Who Makes Onn TVs for Walmart? All You Need to Know 2024

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If you’ve been in the electronics area of your local Walmart lately, you’ve probably seen the Onn TVs. Like Insignia and Sceptre, Onn is a budget-friendly option for televisions. But whose idea is it to make them?

Electronics retailer Walmart has switched from carrying the Durabrand brand to selling the Onn brand. However, Walmart won’t say who makes the components.

Although Element Electronics Company handles repairs and warranties for Onn TVs, the company behind the brand remains a mystery.

However, it seems that the cooperation between Funai and Durabrand has terminated. Walmart and Amazon are the most typical places to buy an Onn TV.

If you had to choose between buying a TV and a car, which would you rather have? Everything you need to know about placing an order is outlined here.

Where does Walmart get its onn TVs made?

Walmart’s Durabrand segment manufactures and distributes the majority of the company’s consumer electronics.

However, the Element Electronics Corporation is responsible for producing Onn TVs. They are responsible for manufacturing and maintenance (for products still under warranty).

Although this is encouraging news, it should not be seen as evidence that Walmart intends to shift its whole business model to concentrate only on electronics manufacturing.

It’s just the latest example of how large retailers are aggressively seeking brand extension in order to control their own prices.

Onn TVs - Who Makes Onn TVs

In most cases, you should be able to find ONN televisions at Walmart, since they are a Walmart-owned brand. However, I’ve seen a handful of the models on Amazon and in a few ads.

These products, however, are often used or refurbished. Only at Walmart can you buy a brand-new ONN TV with the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Consumers like ONN TVs due to their affordable pricing and high image quality. One may get a 32-inch (81.28-cm) ONN TV for under $150 and a 65-inch (165-cm) Smart TV for less than $500.

These prices are quite alluring since many 65-inch (165-cm) Smart TVs start at $800 and may go up to $1,800 on specific models (particularly in the wider-screen range).

Where Do Onn TVs Come From?

ONN televisions are produced in China. Durabrand monitors the manufacturing process meticulously to ensure that only Walmart-approved products reach the retail giant.

It is unclear how much power Walmart has over this process, given that certain ONN TVs appear at other stores under a different brand name.

Despite what the labels say, several models of ONN TVs are really produced by the same factories as the competing brands.

Some have pointed fingers at the partnership between Walmart, Durabrand, and the factories. There are, however, many who think that Chinese firms are just rebranding and reselling Durabrand’s products under their own brands.

ONN TV components are sourced from several different manufacturers in China.

Although the precise number of Chinese manufacturers supplying components for each ONN TV model remains unknown, it is fair to assume that all of them are situated in China. China does not get any ONN TV components from the United States or Europe.

Additionally, ONN Produces the Following Items:

ONN manufactures more than just televisions, however. This ONN merchandise should be found at your local Walmart:

  • New Projectors with 4K Android TV Streaming
  • Soundbars
  • Earbuds
  • Remote-Controlled Computer Displays and Wireless Headphones
  • Roku TV is short for Roku TV.

Which TVs on the onn are worth buying?

Onn is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a basic TV with few extra features. The picture quality is excellent, but the colors are off.

You can expect high-quality pictures and access to all the most popular streaming services with their Roku TVs. The best part is the low price of these televisions. Walmart has a good warranty.

A Walmart replacement is possible if your TV is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The store sells additional warranties for a fee, just as with other items.

It seems obvious that the best reviews weigh quality against cost. No one wants to complain as long as their $200 television is functioning well.

The vast majority of reviewers have commented on how similarly high-quality the images are to those of more expensive brands.

Generally, people have issues with the sound and picture quality of their TVs and the parts that make up such devices. Some have claimed that cost-cutting measures resulted in a decrease in overall quality.

The second most-voiced complaint has to do with the focal point of your living room: the television. Consumers have mixed feelings about curved screens and larger bezels.

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Conclusion: Who Makes Onn TVs for Walmart?

If you’re looking for a cheap TV and don’t mind settling for a lesser-known brand or sacrificing certain features, onn makes a good option.

In other words, if you only change your TV every five years or so, you may as well get a good one. If that is the case, maybe you shouldn’t buy onn TVs.

To a similar extent, if you’re already set in your ways with a different brand of television, there aren’t many compelling reasons to switch to an onn.

If you’re looking for a cheap TV option, onn models do a good job. To those used to the more sophisticated interfaces of Samsung or Sony, the simplified menus and other features may come as a letdown.

You should probably spend more time reading up on TV if you don’t care. They’re a great buy for the money.


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