How To Link Twitter to Facebook? [Simple Steps]

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The social media sites Twitter and Facebook are among the most popular in the world. Sure, Facebook has more users, but Twitter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Nope. That’s why I decided to put together this guide on connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts!

Okay, I’ll get to the meat of it, explaining why you should do this and that, but first I’d want to take you on a “fact-ride” of the most popular social networking sites out there. See how it works out?

If you think Facebook is trying to dominate the market, you wouldn’t be incorrect. Somehow? OK, maybe not.

I realize you came here because you want to know how to do something like “connect your profile or Page to your Twitter account,” but before we get to that, let me address that “somehow” question.

You guys spend a lot of time and money on Facebook and Twitter; therefore, you should be informed as to what’s going on and why.

What makes Facebook so successful while other social networks have failed?

All right, we get that Facebook is a formidable foe, but why?

Okay, so Twitter is really awesome and all, right? It has a great staff, and the user experience is great, right? And it’s not just about “Twitter”, Facebook looks to be controlling the rest of the Social Media sector!

Facebbok Social Media


The answers are:

  • A Look at Some Videos from Facebook: Well, research shows that Facebook videos are now more likely to be seen organically than those on YouTube.
  • Facebook has announced, “Facebook mentions”! And in a couple of “hours,” it surpassed “Periscope” and “Meerkat.” A big reason for this is the massive user base that Facebook currently has.
  • Instagram and WhatsApp are both owned by Facebook. The two biggest names in social networking. So beautifully it cross-connects users and features, and they simply expand over time!

Now I don’t want to make this article “too exciting” so I’ll just stop, but oh yep looks like Facebook has enough powers to control the industry, huh? In what way long will this last? There is no way of knowing! (This is really a good thing!)

What Are the Steps to Connect Twitter and Facebook?

Your desire to find a way to integrate your Twitter and Facebook accounts is natural, therefore I’m not shocked to see you here.

Naturally, you to are aware of Facebook’s potential, or at least have an interest in doing so.

How To Link Twitter to Facebook

Whyever the case may be, let’s get to work now. There are now two distinct ways to link our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Twitter accounts may be linked to Facebook pages.
  • Twitter may be linked to a profile on Facebook.

Yes, I’ll sort out the jumbled pieces of both puzzles.

What do You need to Know About Linking Your Twitter and Facebook Accounts?

We recommend integrating your Facebook and Twitter accounts first. For that, you’ll need a Twitter account. It goes without saying that. The next step is to go to the app’s configuration page.

(To learn more, just visit the website in question). Followed by selecting the Facebook icon. Permission to connect would be requested via a pop-up window.

Just give the button an Okay click and we’ll be good to go. A second permissions prompt would appear (similar to the first, except this time it would ask who may see your posts).

I’m referring to the tweets that Twitter may automatically publish in your name. Select “friends” or “public,” then click Okay once more. The solution is at hand! What do you know? All done!

Your Twitter and Facebook accounts are now linked! All future tweets made to one service will now automatically be shared with the other.

It’s the equivalent of writing “Hey how are you” on Facebook and having it automatically published on Twitter.

How to Connect Twitter Account with Company Facebook Page? 

Now that your profile is linked, you want to make sure your Facebook pages are linked as well, right? Okay, before moving on, check to see whether your Facebook “account” is linked; if not, see the tutorial up there.

Once you’ve linked your Facebook account, you’ll see a similar screen in the Twitter app’s configuration options. Okay, then please permit access.

And now, yet another pop-up (I know, I know—this is getting tedious—but please bear with me for just a few more seconds). Select the OK button.

All “permissions” have been set up successfully at this point. This means Twitter may “post as” you without needing your permission. Yes, but to which pages would it post?

You may now choose a list from a pull-down menu on the Twitter page, allowing you to provide more granularity in your tweets.

If you’re wondering how many profiles your account has, just look up that number in the following table! Next, choose the page you wish to link to your Twitter profile, and you’re all set!

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Conclusion: How To Link Twitter to Facebook?

That’s all there was to it, guys! Tips for integrating your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I did my best to demonstrate how to connect your Twitter account to both your personal profile and a public one.

However, I am well aware that it is normal to be curious and unsure, as you may be right now. Yes, you guessed it! The space for feedback is down below.

This method is effective! And me? So, I really like talking to and hearing from all of you! Now, then, why do you dither? Tell me how it goes if that works out.

Please let me know if this didn’t help.


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