However, one small step is required. Creating a new iMessage for a friend and clicking on the ok App Store icon should be the first step. You'll see four grey dots that represent your installed apps. Choose GamePigeon.

✅ Are Android and iOS compatible?

Cross-platform mobile development has led to too many games being developed. Thus, both OS are capable of supporting these games and allowing users to play them on their smartphones. Technology has facilitated developers' ability to reach smartphone users with different operating systems around the world. Multiplayer games can be played on both Android and iOS devices.

👉 Is GamePigeon accessible on Android?

In simple terms, Android devices download and install games via Google Play Store, while iOS utilizes the Games Centre. We may be updating iOS and Android devices in the future so that you can play multiplayer games. The Android operating system does not currently support iMessage games. Therefore, certain applications may not work.

Conclusion: GamePigeon For Android 2024

It will probably come as no surprise to you if you have noted these games carefully that most of them recall the classic board games we played when we were young. 

You now know what to jump on whenever you’re bored or tired, right? Play games with your friends while having better conversations with Game Pigeon. 

Have fun playing!


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