NetNut Pricing 2024: A Guide For Choosing the Right Proxy Plan!

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I’d be happy to give you a short intro on NetNut Pricing. NetNut is a top-notch proxy service that I’ve had the pleasure of using myself.

NetNut has flexible pricing plans for all users. So, if you’re in the market for proxies, I highly recommend checking out NetNut’s pricing options to find the perfect fit for your online needs.

About NetNut:

NetNut overview

NetNut is a cutting-edge proxy service provider that offers an extensive network of residential and mobile proxies to empower businesses in web data extraction, online security, and bypassing geo-restrictions.

With over 72 million residential IP addresses from across the globe, NetNut provides high-speed and reliable proxy solutions for a wide range of applications. Their patented technology ensures that users have a seamless and secure experience, with options for both rotating and static residential proxies.

Whether you’re looking to boost your web scraping capabilities, overcome IP blocking, or enhance your online privacy, NetNut’s innovative solutions have you covered.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with competitive pricing plans, makes them a trusted choice for businesses seeking proxy services tailored to their specific needs.

NetNut’s Pricing Plans

1. Rotating Residential Proxies Pricing

Rotating Residential Proxies Pricing


Plan Price per GB (Monthly) Monthly Cost Price per GB (Annually) Annual Cost
Starter $15/GB $300/month $13.5/GB $3240/year
Production $8/GB $800/month $7.2/GB $8640/year
Semi-Pro $6.5/GB $1625/month $5.85/GB $17550/year
Professional $5/GB $2500/month $4.5/GB $2700/year
Master $4000/month $3.6/GB $43200/year

Additional Information:

With over 52 million residential IPs spanning across 200 countries, we offer unparalleled global coverage.

Enjoy unlimited concurrency, ensuring infinite scalability for your web activities. Their proxies support HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols, providing versatility for all your online needs.

Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to seamless internet access with our Rotating Residential Proxies.

2. Static Residential Proxies Pricing:

Static Residential Proxies Pricing

Plan Price per GB (Monthly) Monthly Cost Price per GB (Annually) Annual Cost
Starter $17.5/GB $350/month $15.75/GB $3780/year
Production $10/GB $1000/month $9/GB $10800/year
Semi-Pro $8/GB $2000/month $7.2/GB $21600/year
Professional $6.5/GB $2500/month $4.5/GB $2700/year
Master $5000/month $4.5/GB $5400/year

Additional Information:

Static Residential Proxies provide the advantage of maintaining the same IP address for uninterrupted online sessions.

With access to over 1 million ISP IPs, these proxies offer enhanced speeds through one-hop connectivity and ensure real traffic flows behind IPs, minimizing the risk of being blocked or restricted during your online activities.

3. Datacenter Proxies Pricing:

Datacenter Proxies Pricing

Plan Price per GB (Monthly) Monthly Cost Price per GB (Annually) Annual Cost
Starter $1/GB $100/month $0.9/GB $1080/year
Production $0.7/GB $350/month $0.63/GB $3780/year
Semi-Pro $0.6/GB $450/month $0.54/GB $4860/year
Professional $0.5/GB $500/month $0.45/GB $5400/year
Master $1000/month $0.45/GB $10800/year

Additional Information:

Datacenter Proxies offer seamless geo-restriction bypass in 200 countries with over 150,000 global IPs.

These proxies provide both static and rotating IPs with an impressive 99.99% uptime, ensuring optimal performance and scalability for your online activities.

4. Mobile Proxies Pricing:

Mobile Proxies Pricing

Plan Price per GB (Monthly) Monthly Cost Price per GB (Annually) Annual Cost
Starter $20/GB $400/month $18/GB $4320/year
Production $16/GB $1600/month $14.4/GB $17280/year
Semi-Pro $14/GB $3500/month $12.6/GB $37800/year
Professional $11/GB $5500/month $9.9/GB $59400/year
Master $8000/month $7.2/GB $86400/year

Additional Information:

Optimize your data collection and overcome IP blocks with ease using NetNut’s Mobile Proxies. With access to a vast network of 250,000 IPs spanning over 100 countries, our proxies operate on 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE mobile networks.

Enjoy a remarkable 99.9% success rate, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient web data extraction.

The Significance of Reliable Proxies

The Significance of Reliable Proxies

Web scraping heavily relies on the quality and reliability of proxies. NetNut’s pricing plans ensure that you have access to proxies that are both reliable and efficient, allowing you to extract data without interruptions.

1. The Need for High-Speed Connections

In the world of web scraping, speed matters. The Advanced and Professional Plans offered by NetNut guarantee high-speed connections, ensuring that you can collect data swiftly and efficiently.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth

Data extraction can often be bandwidth-intensive. NetNut’s pricing plans eliminate this concern by offering unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to scrape as much data as you need without worrying about restrictions.

3. Dedicated Support

Having a support team readily available to assist you is invaluable in web scraping. NetNut’s pricing plans come with dedicated support, ensuring that you can reach out for help whenever you encounter challenges.

4. Exclusive IP Pool

The advantage of accessing exclusive IP pools cannot be overstated. With NetNut’s pricing plans, you get to use IPs that are less likely to be blocked, providing you with a significant advantage in your web scraping efforts.

5. Transitioning to Success

With the right proxy plan in place, you’re on the path to web scraping success. NetNut’s pricing plans offer a wide range of options to cater to different needs, ensuring that you have the resources and support required for a fruitful scraping journey.

My Personal Experience on Datacenter Proxies: I like NetNut’s datacenter proxies for their fast and reliable connections, vast IP pool, and exceptional speed and stability. They’re perfect for a wide range of tasks and have become an invaluable tool for my online activities.

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Conclusion: NetNut Pricing in 2024

In conclusion, NetNut pricing is designed to cater to a diverse audience, guaranteeing that there is a plan that fits your unique web scraping requirements.

Don’t hesitate to choose the plan that suits you best and start harnessing the full potential of web data extraction with NetNut.


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