How To Disable Facebook & Twitter Inbuilt Browser?

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Facebook has lately in 2014 rolled out inbuilt browser for Facebook App. This inbuilt browser shows optimized content of the webpage you open, i.e whenever you open or click on any link in the App it forces you to in-app browser, opening optimized version of the webpage. Followed by Facebook, Twitter also rolled out their In-app browser, which also forces optimized version of webpages.

So, today I will show you how to disable this in-app / in-built browser.

Disable Facebook Browser
1) Open Facebook App 


Open Facebook App

2) Go to Settings (by taping or holding the menu button and then taping the settings)

                                                   Facebook Settings
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3) Find Always open links with external browser and Enable it (by tapping on it)

Always open links with external browser

Disable Twitter Browser

1) Open Twitter App 

Open Twitter App


2) Go to Settings (by taping or holding the menu button and then taping the settings)
Twitter App
3) Go to General and Find Quick Read mode and Disable it (by taping on it)

So, by these 3 simple steps you can disable inbuilt Facebook and Twitter browser. After disabling / enabling these options, all the links which you click/ open in Facebook / Twitter App will open in your phone’s default browser.

I hope this was helpful. Do share it with you friends and let me know in if I missed something, in the comment section below.


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