What Is BlogRoll And Five Golden Rules Of Blogging 2024 ?

One of the most exciting parts of blogging is getting to know other bloggers.  You can read their posts, leave comments and follow them on social media. 

But there’s a better way to find your new favorite blogs: Blog rolls! A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs that you enjoy reading or recommend others check out.   Whether you’re trying to grow your audience or just meet more friends who share your interests, here are five golden rules for making an amazing blog roll.

The tone in this post is informative with creative undertones because it provides helpful tips for readers looking to make a blog roll as well as how it will benefit them personally if they do so successfully. 

Blogging is not only an art but also a science. It takes time and effort to make your blog stand out from the rest, but it’s all worth it when you get readership. Here are five golden rules for making your blog stand out:

 1) Post regularly

2) Get people involved

3) Stay original

 4) Write about what matters to you

 5) Be yourself! 

Blogging can take up a lot of time and energy, so be sure that you stay committed to the process. If you stick through it, nothing will stop you from having your very own loyal following!

What is Blogroll?

Initially known as the do-follow link list, a blogroll is a list of links to other websites on a particular topic. They usually appear on the sidebar of your website. The term might be outdated for some time now but its meaning has remained consistent: it still refers to a collection of links and is often used by bloggers and webmasters alike.

What is Blogroll?
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Blogrolls were originally used for sharing links. But as we know, search engines like Google and Yahoo! started indexing these links and helped the webmasters improve their site rankings.

Now, blogrolls are known to be one of the factors considered by search engines when ranking a website. This is why some bloggers and webmasters consider it to be beneficial for them, especially if their blogs and websites are about a particular niche.

According to some bloggers and webmasters, blogrolls can help provide new content for your website while at the same time elevating its quality. But of course, like any other thing on your site, blogrolls should also be relevant to your site content to avoid having them appear unrelated.

The word blogroll was created from the combination of two words: “blog” and “roll-call.” In a traditional roll call, people would be called in an order that ensures everyone’s attendance is acknowledged. This practice can also be found in meetings or assignments where everyone should sign up either before or during a meeting.

In the blog world, however, a blogroll is a list of links that can be found on a particular website. A new term for this was created: the do-follow link list. This means that all links found in your blogroll have “do follow” attributes which means they will pass link juice to your site.

You can add a blogroll on your WordPress site by installing an add-on, widget, or module from one of the many available on the WordPress website. There are also blogging services that allow you to create a list of links found on other WordPress blogs and websites.


To help you better understand how blogrolls work, we have created a list of the best WordPress blogroll add-ons for you:


Five Golden Rules of Blogroll-

As a blogger, you would know the importance of linking to your fellow bloggers. Your blogroll will be incomplete if you have not included our own bloggers writing on similar topics as yours, right?

What Is BlogRoll And Five Golden Rules Of Blogging - Blog
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Here are some points to note when building your blogroll:

1) Always check for the name first before adding someone to your list

Some people call this “a blogroll of one”. This is basically a list of links attached to your blog which you can keep adding people’s links without checking for accuracy. No harm in that, but it will be better if you do some verification first.

Verification means having at least 2 or 3 posts from the person/people that you want to add into your blogroll. This shows that you have checked for the person’s name and what he/she has written before adding him/her as a link to your own blog.

2) Always check for relevancy of the topic

It is best if you only add those bloggers whose topics are relevant to yours or similar to yours. It is not wise to include people with different topics in your blogroll. One exception that I can think of is when you are writing about blogging tips and tricks, you can add people who write on an entirely different topic but whose stuff will be beneficial to the readers of your own blog.

3) Do not forget to acknowledge the person’s effort

When you build a blogroll, it is not nice to just include and forget. It would be nice if you acknowledge the person’s effort by visiting his/her site and dropping a word or two on their blog posts. You can do this even if you are not adding them to your blogroll.

4) Place the link where it is most visible

You should place the link that you will be adding into your blogroll where it is most visible. So, this means putting it at the top of your sidebar or even better, on top of your main blog page. This way, every time someone clicks onto your blog from another site, he/she can see who are the other bloggers that you have included in your blogroll.

5) Be sure to check and double-check for errors before publishing your blogroll

I think this speaks for itself now. Do not forget to check if the link is working and if it is still live, as well as check for spelling mistakes, etc. This will be good practice for you to avoid adding links that don’t work into your blogroll.


Importance of having Five Golden Rules of Blogroll

Having a blog is like having a house or apartment. You wouldn’t want to live in a semi-finished building and you don’t want your blog to be incomplete either. No matter how pretty it looks, if there are no foundations it won’t stand the test of time.

This is why we need to lay down some groundwork before we start doing anything else. I am talking about the 5 golden rules of blogroll.

You have spent countless hours writing your posts, adding all your lovely widgets and getting everything just so, but if nobody knows about it you are wasting your time. The more people who visit your blog the better for everyone involved. There are several ways of getting readers and one of them and probably the best way is by having a good blogroll.

A blogroll is like an address book, it contains all the important contact information for your readers to reach you. A lot of people assume that they can just add their favorite blogs into their own blogroll and they will get visitors flooding in, but this doesn’t always happen. You need to give people a reason to visit your blog and the best way of doing this is by adding some rules for them to follow.


Pros and Cons of having Five Golden Rules of Blogroll-


1) Blogrolls provide a central location for links to a person’s or a web site’s favorite sites. This is great for gathering several of your favorite sites so you don’t have to search around the internet finding them again and again.

2) Blogrolls are extremely useful when several people or businesses want to show links to their most favorite sites.

3) Blogrolls are good for SEO (search engine optimization). Having your link on another blog helps bring up your ranking in web search results

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4) Blogrolls are good for community building within blogging groups, forums, and social networks that allow people to post blogs or comments with other members.


1) Blogrolls can take a long time to load, depending on the number of links added and graphics used by the blog owner.

2) The more links you have in your blogroll, the less hyperlinks will show up for each site in the list. This may make it hard for your readers to find links they are looking for. To solve this problem, make the blogroll shorter or break it up into categories if possible.

3) It can be time-consuming to keep your list of favorite sites updated. A blogroll with obsolete links is not good either for SEO purposes or for showing your most current interests on your blog or site.

4) It takes time to find the best sources for your blogroll links, and sometimes these links may not be of interest to your readers. However, if you are selective about what sites go into your blogroll (and how many), that will help.


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Conclusion- What Is BlogRoll And Five Golden Rules Of Blogging 2024 

Bloggers are the new kings of content. People have more to say than ever before, but this doesn’t mean that they want to blog themselves–it’s just too time-consuming and difficult for many people who don’t know how to code or maintain a site.

This is where bloggers come in! If you’re an expert on any subject at all, blogging about it can be your ticket to fame and fortune. The key is finding blogs with lots of followers so that when you post something there, their audience will see it too.

There are five golden rules for being successful as a blogger , which include consistency (write every day), authenticity (be yourself!), targeting the right niche (know what topic/audience you serve best)

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