How to Jig Address For More and More Sneakers? 2024: Limitless Heat!

Get your hands on multiple pairs of popular sneakers by selecting the right bot, account, proxy, and address jigging. Learn how to jig address for more and more sneakers effectively in today’s tutorial.

Can’t I Use Proxies and Get on with It?

Buying sneakers is not easy with a bot. Filling out shipping and billing info is tricky when ordering multiple pairs to the same address. You need to appear like different people ordering from different places and sending items to various addresses. How?

Learn How to Jig Address Easily!

Learn How to Jig Address Easily!

Alright, first things first: jigging your home address. You could use your friend’s or grandma’s address, but that won’t give you many extra slots.

So, if you’re serious about getting lots of pairs with your bot, you need a better plan. That’s where address jigging comes in. But how does it work?

Let’s say your address is 1234 Poo Street. You can jig it up by adding an apartment number, like 1234 Poo Street Apartment 2. Or, you could throw in some random letters before or after the address, like WXYZ 1234 Poo Street.

You can also use abbreviations. Abbreviations such as ST, STR, STRT, APT, etc., can be used instead of “Street” or “Apartment.”. You can find acceptable abbreviations on the official USPS site.

Quick tip: Make sure your billing and shipping addresses match. It looks more legit that way. And test your jigged address with a simple item before the big drop day. We don’t want any surprises after getting everything else ready!

Address Jigging for Credit Card Numbers:

When it comes to buying multiple pairs of sneakers online, having multiple credit card numbers is crucial. Each billing profile needs its own unique credit card number. Using credit cards online is no problem if you know how to jig address them!

Virtual credit cards (VCCs) are credit cards linked to your main account that some banks can create. These VCCs act like regular credit cards but are virtual and disposable. You can create as many VCCs as you need for your sneaker purchases.

Here are some places where you can get VCCs:

  • Privacy
  • Revolut
  • Citi VCC
  • Capital One Eno

However, there’s a catch: each VCC can only be used on one specific website. This is called a merchant lock. Once you use a VCC on a particular sneaker site, you can’t use it on another.

So, it’s essential to have multiple VCCs from different providers if you plan to buy sneakers from various websites.

IP Address Jigging:

The last trick I’ll talk about for address jigging is IP Address Jigs. This isn’t really a trick but more of a necessary step: using proxies!

Proxies allow you to use different IP addresses for each task you perform online. This is important because it helps you stay anonymous and avoid detection, especially if you’re using a sneaker bot. So, make sure to use good proxies for both address jigging and buying sneakers!

Jig Them Mail Addresses and Phone Numbers

Alright, let’s talk about jigging your email address. If you’re putting in the effort to change your billing profile, you might as well jig your email too.

Having 20 orders confirmed through the same email looks suspicious, right? Plus, most orders might get canceled. But don’t worry, making random emails is easy. Just go to Gmail and create accounts that look legit!

Now, onto phone numbers. You don’t want to use the same phone number for all your billing profiles. But don’t stress, it’s not as much work as it seems.

Just use your area code and add any random sequence of numbers! In the US, it’s usually a 7-digit number after the 3-digit area code. Do that, and you’re good to go!

Choosing The Right Jig for Different Retailers

1. Nike SNKRS

  • Use virtual cards from Capital One or Citi. These are like temporary credit cards that you can use for online purchases.
  • For text confirmation, use random numbers. Just make sure they’re valid in case you need to receive any messages.
  • Stick to using Gmail for your email addresses. It’s reliable and widely accepted.
  • Try the 4-letter address trick for your home address. This means adding random letters before or after your address to make it look different each time.
  • Consider using residential proxies. These can help you appear like you’re accessing the internet from different locations.
  • Find the best Nike bots to help you cop those limited-edition sneakers.

2. Adidas

  • Choose Privacy or Revolut Virtual Cards. These are digital cards that you can use for online purchases without revealing your real credit card details.
  • Use random phone numbers for verification, but make sure they can receive texts if needed.
  • Stick with Gmail for your email needs. It’s reliable and easy to use.
  • Apply the 4-Letter Address Trick at home by adding random letters to your address to make it unique each time.
  • Consider using DC (Datacenter) and ISP (Internet Service Provider) proxies. These help disguise your location and identity online.
  • Find the best Adidas bots to boost your chances of scoring those in-demand sneakers.

3. Shopify

  • Any Virtual Cards will do the trick. These are digital cards you can use for online purchases without using your real credit card info.
  • Use random phone numbers for verification, but don’t worry about receiving calls.
  • Stick with Gmail for your email needs. It’s easy to use and reliable.
  • Try the 4-Letter Address Trick for your home address. This means adding random letters to your address to make it look different each time.
  • Use ISP proxies to hide your location and identity online.
  • Find the best Shopify bots to help you secure those sought-after sneakers.

4. Footsites

  • Use any Virtual Cards available to make your purchases. These are digital cards you can use online instead of your real credit card.
  • Use a random phone number with the correct area code for verification purposes.
  • Mix up your email providers, but stick with reliable ones like Gmail.
  • You don’t need to change your home address, but you can use a simple trick to make it look different each time.
  • Hide your online identity and location with ISP proxies or residential proxies.
  • Look for the best Footsites bot to help you snag those exclusive sneakers.

5. Supreme

  • Any Virtual Cards will do the trick for making purchases.
  • Use random phone numbers with the right area code to confirm your orders.
  • Switch between different email providers to keep things varied.
  • Try simple tricks like using a 4-letter address or adding an apartment number at home.
  • Use DC and ISP proxies to hide your identity online.

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When it comes to sneaker shopping, following all the jigs is essential, especially for other sites. Taking precautions and experimenting with different approaches can sometimes yield surprising results.

However, regardless of your jigging tactics, having the right proxies is crucial. Without proper sneaker proxy setup, it’s challenging to gain any automated advantage.

For the best results, consider using rotating residential proxies. These proxies offer several benefits, including setting up sneaker profiles from any location, preventing account blocks, increasing the number of tasks you can run, providing a user-friendly setup, and providing relatively fast speeds.

If you’re serious about protecting your sneaker bot and customer profiles from detection and blocks, explore the various packages we offer for sneakerheads!

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