Rayobyte Proxies Review 2024: The Most Reliable Residential Proxies

Rayobyte Proxies Review


Rayobyte is mainly known for its dedicated datacenter proxies. However, they’ve recently expanded to offer ISP, residential, and mobile proxies. In addition to proxies, they have a web scraping API that can help you gather data from websites like Google and Amazon.

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Hey there! 🌟 Searching for a top-notch proxy service? I just tried Rayobyte proxies, and I’m thrilled to share my experience! 🚀

Like many of you, I need reliable proxies for my online tasks. And guess what? Rayobyte really delivered!

In this review, I’m going to share my honest thoughts about their service based on my own experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro proxy user, my journey with Rayobyte is something you’ll find helpful and interesting.

Let’s dive in and see what makes Rayobyte a standout choice in the world of proxies! 🌐💡

Quick Glance About Rayobyte Proxy

Feature Description
Company Overview Rayobyte, formerly known as Blazing SEO, is a US-based company offering a variety of proxy services.
Proxy Types Offers Residential, ISP, Data Center, and Mobile Proxies.
Residential Proxies Over 10 million devices worldwide, ideal for data scraping and geo-targeting.
ISP Proxies Fast 1 Gbps lines and unlimited bandwidth are primarily available in the US.
Scraping Robot A web scraping API and custom scraping solutions for various budgets.
Data Center Proxies Over 300,000 IPs across 20,000 C-class subnets, with 1 Gbps lines and no thread limits.
Mobile Proxies Utilizes real mobile phones and SIM cards for authentic web browsing.
Bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth across all proxy types.
Pricing Flexible subscription options, including monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual plans.
Usability User-friendly dashboard with easy setup and management.
Customer Service 24/7 support is available, with a ticket-based system and FAQ section.
Ethical Practices Emphasizes ethical acquisition of IPs and transparent practices.
Protocols Supports major proxy protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5.
Link Try Rayobyte Proxies!

What Is Rayobyte?

Rayobyte is a company based in the United States, and it’s been around since 2015. It’s part of the Sprious group, which does various things like web scraping, data intelligence, and hosting services.

Rayobyte is mainly known for its dedicated datacenter proxies. However, they’ve recently expanded to offer ISP, residential, and mobile proxies. In addition to proxies, they have a web scraping API that can help you gather data from websites like Google and Amazon.

Rayobyte Proxies Review

Before 2022, Rayobyte was known as Blazing SEO. Back then, they mainly targeted people who worked with search engines. They provided fast proxies, delivered them quickly, and charged less than others for dedicated proxies, from $1.2 to $0.65 per IP.

The owner, Neil, used to be active on online forums, answering questions and helping people. This made their service trustworthy and famous.

Now, Rayobyte has grown a lot. They have a vast network of datacenter proxies, with around 300,000 IPs across nine ASNs, all hosted in their data centers.

They call themselves the “largest American proxy provider” because of this. They’ve also started building their own residential and mobile IP networks.

These days, Rayobyte is all about being open and ethical. They want to be a reliable proxy provider for businesses and enterprise-level clients. While their prices have increased slightly, they still have plans that can work for customers who want to try their service.

How Rayobyte Proxies Work?

Rayobyte Proxies is a straightforward service. When you decide to use their proxies, you can quickly get started. You have various subscription options, including monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual plans.

Here’s how it works:

Go to Rayobyte’s website and sign up. You’ll need to provide some of your personal information.

Next, you’ll pick the type of subscription you want. You can choose between a paid plan or a trial subscription if you’re going to try it out first.

You’ll also have to decide whether you prefer an IPv4 or IPv6 package.

Then, you’ll need to choose the proxy type you want. You have three options: rotating, dedicated, or semi-dedicated proxies.

Finally, select your preferred location for the proxies.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can use Rayobyte Proxies for your online needs. It’s a flexible and user-friendly service for all kinds of users.

Feature-Set and Guidance

With its outstanding features, Rayobyte holds its own against all the other proxy players on the market. Looking closely at each, let’s see which appeals to you the most.

1. Residential Proxies

Rayobyte’s residential proxies offer access to a vast network of over 10 million devices worldwide, each belonging to real users.

These proxies are particularly valuable for data scraping because they make your web traffic appear more human-like to the websites you interact with.

Rayobyte Residential Proxies

This feature allows you to gather data from websites that display different content based on a user’s geographical location.

While residential proxies are a relatively new addition to Rayobyte’s services, they come with some notable features:

  • 10 Million+ Residential IPs: You can access a diverse pool of over 10 million residential IPs. This diversity is crucial for various web scraping and data collection tasks.
  • CAPTCHA Avoidance: Residential proxies help you bypass CAPTCHAs and other security measures that websites use to detect and block automated traffic.
  • Residential Proxy Ethics: Rayobyte strongly emphasizes ethical practices when acquiring IPs for their network. While many providers claim to be ethical, Rayobyte takes concrete steps to ensure ethical usage.
  • Unlimited Threads: You can run multiple web scraping processes simultaneously without thread restrictions, improving efficiency.
  • Geo-Targeting: Residential proxies allow you to choose the geographical location of the IP address you want, making them versatile for various applications.

Use cases for Rayobyte’s residential proxies include e-commerce, price aggregation, market research, social media data collection, ad tech, SEO monitoring, brand protection, and travel aggregation.

One noteworthy aspect of Rayobyte’s service is its commitment to residential proxy ethics. Many providers claim to be ethical in their practices, but often, this is based on extensive terms of service agreements that users rarely read.

Rayobyte stands apart by actively addressing these ethical concerns and making its practices transparent, ensuring that users are fully aware of their participation in a residential proxy network.

In practical terms, if you are, for example, an e-commerce business looking to gather pricing data from various regions, you can use Rayobyte’s residential proxies to appear as if you are accessing the website from those locations.

This allows you to collect accurate and region-specific data to make informed decisions.

2. ISP Proxies

Rayobyte’s ISP proxies are a relatively new offering that shows promise. This option currently comes with certain limitations but holds potential for expansion. The previous year, Rayobyte provided nearly 3,000 IPs distributed across three ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers).

It’s important to note that ISP proxies are exclusively available within the United States as of this review. Rayobyte emphasizes that these ISP solutions are sourced from reputable internet service providers.

Rayobyte ISP Proxies

These ISP proxies share similarities with datacenter proxies in that they operate on fast 1 Gbps lines and do not impose thread limits. Notably, they are marketed as having unlimited bandwidth.

However, it’s essential to delve into the fine print, which states that you should refrain from exceeding 200 GB of data usage with a single IP.

Rayobyte supports all three major proxy protocols and provides two authentication methods. Unlike some other types of proxies, ISP proxies do not offer rotation. If you require IP rotation for your specific use case, you can use Rayobyte’s Proxy Pilot feature.

In essence, ISP proxies, while currently limited in availability and location, present an intriguing option for users seeking reliable and high-speed proxies.

They are especially suitable for applications where consistent and fast connections are essential, provided you stay mindful of the bandwidth limitations associated with each IP. The absence of IP rotation can be managed using the Proxy Pilot feature, offering flexibility for users with diverse requirements.

3. Scraping Robot

Rayobyte recognized that web scraping can be complex, especially when lacking essential resources. To address this, they offered API and custom scraping solutions suitable for users with varying budgets.

Leveraging their expertise as a data-focused company, they aim to provide comprehensive support for web scraping, including high-quality proxies and the option to utilize Scraping Robot as a service.

Rayobyte Scraping Robot

Scraping Robot is a valuable tool that can relieve your team from the typical challenges associated with web scraping.

It handles various intricate tasks, such as server management, CAPTCHA solving, proxy rotation and administration, browser scalability, and keeping up with the latest anti-scraping measures implemented by target websites.

Scraping Robot boasts unique and promising features, including:

  • Developer-Centric Design: It is tailored for developers, offering structured JSON output of parsed website metadata through its APIs.
  • Regular Module Updates: New scraping modules are frequently added to cater to various use cases.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored solutions can be developed based on your specific needs.
  • JavaScript Rendering: It can handle JavaScript-heavy websites.
  • Proxy-Free Operation: Scraping Robot does not require additional proxy solutions.
  • Guaranteed Effective Results: Users can expect reliable and accurate outcomes from scraping activities.

Rayobyte is also actively working on incorporating additional features into Scraping Robot shortly. In addition to these enhancements, you may be able to perform POST requests, take screenshots of the browser, send webhook callbacks, and manage sessions.

Regarding pricing, Rayobyte keeps things transparent and straightforward. They offer a free package that includes 5,000 free scrapes each month, with access to all Scraping Robot features.

The business package accommodates up to 500,000 scrapes and is priced at $0.0018 per scrape. A cost-effective option is available for enterprise-level users with higher demands (500,000+ scrapes) at just $0.00045 per scrape.

This enterprise package includes all Scraping Robot features and offers access to custom API requests.

4. Data Center Proxies

Rayobyte boasts control over an impressive arsenal of over 300,000 data center IPs, thoughtfully distributed across 20,000 C-class subnets. This vast and diversified IP pool minimizes the risk of mass banning by websites, a notable advantage that few providers in the industry can match.

These IPs are sourced from 9 ASNs, which can be beneficial since certain websites tend to ban entire ASNs. Additionally, Rayobyte underscores its end-to-end hardware control, ensuring faster issue resolution and the ability to tailor the service to your specific requirements.

Rayobyte Data Center Proxies

The data center proxies operated by Rayobyte are equipped with speedy 1 Gbps lines. While this bandwidth is shared among multiple IPs, it still delivers fast connection speeds. Notably, Rayobyte refrains from imposing limits on the number of threads or the amount of traffic you can generate.

Rayobyte’s data center proxies offer dedicated IPs in approximately 30 countries, with a significant presence in the US. The rotating proxies cover four locations, while the semi-dedicated ones expand this to 10.

City-targeting is also available, primarily within the US. Opting for the rotating plan provides access to a backconnect gateway server with various ports.

This gateway server offers a proxy pool that’s 20 times the number of ports you purchase, meaning you could have 2,000 IPs for every 100 ports, for instance. The IP behind the gateway server switches every 10-120 minutes.

There is no built-in rotation for dedicated and semi-dedicated solutions, but you can configure rotation using the Proxy Pilot tool.

Additionally, you can request a free monthly replacement for any IP, which is particularly helpful if a proxy is banned or doesn’t function as expected on your target site.

Rayobyte supports all three primary protocols, including SOCKS5, catering to user preferences and needs. In summary, Rayobyte’s data center proxies offer an extensive and highly configurable range of IP options with advanced features and the flexibility to adapt to different use cases and scenarios.

5. Mobile Proxies

Unlike residential and data center proxies, mobile proxies use IP addresses and bandwidth from a mobile telecom provider’s plan.

When a mobile phone user purchases such a plan, they receive a SIM card for their phone, enabling them to connect to mobile cellphone towers and the telecom provider’s satellites.

Rayobyte Mobile Proxies

Rayobyte’s proxy software allows you to harness the power of real mobile phones and their associated SIM cards. Therefore, when you acquire a mobile proxy, you gain access to a genuine IP address provided by the telecom carrier.

This means you can browse the web as if using an actual mobile device, making your online activities appear more authentic.

Free Proxy Management

This feature, called Proxy Pilot, is still in beta, so it’s important to note that it might change in the future. But as of now, Proxy Pilot serves two primary functions:

Rotating Static Proxies: It allows for the rotation of static proxies, which means you can switch between different proxies to make your web scraping or data gathering more efficient.

Advanced Proxy Management: It equips the server with advanced proxy management techniques such as cooldowns, automatic retries, and ban detection. Smart Proxy Manager and Next-Gen Residentials are examples of sophisticated logic that transform ordinary IP addresses into more competent services.

As of the time of writing this review, Proxy Pilot is offered for free. If it continues to perform well, it could add significant value to Rayobyte proxies, making them more cost-effective. It also helps reduce some of the challenges associated with web crawling.

However, there’s a drawback to the Free Proxy Management feature in its current state. It has to decrypt passing traffic in a way that resembles a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack.

This might sound daunting to some users and requires a certain level of trust in the proxy provider. Not all users may be comfortable with this approach.

On the positive side, if you trust Rayobyte, you can access highly detailed statistics about your proxy usage, which can be immensely helpful for optimizing your web scraping or data collection activities.

For example, let’s say you’re using Rayobyte proxies for market research. Proxy Pilot allows you to switch between proxies to gather data from different sources easily. This can help you avoid being blocked by websites and ensure your research is comprehensive and up to date.

Remember that the use of Proxy Pilot should be done according to ethical web scraping practices and applicable laws and regulations.

Unlimited Bandwidth

One standout feature of Rayobyte is its user-friendly pricing structure. Unlike many other proxy providers that charge based on bandwidth usage, Rayobyte’s pricing is based on the number of proxies you purchase.

Here’s how it works:

Unlimited Usage: Regardless of the Rayobyte proxy package you choose, you can use the proxies without worrying about bandwidth limits. Many other providers charge users based on how much data they transfer, which can lead to unexpected costs.

Per Proxy Pricing: With Rayobyte, you pay for each proxy you purchase, and these proxies are at your disposal throughout the subscription period you select.

No Bandwidth Charges: Since you’re not charged for bandwidth, you can use up to 100 GB of data per month per proxy, and Rayobyte can handle a staggering 25 petabytes of data during the same period. This level of data capacity provides significant convenience.

While this pricing approach offers the benefit of unlimited usage, it’s essential to note that Rayobyte’s services may not be the most cost-effective option on the market, primarily due to its pricing structure. We’ll delve into the financial aspects, both short-term and long-term, as we progress further in our review.

When you subscribe to a proxy package from Rayobyte, you can utilize your allocated proxies without worrying about additional costs based on data usage.

Whether you use a little or a lot of data, the price remains the same, giving you predictability and control over your expenses. This approach benefits users who require consistent and reliable proxy services without unexpected overage charges.

Rayobyte Affiliate Program

In addition to its proxy offerings and other web services, Rayobyte offers clients an enticing opportunity to boost their income through the Affiliate Program.

This program allows you to earn money by referring Rayobyte to friends and acquaintances. For each successful referral, you’ll receive a generous 15% commission.

Rayobyte Affiliate Program

This customer-centric approach benefits you and encourages you to share your positive experience with others, creating a win-win situation. It’s a straightforward way to earn extra income by spreading the word about Rayobyte’s services.


The registration process with Rayobyte involves filling out a relatively comprehensive form. This process is also tied to making a purchase. Even if you opt for a trial, you’ll still need to select a package, location, and the number of IPs to purchase.

Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll gain access to the dashboard. If you’ve paid for your IPs in stock, they should be automatically delivered within 30 minutes.

Within the dashboard, you can purchase a plan, manage and authorize Rayobyte servers, review invoices, and contact customer support. Since bandwidth is unlimited, usage metrics will not be available.

A convenient feature of this dashboard is a specially designed tool for identifying and filtering out problematic IPs. It’s also helpful to view each IP address’s associated location.

If your purchased plan allows it, the dashboard lets you select a specific city within the country where the server is located. Another appealing feature is the ability to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

You can add or remove IPs by entering the number, and the system will take care of it for you without you needing to contact customer support.

You can also replace an IP if it’s not working as expected. Click a button, and within 30 minutes, the previous IP will be swapped with a new one. Alternatively, you can provide a list of proxies to be changed in bulk. This replacement option is available once a month.

Another critical tab worth noting is the Proxy Settings/API section, where you can:

  • If an IP goes down, it will be replaced, ensuring 100% uptime. However, this feature may be somewhat automated, replacing manually selected options.
  • Choose to rotate the static proxies after 30 days.
  • Export information about your Rayobyte account, including billing details.
  • Access the API, which allows you to programmatically authorize checking assigned IPs by category or country and add/remove or substitute proxy options.

Customer Service

Finding the customer support section on Rayobyte’s website is a breeze—it’s conveniently placed at the bottom of the homepage. The Rayobyte support team is at your service 24/7, every day of the year. When an issue crops up, assistance is just a click away.

Attaching files to streamline the support process is particularly helpful when using their ticket-based system. The customer support page boasts a Frequently Asked Questions section that has already addressed many common queries.

Rayobyte Customer Service

Now, let’s talk about customer feedback. I’ve scoured various trustworthy platforms, and it’s clear that opinions are all over the map. Some users are pleased and express their gratitude, while others have had a few complaints.

What’s intriguing is that the most positive feedback often comes from folks using Rayobyte proxies for a while. On the flip side, those negative reviews usually relate to initial experiences, which led some users to stop using Rayobyte’s services altogether.

Customer Service At Rayobyte

This disparity might be connected to the initial challenge of resolving issues with customer support. Although the live chat is now available, response times can occasionally be more prolonged.

This aspect of customer service will see improvements in the future. After all, success in any service isn’t solely about the product itself; it’s also, if not more so, about how well you cater to your users’ needs.

I wanted to see their responsiveness, so I sent them a message through their ticketing system. I had to wait for about two hours before I got a response, and the reply came at an unusual time, around 3 AM, from a customer service agent who was working late.

We exchanged a few messages, and each response took roughly 2 hours, even when different agents took over. It seemed they didn’t consider my questions urgent technical issues, which was fine in this situation.

Rayobyte Pricing: How Much Does Rayobyte Cost?

Rayobyte offers a unique pricing system for its proxies. Instead of traditional pay-as-you-go or subscription models, you purchase a specific amount of data traffic, which remains available until you use it.

Rayobyte Pricing

The cost per unit of data depends on how much you buy. Rayobyte provides price breaks based on traffic ranges. For instance, buying between 1 and 15 GBs costs $15 per GB, but buying between 16 and 49 gigabytes drops to $12.50 per GB, and so on.

Buying more data in advance is a good idea, even if you plan to wait to use it. There’s an option to purchase extra data automatically when you reach a certain threshold, but it follows the exact traffic range pricing.

This system becomes particularly cost-effective when you buy 100 GB or more. However, for more minor data needs (up to 15 GB), other providers like Oxylabs and Bright Data offer competitive pricing.

If you decide to buy several proxy packages from Rayobyte, you might be able to get custom discounts based on the total number of IPs you’re acquiring.

For more details and to explore potential discounts, you can contact them via email at [email protected]. If you’re interested in a larger volume of IPs or have specific needs, you can reach out to their sales team to discuss potential cost savings or tailored solutions.

How to use Rayobyte Proxies for your maximum advantage

In my digital marketing role, I rely on Rayobyte proxies to monitor social media trends and the activities of our competitors.

With proxies, I can automate social media interactions, schedule posts during peak engagement hours, and gather insights into our audience’s behavior, allowing us to refine our social media strategy.

Here are some ways through which you all can use them, too.

Rayobyte Proxies For Maximum Advantage

1. eCommerce Web Scraping:

Monitor eCommerce trends, gain insights into customer behavior, and outperform competitors by scraping product data and pricing information from various websites. For instance, you can track price changes on e-commerce platforms to adjust your pricing strategy.

2. SEO Monitoring:

Enhance your SEO strategy by extracting data from global and local search engine results pages (SERPs). Analyze keyword rankings, search trends, and competitor performance to optimize your website’s visibility.

3. Ad Verification:

Ensure your ads reach the right audience by using proxies to verify ad placements and content across different platforms. This helps you maintain brand consistency and improve ad campaign performance.

4. Social Media Management:

Manage and grow your social media presence effectively. Use proxies to schedule posts, automate interactions, and gather data on audience engagement and competitor activities.

5. Market Research:

Leverage proxies to collect data and gain insights into market dynamics, consumer preferences, and emerging trends. This data can inform your business decisions and strategies.

6. Travel Data Aggregation:

Access real-time travel information, such as flight and hotel prices, to provide your audience with the best deals and stay ahead in the travel industry.

Rayobyte Proxies for Ultimate Benefit

7. Price Monitoring and Tracking:

Monitor competitors’ prices across e-commerce platforms. Adjust your pricing strategy to remain competitive and attract cost-conscious customers.

8. Review Monitoring:

Gather customer reviews and feedback from various sources to assess your brand’s reputation and identify areas for improvement. This helps in enhancing customer satisfaction and acquiring new customers.

9. Non-Profit Data Collection:

Collect community and government data at scale for data-driven strategies that can benefit communities and organizations.

10. Price Aggregation:

Gather real-time pricing data using proxies to optimize product pricing and improve conversion rates.

11. Brand Protection:

Defend your brand against counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers by monitoring online marketplaces. Proxies help you identify and address brand infringement issues.

12. Cybersecurity:

Enhance your online security by using proxies to mask your identity and protect your business from cyber threats.

Maximum Benefit Rayobyte Proxies

13. Reseller Services:

Partner with Rayobyte to provide proxy solutions to your clients. Resell rotating, dedicated, and semi-dedicated proxies to meet your customers’ diverse needs.

14. App Development:

Test the performance of your mobile apps with proxies before launching them to ensure a smooth user experience.

15. Research:

Proxies are versatile tools for various research projects, from data collection to web scraping for academic, scientific, or business purposes.

16. Inventory Tracking:

Keep track of inventory levels, respond to demand fluctuations, and ensure your customers receive timely notifications about product availability.

Reselling Rayobyte Proxies

Reselling Rayobyte proxies opens up an exciting opportunity to enter the proxy market and build a profitable online business with the backing of a reputable and supportive provider.

Reselling Rayobyte Proxies

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just getting started, the reseller program offers a straightforward way to enter this dynamic industry.

Why Should You Choose to Sell Rayobyte Proxies?

Reasons to Sell Rayobyte Proxies

Designed for Resellers: Rayobyte provides a proprietary and user-friendly API and dashboard, tailor-made to ensure the success of resellers’ businesses. You’ll have the tools to manage and grow your proxy business efficiently.

Direct Provider: Rayobyte is a direct provider of proxies, which means they maintain complete control over their inventory. You can trust that you’ll have access to proxies when you need them without delays or shortages.

Customizable Solutions: The Rayobyte team collaborates with resellers to identify the ideal mix of IPs for their customers’ specific needs. This customization ensures you can provide tailored proxy solutions for various use cases.

Outstanding Support: You’ll benefit from 24/7 support provided by proxy experts. Rayobyte’s team has extensive knowledge of running a successful proxy business and is ready to assist you anytime.

Diverse Product Range: As a reseller, you can offer various proxy products, including rotating, dedicated, and semi-dedicated datacenter proxies, ISP proxies, and rotating proxies from numerous countries. This variety enables you to cater to a broad customer base with diverse requirements.

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Conclusion: Rayobyte Proxies Review 2024

In conclusion, Rayobyte Proxies became a top choice for maintaining online privacy and anonymity.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction, automatic replacements, cost-effective options, and the ownership of their resources has propelled them to the forefront of the proxy provider industry.

They approach their business with dedication and prioritize their users’ needs.

I wholeheartedly recommend their products to those seeking reliable and efficient proxy solutions.

Visit the Official Rayobyte Proxies Site today to explore their offerings and take control of your online experience. If you found this review helpful, please share it, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments.

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