Helium 10 Seller Assistant 2024: Ultimate Tool For Amazon Success?

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Reviews play a crucial role in online business as they help potential buyers make informed decisions. Before making a purchase, customers often check the reviews to understand if a product lives up to its claims.

Positive reviews indicate a great product, and even if there are some complaints, buyers can weigh the overall opinions. On platforms like Amazon, having excellent reviews is vital for success.

The Helium 10 Seller Assistant was created to help sellers get more reviews by sending multiple review requests to customers. This tool ensures that products have more reviews, making it easier for buyers to make confident decisions.

So, let me explain to you more about Helium 10 Seller Assistant and how it can be a boon for your business. 

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What is Helium 10 Seller Assistant?

Helium 10 Seller Assistant, an extension provided by Helium 10, proves invaluable in soliciting product reviews – a critical factor in the realm of online selling.

Reviews stand as vital trust markers for potential buyers, wielding considerable influence over their purchase decisions. This tool efficiently streamlines the process of requesting reviews, outperforming Amazon’s automated requests in terms of effectiveness.

Helium 10 Seller Assistant

Crucially, Seller Assistant ensures strict adherence to Amazon’s terms of service, mitigating any potential issues. By automating the review solicitation process, Seller Assistant plays a key role in fortifying your brand’s reputation and fostering increased sales.

This tool proves especially beneficial as manual review requests can be time-consuming and yield minimal responses, whereas Seller Assistant significantly enhances the rate of review acquisition.

Notably, it is offered as a free tool, delivering substantial advantages with minimal effort on your part. The tool’s capability to send multiple requests simultaneously further contributes to a notable increase in your product reviews.

Some of the noted benefits of reviews include:

Benefits of Seller Assistant

Customer Loyalty

When people notice a product with numerous reviews, they’re more likely to trust it. Building customer loyalty isn’t easy, but a product with many reviews makes buyers comfortable spending their money on it for a long time.

Improved Ranking

When a product has many reviews, it naturally boosts its visibility and ranking on Amazon search results. This increased visibility enhances the product’s overall appeal.

With a better ranking, the need for extensive advertising spending decreases, as the product already reaches a broader audience organically.

Better Sales

Customers tend to favor products with numerous reviews, often being willing to pay a higher price for such products. The abundance of reviews correlates with increased sales.

Notably, savvy sellers have capitalized on this trend, strategically raising prices while maintaining profitability due to the positive influence of reviews on buyer preferences and purchasing decisions.


  • Free of charge
  • Enables both individual and collective review requests
  • User-friendly


  • Requests can still be rejected by users

How to use Helium 10 Seller Assistant

Using Helium 10 Seller Assistant is both profitable and easy. First, install the Chrome extension from the Helium 10 homepage. Sign in to your Seller Central account, ensuring Seller Assistant Extension is activated.

Click “Enable Now” and “Allow” to activate the extension. You can then view your orders and send review requests. Navigate to “Manage Orders,” and you can send bulk or individual review requests.

Requests can be made for orders between four to thirty days, but not beyond. However, you can’t specify the type of review, and requesting positive reviews violates the terms of service.

How to Automate Review Requests on Amazon?

The extension provides access to the Seller Central ‘Manage Orders’ page. Whether you want to send bulk or individual requests, you can do so.

Use the blue button at the top to request reviews for all eligible orders on the page. For individual orders, click the adjacent blue button. If an order is ineligible, the button will say ‘Request Ineligible.’

You can customize requests by using the date range drop-down and then clicking Helium 10’s blue ‘Request Reviews On This Page’ button.

How does Helium 10 Seller Assistant stand out from the competition?

There’s not much competition in asking for reviews on Amazon. While Amazon can do it, it’s time-consuming. Helium 10’s Seller Assistant makes this easier and more effective.

Reviews matter a lot for a product’s success, and this tool helps users get more reviews with just a click. It’s especially good for reaching out to many buyers at once, making it stand out for its simplicity and effectiveness in getting reviews.

Why Did Amazon Introduce the Review Request Button?

Amazon introduced the Review Request Button to regulate and track review requests. Many sellers, myself included, used tools like Follow Up Emails for requesting reviews, resulting in a notable increase in product reviews.

However, Amazon created the Request Review button to have more control and allow sellers to choose when to ask for a review.

Amazon doesn’t recommend using Follow Up Emails or Buyer-Seller Messaging, aiming to monitor and control the content of review requests. It suggests a shift away from such practices.

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Conclusion: Helium 10 Seller Assistant 2024

People value customer reviews as they strongly influence potential buyers. Getting reviews is challenging, especially from a large number of buyers.

Helium 10 Seller Assistant simplifies this by allowing sellers to reach many buyers with a single click, making it easier to gather reviews.

While you can’t control how customers feel or seek positive reviews, providing a quality product often results in positive feedback.

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