How to Use Datacenter Proxies for Sneakers 2024

Sneaker enthusiasts use proxy providers to purchase rare sneakers online and stay ahead of the competition. Previously, buyers used residential proxies with bots and custom scripts.

Adidas and Yeezy Supply’s strong anti-bot systems made it the preferred option. However, datacenter proxies are still useful.

In the article, I will explain how to use datacenter proxies for sneakers, explore the benefits of data center IPs, compare data center proxies to residential IPs, and discuss alternatives for advanced anti-bot systems.

What is Datacenter Proxy for Sneakers? 

What is a Datacenter Proxy for Sneakers? 

Before we talk about why datacenter proxies are good for buying sneakers, let’s understand what they are.

A datacenter proxy comes from a hosting company or data center, unlike residential proxies which come from regular internet users.

Like any other proxy, a datacenter proxy hides your real IP address when you connect to a website, giving you anonymous access. These proxies can work really fast because data centers host them.

However, there’s a downside. The level of anonymity might not be as strong because websites with anti-bot systems can often detect datacenter IPs.

This means the proxies might not work if the website detects them.

Now, let’s focus on why datacenter proxies are useful for buying sneakers.

Benefits of Using Datacenter Proxies for Sneakers

  • Speed and Performance: Datacenter proxies are known for their high speed and performance because they come from data centers that have powerful servers. This means you can quickly connect to sneaker websites and complete your purchases without delays or timeouts.
  • Wide Pools and Unlimited Traffic: Another advantage is that datacenter proxies often come with wide pools of IP addresses and unlimited traffic on certain plans. This means you won’t run out of resources, even during important sneaker releases. You can keep making requests without worrying about hitting traffic limits, making the sneaker-buying process much easier.
  • Low Prices: Datacenter proxies are usually more affordable compared to other types of proxies. Since buying sneakers for resale is a business for many people, keeping costs low is important to maximize profits. With cheap datacenter proxies, you can save money on proxy expenses and increase your earnings from sneaker sales.

Things to Remember While Using DC Proxies for Sneakers 

Things to Remember While Using DC Proxies for Sneakers 

  • IP Origin: Datacenter proxies come from data centers, making their IPs easily recognizable by sneaker websites. Since regular shoppers don’t typically use these IPs, your activity might raise suspicions and lead to a ban.
  • IP Similarity: If multiple buyers use datacenter proxies with overlapping subnets, sneaker sites may flag their activity. This is why serious sneaker enthusiasts often opt for residential private proxies, which appear more like regular user traffic.
  • Lotteries and Raffles: Many sneaker sites now use lottery-based systems instead of first-come-first-serve releases to combat automated bot activity. In these cases, having a datacenter proxy won’t improve your chances of success. Instead, a reliable yet affordable residential proxies is preferred.

Despite these challenges, some sneaker enthusiasts still use datacenter proxies. Here are some tips for using them effectively:

  • Rotate IPs: Continuously switch between different datacenter proxies to avoid detection.
  • Use Delay: Introduce delays between requests to mimic human browsing behavior.
  • Choose Quality Proxies: Invest in reputable datacenter proxy providers to minimize the risk of getting banned.

By following these best practices, you can increase your chances of successfully buying rare sneakers with datacenter proxies.

Additionally, if you want to learn more about sneaker culture and terminology, check out our glossary for explanations of common terms used by sneakerheads.

Datacenter Proxies for Sneakers Best Practices

  • Utilize Speed: Datacenter proxies are fast, which makes them useful for certain tasks. While they might not be suitable for copping sneakers on highly sophisticated sites like Yeezy Supply or Adidas, you can leverage their speed on platforms like Shopify. Conduct research to identify Shopify proxies where you can deploy datacenter proxies efficiently.
  • Solve Google CAPTCHA: When using bots for sneaker copping, you often encounter Google CAPTCHA challenges. Datacenter proxies can help here by providing different IPs for each Google account used to solve CAPTCHA. This prevents Google from detecting suspicious activity associated with multiple requests coming from the same IP.
  • Monitoring Restocks: Datacenter proxies are also handy for monitoring restocks, where canceled orders are put back into the inventory. You can use them to track restock updates efficiently. Additionally, you can use datacenter proxies to check drop schedules when the exact date hasn’t been announced yet.

Here Are My Data Center Proxy Recommendations.

1. Blazing SEO (Rayobyte):

Rayobyte overview

Blazing SEO offers datacenter proxies that are specifically optimized for sneaker copping. These proxies are designed to provide high speeds, ensuring that users can quickly send requests to sneaker websites during releases.

Additionally, Blazing SEO provides dedicated IPs, meaning that users have exclusive access to the proxy, reducing the risk of IP bans.

With various locations available, users can choose proxies that are geographically close to sneaker websites, further enhancing connection speeds.

2. Proxy-Cheap:

proxy-cheap overview

Proxy-Cheap provides datacenter proxies suitable for sneaker bot usage. These proxies are known for their fast speeds, allowing users to quickly navigate sneaker websites and complete purchases before items sell out.

Proxy-Cheap also offers unlimited bandwidth, ensuring that users do not encounter limitations on their proxy usage during high-demand releases. Moreover, the pricing plans offered by Proxy-Cheap are affordable, making them accessible to a wide range of users.

3. InstantProxies:

Instant Proxies Overview

InstantProxies offers data center proxies specifically designed for sneaker-copping activities.

These proxies prioritize anonymity and speed, ensuring that users can bypass sneaker website security measures and complete purchases without delays.

Compatible with popular sneaker bot software, InstantProxies allows users to integrate their proxies seamlessly with their preferred botting tools, streamlining the copping process.

4. Storm Proxies:

StormProxies Overview

Storm Proxies provides datacenter proxies optimized for sneaker releases. With rotating IPs, these proxies automatically switch between different IP addresses, reducing the risk of detection and bans by sneaker websites.

Additionally, Storm Proxies offers high-speed connections, enabling users to quickly navigate through sneaker websites and secure coveted items during releases.

These proxies are compatible with major sneaker bot software, ensuring seamless integration for users.

5. MyPrivateProxy:

MPP Overview

MyPrivateProxy offers datacenter proxies tailored for sneaker botting activities. These proxies feature dedicated IPs, providing users with exclusive access to their proxy resources.

Known for their reliability and performance, MyPrivateProxy ensures fast speeds and stable connections during high-demand releases.

With MyPrivateProxy, users can confidently engage in sneaker copping without worrying about IP bans or connectivity issues.

Why DC Proxies No Longer Work with Most Sneaker Websites

  1. Easy to Spot: Datacenter proxies come from web hosting companies, which is a giveaway because regular people don’t use these IPs to buy shoes. This raises a red flag for sneaker websites.
  2. Subnets: These companies offer IPs in related blocks called subnets. If multiple sneakerheads use proxies from the same provider, the IPs will likely overlap in certain numbers. This signals to sneaker sites that the visitors aren’t genuine customers but rather bots.
  3. Raffles Instead of First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS): To combat bots, many sneaker sites switched to raffle mode, where everyone has a chance to win the opportunity to buy sneakers. With raffles, ISP and residential proxies can mimic different users, but datacenter proxies don’t offer any advantage in this scenario.

Residential vs Datacenter Proxies for Sneakers

Aspect Residential Proxies Datacenter Proxies
IP Diversity Offer high IP diversity with real user IPs Limited IP diversity as they are not real users
Legitimacy Perceived as more legitimate by websites May be perceived as less legitimate
Reliability Generally more reliable and stable Can be less reliable due to higher ban rates
Speed Slower due to reliance on residential connections Faster speeds due to dedicated datacenter IPs
Cost More expensive due to higher demand and rental fees More affordable due to ease of acquisition
Availability Limited availability and often in high demand Readily available in large quantities
Detection Less likely to be detected and blocked More prone to detection and bans

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Conclusion: Unlock Sneaker Success with Datacenter Proxies in 2024

Datacenter proxies were once popular for buying sneakers online due to their speed and affordability.

However, sneaker websites have become better at detecting them, making them less reliable. While they can still be useful for some tasks like monitoring restocks and solving CAPTCHA challenges, residential proxies, and ISP proxies are now preferred for successful sneaker copping.

These alternatives mimic genuine user behavior better and have a higher chance of success.

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